Tuesday 19 April 2011

Turkey Tom Gobbling Right in Our Backyard....Where's the Shotgun?

First off I think I am going to try enjoying the weather today, as the next few days ahead do not look too promising.  I really thought yesterday had turned out quite lovely even though the wind was cool, there was no flurries or freezing rain !


Sunny with cloudy periods. Becoming cloudy with sunny periods near noon. Rain beginning late this afternoon. Wind becoming east 30 km/h late this afternoon. High 6. UV index 5 or moderate.


Rain. Risk of freezing rain overnight. Wind east 30 km/h. Low plus 1

When we start getting hot, humid days this Summer, I must remember back to some of these nasty weather days to remind me how wonderful warm really is........

Yesterday morning around 8:00 AM when Rob was looking out the back window, low and behold there was a huge wild "Tom" Turkey, all by his lonesome pecking away.  He was huge!  He was so big, I don't think he would have fit into my roasting pan even after being dressed.......since I only have my "old" camera now, I have no 'zoom' so this picture will have to do:

....to bad we didn't have a shotgun handy, as Turkey Tom would have been just fine for Easter Dinner, as I haven't seen any "Ham" passing through our backyard lately.  Darn, another missed opportunity........

I felt like I was ran off my feet yesterday (not really since I was able to get out of bed this morning), between three loads of laundry, preparing dinner, a visitor, puppy feeding, puppy viewing, returning puppy inquiries, telephone calls, and all the regular everyday living stuff inbetween.  I have to be honest, after watching this video, I am so happy I am able to everything I am able to do......

I do not know why, however with these videos dear family members having been emailing to me these past few days, I think there must be a very big message in the mist, if nothing but showing gratitude for my everyday life.  When I start feeling a wall in front of myself, I will surely try to remember these other people breaking through their walls with such "faith & gusto".  It really is, "making the best of what life offers us".

I must say, I was very very impressed with the "So Simple Supper" that I, or should I say the Slow Cooker cooked, for us.  Now, now, now.....I did do all the prep, serving and cleanup!

The combination of the three gravy mixes gave the whole dish a wonderful flavor.  I didn't have a shoulder chuck roast, but had used a boneless blade roast.  I put it in the crock from frozen using the "high" heat setting for the first 4 hours; added the baby carrots, celery, quartered onions & potatoes with the setting still on "high" for two more hours, then turned to "low" for a further 2 more hours or so of cooking time.   I would highly recommend this "So Simple Supper".

.....and for dessert !  Rob and I had attended a Church Bazaar at my Aunt's Church, I think sometime at the end of last November, where Rob purchased a "Homemade Pecan Pie" (he always purchases dessert).  At the time we had so much other stuff at home to be eaten, I popped it into a large freezer bag and into the freezer.  Well I took it out of the freezer the other day and let it thaw on the counter.  Viola !!!  Dessert in a jiffy, and it tasted like it had just been made with it's filling rich & smooth and the crust being nice & flaky:

The supper and dessert menu wasn't too difficult for me to decide on yesterday with it all being as easy as it was.

 Lots of puppy inquires came in yesterday.  We had people come see the 'girls' yesterday, have more coming today, and someone coming on this upcoming weekend.  Busy, busy, busy.....oh if I had the energy to type out some of the "very strange" replies we have had to our online Puppy Ad.  Okay, here is just one example:

"can I reserve the Male Blue Merle"

That was it !  No, where are you located, can I book a time to view the pups........nothing but what I have typed above.  I responded with, "should you want to reserve a pup, a deposit will be required".  Response back, 
"I would like to come see the puppy before making a deposit".

I again responded with, " We are located in Wiarton Ontario, which is 2 1/2 hours north of Kitchener-Waterloo, 20 minutes from Sauble Beach, 40 minutes from Owen Sound. Would you like to contact me by telephone to make further arrangements? Our phone number and email address were both located at the bottom of the ad. 519-534-1254 & rothrob@live.com".

I have not yet heard back yet again, however needless to say, I have been quite amused by some of the responses we are receiving to the "Puppies for sale Ad".  LOL.....

I am planning to try another new Crock Pot recipe today. made with chicken, out of my "new Crock Pot Chicken" recipe book.  I will post the recipe, and my thoughts on it, on tomorrow's "blog", along with some meal planning thoughts I I have for our upcoming Easter dinner.

As usual, there is always lots to do on the home front, so here I go off & running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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