Friday, 27 April 2012

Three Months Gone Gone Gone !

"The morning began with Bandit, Lexus and I out for our usual bout of morning fresh air.  The greenhouses over yonder are at our Neighbours, Elliott's Garden Center, which is a great place by the way to make a point of stopping in on your way before heading any further up the Bruce Peninsula."

"Lexus is so "pretty", but then again I am a bit partial, am I not?"

"One would never know she just gave birth to six puppies a week ago."

Once Mercedes was also attended to I got myself ready to head on out "North of the Checkerboard" for my weekly shot in the arm, as well as to drop in on our Bookkeeper to make sure I was doing things right with the "Crabby Cabbie's" books.

I really am sure it wan't until at least 10:30 or so by the time I had returned back home with lots on my plate in the way of .....

"... finishing up the first Quarter of the Year on the "Crabby Cabbie's" books.  Joy, joy, joy ... does that convince everyone how "joyful" I was about getting this done today?  LOL"

What gets me is where did the first quarter of the Year go to already?  GONE, GONE GONE ... is where it went, and so quickly !  I suppose this is a good reason why we should stop "smell the roses" and "enjoy living" our "every day" now isn't it?  I sincerely believe I do try my very best at doing this, however there are some days we all have our "ups & downs", since this can only be human not to.

LOL... Rob and I were having a "wee" bit of a disagreement the other day.  I looked down and there is little Missy Mercedes laying down on the floor looking up at the two of us.  I started laughing and said to her, "I am sorry Mercedes, you are living with a dysfunctional family, and if we aren't careful someone will take you from us and place you with your Auntie Donna !"   Ha, ha, ha, ha ... this sure lightened up the "mood" !

Friends, family members, spouses, siblings, we all have our ups and downs, however the important part is to remember to "communicate".  There have been times I have had a bad day, where I have had to say, "I am sorry I was having a bad day", or "I shouldn't have done that".  Once the "mood" has passed, sometimes we come to realize what needs to be said to make up for the time we were unable to.  I am fortunate, as Rob and I have many times had, and still do have our "ups & downs", but the nicest part about it all is knowing it will pass and that we do LOVE EACH OTHER.

Wow, I really must be tired, I am getting pretty sentimental here now aren't I ?

Anyhow, I didn't get those dang "Crabby Cabbie" books and the first quarter all sorted out until 1:00 PM, then had to get us our lunch together.  Thank goodness for leftovers on days like these !

After lunch was done and over with, there was more work in progress ....

"First we measure where it is going to be placed, then we hammer in the hanger for it."

"Next step is getting it hung and centered properly."

"Then I get to stand back and admire it, *sigh* and say it is finally ALL DONE !  Yay, the spare bedroom is now finished !"

Shortly after the picture hanging had been done, Rob had to put back on his "Crabby Cabbie" hat and leave for what he does best and hopefully that is being the very bestest "Crabby Cabbie" in the whole wide World !  

I got some puttering done with our bed made, the kitchen tidied, a bit of dusting and vacuuming done, you know all those usual every day mundane things that have to be done at least "once a month" or "quarterly per Year"  Of course in between all of this, there is always a few in and outs with Bandit, Lexus and Mercedes.

I put Lexus out into her pen so I could have a bit of one on one "cuddle" time with the "Spectacular Six".  Not that Lexus doesn't mind, but she usually wants me to give her all of my attention, not caring for me to share it.

"They all seem to be a pretty content bunch of puppies, but for some reason there is always one in every crowd .... "

".... and it just so happens to be this little guy here.  Let me tell you, I can hear him sometimes from where I am upstairs.  He has to be the biggest little "whiner" in the whole bunch.  LOL, but he is truly so adorable."

The lady who is possibly interested in the Red Merle Female puppy emailed me a video this morning.  I really enjoyed it, as did Rob, so I, of course, want to share it with everyone else, so here it is:

Only 7 months old !  I am totally impressed, now I want someone to teach me "how to do all these tricks".  Not for me !!!  to teach my "pack"

I really am tired, I really really need to have a hot cup of Java, and I think I am going to really really wrap things up here shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Your dogs are gorgeous!! Every time I see pics I want one!! lol! Hope you ave a relaxing evening!! :)

  2. You are right - Lexus is pretty!!! That video is really funny - I always wonder how people get dogs to do that. So true too about communicating xx


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