Friday 1 April 2011

Snow Storm Coming In From the States this Weekend? Crazy!

Ha, ha, ha.......April Fool's !!!  Gotcha and it was just around the corner from the last day of March!  Now I have to think of a good one before Rob wakes up so I can get him too.  You have to get up earlier then me to stay ahead......or have a nursing dog named "Lexus", to wake you up early, who really needed to go out at 5 AM. 

March is now gone and the April Fool's are now among us.  Don't forget, you are the Fool if you attempt to make a fool of someone after the noon hour......

April Fool's Day, is a significant date to me, as we moved into this house seven years ago on April 1st, 2004 with a closing time of 3:00 PM.  Amazing the things I do remember at times, even though they aren't always the moments I want to remember, lol.  Wow that is a lot of time to reflect back years.  I think I will leave that alone right now and try to reflect on what I did yesterday.

Yesterday was a "good" day.  Let me think....oh I cleaned the outside of the patio door and the inside of the diningroom window after taking down the valances and putting them on a delicate cycle in the washer.  Wow there were a lot of cobwebs up and around the tops of  the window and patio door that I could have started my own Halloween display, not that bad really.  I also did the baseboards up and down the hallway.

After all of that along with the every day humdrum stuff, I was "pooped" out and had to take a half hour siesta, or I wouldn't have had enough energy to make the Asparagus Bow-tie Pasta for supper (recipe posted yesterday).  I had my best Guinea Pig, who happens to be my very best man, Rob, rate this pasta dish for me on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best.  It got a 4 Star !!!  Wow !!!  I gave it that myself and will definitely make this again..

I did improvise the recipe a wee little bit, as one orange sweet pepper was going to cost $2.00 (at $3.99/lb.) and a little bunch of fresh oregano $1.99.  I had red sweet pepper in the freezer which I used and I substituted 1 tsp. of dry oregano for fresh.  It was all good.  With the prices of peppers, along with everything else, in the Winter months, I make sure I have some in the freezer for sauces and chili as they freeze well.

I am doing some homework on how to go about starting a Herb Garden this year, as I am coming across so many new recipes that call for fresh herbs.  From what I have been reading, Herbs freeze well and retain better flavor then when dried, so I think I will give it a whirl.

I do have an abundance of Dill in my garden now (more then enough, as I didn't realize it re-seeds itself), so I am thinking of trying some Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme, and anything else I can think of when I am out buying the plants.  Here is one very informative website I will be using for reference:

With a few related links at the bottom that are interesting and helpful.

After Rob and I did a survey yesterday of our backyard and gardens, it looks like we have our work cut out for us once the ground dries up, as everything is so dead, brown and partially decomposing.  Lots of Spring cleaning to be done with raking and pruning back in the flowerbeds and around the pond.  This time of year  can be very overwhelming until you get going, like with anything else, and start to make a dent in it.  Then that feeling of accomplishment sets back in once you get started.

Rob put up the dog run that our friends had given us, just outside the downstairs back doors for when the "Magnificent Seven" start running around.  There are patio slabs right there, so Rob is figuring the puppy cleanup will be much easier and less mucky for us.  The "Seven" are getting bigger and fatter as the days pass by.....I have been checking every day to see if anyone has their eyes open yet.  It will be soon enough they will be getting into everything so we might be wise to enjoy them as they are right now.

Actually it brings to mind what my niece Shannon said to her Mother once.  It went something like this,  "Mom why did you spend so much time teaching us to walk and talk, cause in school they just tell us to sit down and be quiet".  Now isn't that the truth at times, lol !

I just had a "big" wave of tiredness go through my body.  I hope I get a second wind and get something accomplished today, as my three "Boys", Paul, Aiden and Conner are arriving tomorrow, and I won't get nothing done but enjoyment and lots of dishes when they are here.  I can't wait until they get here as I do enjoy the "enjoyment:" part.

I am going to make the Kraft's Layered Dessert recipe today, again improvising and using Lemon Pie Filling instead of Lemon Pudding, and maybe try the Super Easy Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe which I can't believe how easy it reads:

My sister, Jeanne, and cousin, Paula, have both tried it and loved it.  I will give it a whirl, since I know all three of my boys, and the 4th big guy Rob, would love having some fresh baked Peanut Butter cookies on hand for them to nibble down on.

I will have to try to fit some time, into this already seemingly busy day ahead, to re-hang the curtains I have washed and take the time for maybe a wee little siesta to recoop some energy before suppertime tonight.

Speaking of which, supper will be a breeze today, as I have leftover chicken breasts from last night, and I will make one of Rob's favorites, "Chicken Pot Pie".  Another really easy recipe using Bisquick:

I love when "easy" comes into my volcabulary!

Oh must check in with the Wiarton Airport before I sign off for the day:



          Clearing this morning. High 8. UV index 4 or moderate.


Cloudy periods. Low minus 1.

Doesn't say sunshine, but does say "clearing", so this should be good.  I am sure the sun will manage to come out at some point today.

I must be off and running into my kitchen for that 2nd cup of coffee.  Signing off for now "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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