Monday 30 April 2012

Not One But Two Hams Today !

Wowsers that most certainly was another very busy day Rob and I just had.  We have just gotten home with sitting down to a coffee now, and it is 8:30 pm.  I suppose this is why I am feeling so tired maybe?

I was up shortly after 5:00 am to begin my day.

"With a Beef Stew in the Slow Cooker and all ready to go before 9:30 am to take along down to my Aunties with us."

Rob finally got up at 8:30, as he was trying to get "caught up" on some much needed sleep.  Just after 9:30 we made our way downtown to take care of some Quarterly Year banking, before we headed over to Port Elgin.

We needed to finish up one last bit of "Crabby Cabbie" business before the beginning of our new adventure gets off to its start tomorrow.

"Saugeen Shores is the Municipality covering both the Towns of Southampton, Port Elgin and the surrounding area, where the "Crabby Cabbie" works out of."

I would like to thank everyone for their very kind and sincere well wishes for Rob and I starting out on our new "Crabby Cabbie" Adventure, as they were and are so sincerely appreciated.  Thank you.

"This was pretty much how the whole of the day was on and off with rain here and there."

We arrived over at my Auntie and Uncles to find no one at home.  Good thing I had their Cell number, as I did contact them to find my dear Auntie had been taken up to the hospital to have a "check over", as she had just had surgery the previous week.  Uncle gave us entrance instructions, so we were able to drop off the beef stew, along with a couple of other things hopefully to help them get through this minor set back in their lives.  Other then this, all is fine with them both, thank goodness.

Auntie had left a note to take some sandwiches with us that had been dropped off for them the day before, since there was way too many for the two of them.  Rob took them "ALL" !!!!  OMG, can you believe this?  Thank God, Auntie cares for him so, as I am sure nobody else could have gotten away with such an action !!!

I dropped into Millcreek Chocolates to pickup a gift for someone, and was able to see a girlfriend there who I went to school with.  I can't wait till things settle a bit for me so we can get out together for coffee, dinner, or a movie some time.

We also had to drop around to the Southampton Hospital, to attend to some "Crabby Cabbie" business before heading back home, so I was able to see Auntie to find out everything was being looked after, with her going home shortly thereafter.  I made sure I also took some sandwiches back in for poor Uncle so he was guaranteed some lunch for himself ... lol.

I was also pleased to have ran into one of my BFF's Mother, who was in at the  Hospital at the same time.  It was like a very mini homecoming at the Southampton Hospital this day ... lol.

Once we had filled up our Van with fuel at the Saugeen Gas Bar, we headed back home to Wiarton, where we stopped in to have a "wee" visit with our friend, Koreen at Ram Trophies of Wiarton, then home to check any  phone messages, as well as let each of the "pack" out for a bit of a run, before we took off "North of the Checkerboard" for Rob's 1:45 pm Doctor's appointment.

"While we were in the Doctor's waiting room, Rob snuck out to have a smelly old cigarette ... lol."

"I was found out that I had been keeping an "eye" on him."

"We made it out of the waiting room into a patient room, where Rob thought he would put on the "oh I am dying" act, prior to the good Doctor coming into the room."

It only got better from here on in, as he then talked Doctor Loney into a "play acting role" for my blogging benefit ....

"Not only was there one ham, there were two of them!!!  LOL !!!"

"My dear Rob is not only a pain in the "Arse" at times, he also had to get a shot in the "arse" this day !  Ha ! that will teach him for being so "cocky" & "funny" with me .... good thing the photo turned out a little on the fuzzy side, as we wouldn't want anyone to recognize him in Public, now would we?  LOL"

Thank goodness for those of us who still know how to have "fun" and use our "imaginations" in this life.  Where would we all be without a sense of humor???  I am afraid it would be a very sad World without any.

On a serious note though, Dr. Loney gave both Rob and I a vaccine for Whooping Cough, Diptheria and Tetanus, as apparently Whooping Cough has made a reappearance of late.  The Whooping Cough and Diptheria vaccine will last our lifetime, and the Tetanus for 10 years.  Ask your own Doctor should you be receiving this vaccine?

Thank you Rob and Dr. Loney, I thoroughly enjoyed your "Play Acting" today for my benefit ... LOL.

Once again, Rob and I returned home to check messages and let everyone out for a big run before we headed in to Owen Sound to Bell World, as Rob wanted to look into getting another "Crabbie Cabbie" business phone.  By the time we headed over there it was going on to 5:00 pm.  *Sigh*

Bell World was disappointing, as we didn't seem to see anything which would work for us at a reasonable price, so we decided to sleep on this for a bit longer.  I was pleased as Walmart is in the same plaza so I was able to get ....

"My favorite Kraft "crunchy" Peanut Butter on sale for $2.00 per jar.  YAY !  Peanut Butter prices have gone crazy the past 6 months, so this was a fantastic savings."

Rob also took me out for dinner for Chinese at the King's Buffet, since our little restaurant, The Twin Dragon, is closed on Mondays.

"Rob then took me to the Giant Tiger to buy me a new Oster Blender which has metal, not plastic gears, so hopefully I will not be able to strip this one.  Not as good as $5.00, but pretty reasonable at $24.99."

Oh yes, I forgot to also mention the other day ....

"Here is the 700g of Cocoa my friend had picked up for me at Costco for $8.00, and the one I had to buy locally as I need some at $4.29 for 250 g (1cup).  What a difference at the big box stores in price !"

PS.  Marie, you are very welcome for the recipes I sent you.  Anytime, as it was my pleasure.

Here is is now almost 9:30 pm, with me being, once again, extremely tired, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Yep! Whooping Cough has been doing the rounds down here in Australia as well. When I tore my leg open last year loading dumb sheep into a trailer in the rain I had to get the tetanus shot and the nurse told me then about Whooping Cough and said "It's in the shot you are getting!" so I was covered as well.

    I got my Influenza shot this morning at the doctors - finally well enough to get it - and this year they have protection for 5 strains of flu built into it!

    Got a HLSS drive to Canberra tomorrow afternoon so I hope I do not get any 'reactions' to my shot!

  2. That's a full day for sure!! I should get out and about more but until school lets out and the DD's have their little ones I stay close to home, way to many to keep up with.

  3. You were certainly a busy bee, hope the rest of the week isn't as busy for you both?


  4. Busy as ever - did you hear you won over at Carla's, but you have to give her a puppy...this did make me laugh. I bet there are a few bloggers who would like to get their hands on a puppy - how are they doing? xx


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