Saturday 21 April 2012

So Nice To See You Here !

A pretty normal routine morning it was around here this morning, with the exception of making an early run downtown Wiarton to our local Foodland Store.  I must say, I "scored" pretty good at the Foodland store coming away with some lovely Turkey legs and mushrooms for some pretty fantastic prices.

"Three packages of fresh Turkey Legs for a total of $5.33.  I can see a Slow Cooker Dinner, or a pot of soup in their future."

"These shrooms will be fried up, drained and thrown into freezer bags for soups or casseroles.  Pretty terrific "score" for 49 cents a package."

I had a surprise phone call from my Niece, Stacey, this morning, who along with her husband, Jay, and their 2 year old son, Logan, were up visiting at my brother's this weekend, and could they drop around.  All other plans got put on the "back burner", as I wasn't going to miss out on a visit with my Niece and her family.  My great Nephew, Riley, also came along for a visit.

"The boys and a couple of toys.  Good thing Great Auntie Cindy has some toys hanging around for boys !  LOL."

Damn, Stacey and I were having such a great visit, I completely forgot to "snap" a photo of Jay and her.  I am sure they won't be too disappointed about this.  Stacey is expecting a baby girl this August, how exciting !!!  More babies !

Once everyone had left, Rob and I had a Dinner of leftover Turkey Pot Pie.  Nothing too spectacular, but it did hit the spot.  It wasn't too long after we got to sit and have a coffee with each other, that once again, we found each other going our separate ways, him adorning his "Crabby Cabbie" hat, and I off to have "High Tea" !

You can not imagine how excited I was when last week I found out Wiarton just had a "Tea Room" open up!  Upon speaking to my Auntie about this, her, my Cousin Vi, and Auntie's two friends, Liz and Marnie decided to come on up to try it out along with myself, and my friend, Sharon.

" "The Berford Street Tea Room", oh so nice to have you here."

"Owner's Jim and Debby MacDougall (MacDhuball) show the utmost courteous service to their Customers, and are just the most pleasant people to talk with."

"The Berford Street Tea Room offers a nice selection of baked goods, you might want to choose from to go along with your Tea, with such favorites as Date Squares, Tea Biscuits and  Scones.  These bake goods I might add, are homemade by Debby herself.  The ladies reported how simply "delish" they were, as was the Homemade Rhubarb~Strawberry Jam that was loaded a top of this Tea Biscuit pictured below."

"We all enjoyed a lovely "High Tea" together, our little group of the six of us."

"On our way out, we took the time to admire the lovely decor Debby and Jim have in their Tea  Room from their home collection of antiques."

"I really loved this framed picture."

All I can say, is I am so happy "The Berford Street Tea Room" has been established by owner's Jim and Debby MacDougall, with me I am sure being one of their regular patrons.  This is exactly what downtown Wiarton needed.  Congratulations, Jim and Debby, I look forward to the "Grand Opening" of your Tea Room!

My Auntie, her friends, and my Cousin, Vi, headed back to their homes respectfully in Southampton and Port Elgin, and Sharon to hers in Wiarton, whilst I headed back to mine "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" to do what else other then .....

"Take a picture of myself in the mirror to "show off" the new scarf I wore today which my friend, Sharon, had bought me for my Birthday.  Sharon I love it !!!"

Then of course, as promised, I had to take some photos of the Tri's, since it was the Merles yesterday....

"One Black Tri-coloured Male."

"Two Black Tri-coloured Male."

"One and Two, with...."

"....One Red-Tri Coloured Male making Three !"

"Someone must have been "messing" around with all these colours going on here !"

...and I all think we know who was "messing" around, don't we Bandit & Lexus?  LOL

I need to get some Dinner dishes washed up, speaking of Bandit and Lexus, give them and Mercedes a bit of my attention, and hopefully still get our bedroom vacuumed and dusted yet tonight, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. As a tea drinker (non-coffee drinker) I grew up with "Tea Rooms" and absolutely adore their quaint and sophisticated atmosphere - much better than McCoffee Houses!

    When Rhonda retires and if our health is maintained we may consider opening a small shop-front 'Tea Room' here in town.

  2. The scarf did look good on you as I was admiring it myself ! I can't believe how big those puppies have grown in just 3 days
    .It was really nice to see your Aunt Gladys again and her friend Liz and of course meeting the other ladies!

  3. Awww..puppies, puppies...How darling!

  4. What a great day for you. Graet sale on some food, finishing up the room, tea with family and friends then home with the puppies, I LOVE puppies. I wouldn't get a thing done in my house with puppies around

  5. Those are great buys!! Awesome! :) The tea room looks & sounds lovely! Love your new scarf too!

  6. I did not know you could freeze mushrooms, thanks for the info, I will now be able to pick up reduced mushrooms when I see them on sale.]



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