Saturday 28 April 2012

What A Day Trip That Was !

I am pretty sure it was around the 4:00 am hour this morning when my "Crabby Cabby" arrived home, with me laying in bed until I finally gave no more thought to getting any further sleep, with finally arising around 5:30 am. 

Once Bandit, Lexus, Mercedes and I had our morning outing, I had my Java double cream and got ready for the day ahead.

"The "Spectacular Six" were having their breakfast just after 7:00 am this morning."

"Does morning breakfast get any more comfortable then this?  Really now?"

"Cya later "Home" be back atcha' later"

I headed out further South of the Checkerboard, taking myself downtown to the Wiarton Tim Hortons to enjoy a second Java with double cream before heading out down the long stretch of highway at 8:00 am ...

"Finally us travelers, my First Cousin, Suzanne, her daughter, Krista, and myself arrived at my BFF, Bob's home."

Then my Niece, Jo-Anne, and her daughter, Erika, showed up not too much longer after we had arrived.  We were all so busy chit chatting, as my daughter-in-law, Holly, was already there waiting for me to arrive, and I never got barely any photos at all !  Silly chatty Cathy I was, along with the rest of them .... lol.

"Awww, there is my Lizzie cat, who I had gifted Bob & Tim last year, as my allergies were getting too bad to keep her.  She has the greatest home, not that she hadn't been spoiled here, but she is "extremely" spoiled there and has Bob now trained purfectly to entertain to her every whim !"

"Then we all got down to the business at hand, one by one, we all made our way in to get a "reading" done by one of the most wonderful gentlemen Psychic I have ever known, dear Alex.  Here is my "petrified" Cousin, as she had never been before, but she did come away no worse for the wear ... lol."

While we all respectfully awaited our turns, there was lots of chatting, laughs and a few goodies too ...

"Homemade Mascarpone Banana Flax Nut Bread and Black Bean Brownies I had made for us to "nibble" on .... they were very very good, if I do say myself."

We had a fantastic time all together, however I am sure it must have been well after the 4:00 pm hour before we took our leave from the Village of New Dundee to head on back home.  New Dundee just happens be where my dear Rob also grew up on his Family farm just on the outskirts of the Village.

On our drive home, Suzanne, Krista and I did get to take in some pretty awesome sights.

"The fields being worked, planted and sprayed."

"Two more teams of four waiting beyond before they begin their pass through the field.  Pretty awesome "Team Work" taking place here."

We were going to stop at the Tim Hortons in Harriston for a coffee, however decided we needed some "real food" in our tummies and made a beeline for the Redwood Restaurant in Clifford, for some Supper.  I am never disappointed with a meal there; the Liver & Onions were awesome, Suzanne thoroughly enjoyed her Hot Beef Dinner, as did Krista her Salisbury Steak smothered in Onions and Mushrooms.  Just what the three of us needed !

We finally land back in Wiarton around 8:00 pm, with me at home just before 8:30 to three very happy Aussies, barely being able to contain themselves once I walked through our door.  LOL, it is nice to know I am loved by so many !

It is has been a very enjoyable, however long day from 4:00 am until now just before 10:00 pm, so I really think I will call it a day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun today!!

  2. Oh my gosh the puppy with the tummy and feet in the air is just toooo sweet!! You live in a beautiful place so much country to see

  3. I enjoyed your day out with you, must make a trip to some of those places you mentioned as I am not familiar with them.


  4. I love to read about your days. You are one of the busiest people I know and you have an enviable love of life. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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