Wednesday 25 April 2012

A Sure Mix Of A Day It Was !

"So began my day with a beautiful array of Sunshine."

I had big plans for my morning, however my "Crabby Cabbie" had an early evening the night before, and was up earlier then usual .... and that "smack dabs" right into my plans when that happens !

I did get our bedding stripped and into the washer earlier then planned, so I must say it was a bit of a bonus Rob did get up early.  It was a perfect clothes line drying day, with full Sunshine and a lovely gentle breeze.

"My "gifted" tomato plant's tomatoes seem to be thriving on all the afternoon Sunshine coming through our patio doors.  Might be some green fried tomatoes real soon."

Once I had gotten the second load of laundry in, Rob and I had a couple of downtown errands to attend to first off before anything else was attended to.

"It was Bandit's turn to go along for the ride today, and he was some excited about that, let me "Tell the World"."

"Will ya open the dang door already???"

By the time we got back home from our running around here and there, it was time to hang both loads of laundry out on the clothes line, then get our Dinner of Beef Schnitzel, potato and steamed Cauliflower cooked.  So much for starting the project I had in mind for this morning ...

"... and what a project it was to get done !  Another "grid" of the basement to be completed!"

We had our Dinner, I cleaned up from it, then did a bit more paperwork for my "Crabby Cabbie" before he got on his way.  Once he was out the door, I was able to place a phone call to my sister, Donna, and my Auntie Gladys, before I got at my planned morning Project this afternoon.

"It took me a little bit, but I kept at it slow and steady, extremely pleased with the results.  LOL, there is more then half of the rest of this room for me still to get done, but I will "get r' done" grid by grid!"

I was so excited today, as we got some pretty exciting mail again today !!!

"Whoohooo!  The Explore the Bruce Adventure Passports for 2012 have been issued.  Let the Explore the Bruce Adventure begin on the 1st of May 2012 !!!

Rob and I are both pretty excited about completing the Explore the Bruce Passport 2012, as this will be our 3rd Year to do so, and the previous two years were a blast !  We never knew some of the places we went to even existed in Bruce County !!!  This can be a whole family adventure, or an adventure for couples, motorcyclists, actually for EVERYONE !!!  Come join in on the Explore the Bruce Adventure by learning "HOW TO" at the following web link:

Really and truly it is a great Adventure !  You can see how much fun we all had on last year's Explore the Bruce Adventure by clicking right "HERE".

"Oh yes, I might add how pleased with myself that today I also got my kitchen counter de-cluttered.  Now the next challenge is always "How to Keep it this Way" .... lol."

I always give much thought to how some people manage to keep their homes so "spic and span" all the time, and still manage to accomplish all their enjoyments, crafts, outings, or whatever?

I really must be doing something wrong, as I can never seem to have my house all clean and organized at one time.  Um...I wonder what I am doing wrong, other then I know I am much slower then I used to be at getting things done, and I don't sleep as much as I used to, and when I do have a "full" day of getting things done, it slows me down for a day or two afterwards.

If anyone has a "Bewitched" way of doing things, please let me know, as I think I really am missing out on a big "secret" somewhere in my life ???  LOL

... and of course, I can not forget my today's observations of the "Spectacular Six" now can I ?

"When they are not sleeping, as they do most of the time, they do seem to motor around a "wee" bit."

"Some of their sleeping positions do not seem to bother the other, considering there is lots of "bum" to "head" positions happening."

"And they seem to "colour code" themselves,.  You know, Merles together, and Tri-colours separate.  Must be like doing laundry, "separating the colours from the darks"?  What's up with that????"

A whole week has gone already since the "Spectacular Six" were born .... wow !!!

Unfortunately I had to cancel going to the VON SMART exercise tomorrow morning, as I had a previous afternoon engagement to attend to, and need my morning to attend to some other business and such ... guess I will have to try to "fit" in a walk or some exercise later in the day on my own I suppose?

In the meantime, I best be exercising myself right out the door along with Bandit, Lexus and Mercedes to get their needs looked after before it gets too late and too dark outside, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. How is Gladys, by the way...I hope she's doing well!
    And wow! Your tomatoe plants look awesome.
    I was just wondering what was in that "grid" that you tidied up? It looks pretty cool and like some sort of organizing cabinet.
    Oh, and the pups are cute!
    And, I love reading your blogs!
    Take care!
    Melissa Masterson

  2. Love that cupboard (?) in the basement with all its little hinge lids - I could use something like that in the lock-up behind the carport to store a lot of my gear and tools!

    Pups look great - bum to head is so that the 're-breather' warm air - older dogs stick their nose under their rear leg to sleep in winter. I think the colour-coding may just be something they do without any reason.

  3. No magic here on keeping things tidy, it's a hit or miss kinda deal! Your babies are so sweet, I wouldn't get a thing done if they were around, I would just sit and watch them

  4. they are just so flipping cute those little ones. I may have asked you this before, but do you have homes for them all?

    The biscuits were really good and I plan on having the rest tonight with some pasta. Do you know was there a reason that the cheddar cheese had to be cubed?


  5. I am like you - I de-clutter like mad - all looks great and then we seem to descend into chaos rapidly! Oh the puppies are so sweet xxx


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