Thursday 19 April 2012

The Puppies Have ARRIVED !!!

I most certainly had an inkling the puppies were going to be arriving sooner then later, and I was right.  Just before the hour of 9 PM, I heard tiny little cries coming up the stairway from the basement.  Sure enough on inspection, my suspicions had been right ....

"Poor tired Mama Lexus, she was pretty "pooped out" at this point."

"With a very concerned Poppa Bandit looking on."

It had been a pretty exciting evening here, let me "Tell the World".  After my last check before midnight I had counted 5.  When Rob had came in around 1:00 AM there was then a total of 6.

It had also been a pretty sleepless night, as little Missy Mercedes had no clue what all those weird noises were coming from our basement, so she had to carry on barking, barking, and barking.  I finally shut our bedroom door to block out the puppy noises, while very "firmly" telling her to be quiet, however though it could have been something more a little "stronger" side ... I am really too tired to remember this at the moment, lol. 

This morning I was pretty busy attending to Lexus' needs with her needing in and out, as well as Bandit and Mercedes.  Mercedes has settled a little bit better, now that she has seen what had been making all the noise down in the basement and what all the fuss had been about.  Thank goodness, as I am in dire need of some sleep tonight.

It was the VON SMART exercise program this morning, so after responding to a couple of "puppy" related inquiries, I was out the door by 9:30 am, not returning back home until at least 11:30.

I was happy to say I had some leftover Turkey in the fridge, so I was able to throw one of Rob's favorite dishes together in the way of an Easy Bisquick Chicken Pot Pie, in this case using Turkey.

"Actually it is not only one of Rob's favorite dishes, it is one of mine too as not only is it good, it is very simple to make.  Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 !  My kind of put together meal !"

With our Dinner over with and the dishes done up, we got to sit down together after we had gone down to "sex" the puppies.  Rob is much better at this then I, as I always get little "tuffs" of hair mixed up with other things ... lol.

The "Spectacular Six" consist of 2 Red Merle Females, 1 Blue Merle Male, 2 Black Tri Males and 1 Red Tri Male.

"Not even 24 hours old and the "Spectacular Six" have their motor skills down pat already.  Oh man, we are surely going to have our hands full with this bunch in a couple of more weeks !"

"The two Red Merle Girls seem to have taken over already, being at the "top" of the pile."

I am pretty happy with my beautiful Lexus girl, and our handsome Bandit.  They both have wonderful personalities and dispostions, with Rob and I being very proud of being their owners.

I was very fortunate to receive a photo via email of one of the pups from Bandit and Lexus' 2011 Litter, "The Magnificent Seven", which I would love to share.

"This is Magoo, aka known as Schmoo so fondly called by his owner.  Schmoo just turned 1 year old this past March 21st.  Happy Belated Birthday, Schmoo, as well as to all the other "Magnificent Seven" pups !

I was also certainly one very lucky girl yesterday, as I received the "Sunshine Award" from two different people.

Debby over at Nanny's Place, and from Lena over at Frugal and Thankful.

You will have to "pop" over to see both of these gals at their respective "blogs", as Debby has the most amazing sewing talent, also having energy surpassing any I could imagine for all her wonderful Grands ! (grandsons & granddaughters).

Then there is Lena, so sweet at heart, along with her husband, raising their young family.  Lena possesses many talents herself with a creativity that seems to be endless with her talent for making Diaper Cakes, and knitting amazing baby outfits, as well as keeping her little family all loved and cared for, not to mention what passion she has for saving towards Goals that have been set out for her family.

Thank you girls for the "Sunshine Award", as both you put a bit of sunshine in my every day !

I need to share answers to the following questions, so here it goes

1.)  What is your favourite color?
 I love the colour blue, as well as yellow.

2.) What is your favourite animal? 

I pretty much love most animals, however I think Dogs have been pretty much at the top of the list for most of my life.

3.) What is your favourite number? 
My favorite number has always been "7".  Whenever I need to choose a number this is what it is.
4.) What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?
 Not that I drink them any more (calories, you know, lol), but I think one of my most favorites would
 be a big thick chocolate milkshake !  Next to that has to be chocolate milk.

5.) Which do you prefer -
I definitely prefer the interaction with family and friends I have on Facebook.  I do have a Twitter 
account, however find it not to be very personal at all.  I only use Twitter to share my blog with others.

6.) What is your passion?

Family, our pets and sharing with others.

7.) Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?

 I LOVE to give, however get pretty sad at times when I just can't afford to give.  However if I can 
 share, give myself, or care, this in my eyes is a form of giving a present, is it not?

8.) What's your favourite pattern?

I do love paisleys, however depending on colours I am open to liking lots of patterns.

9.) What is your favourite day of the week?

Monday has become my "new" favorite day of the week.  As this is Rob's only day off all week, so 
we get to "hang" together this day for the "whole" day.

10.) What is your favourite flower?

I do love Black-eyed Susans.  Bright and full of life !

At the moment I am pretty exhausted, so please stay tuned for tomorrow, when I post who I will be passing the "Sunshine Award" onto.

I do NOT have a weekly "shot in the arm" appointment with my Good Doctor tomorrow, so I am planning on staying home and getting some "stuff" (there is always "stuff") done around here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Welcome to the spring time puppies - well-timed Mum! They look healthy and active (the way puppies do!)

  2. AWWW, look at your babies!!! How sweet is that, I wouldn't get a thing done with puppies in the house, I would just be setting and playing with them!

  3. they are lovely especially the little girls, just a shame they aren't at least 4 years old, as I would have taken one,


  4. Look at those baby pups!! OMG! Cindy, I would want to keep 'em all!! What an adventure!! :) Ally


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