Saturday 16 April 2011

Did That Say "Rain Turning To Flurries"? Crazinesssssssssss I Say !

It is feeling very damp and cool here first thing this morning, so I thought I would take a peak at the Weather forecast first thing, and I certainly don't care for what it reads:


Rain at times heavy. Amount 15 to 25 mm. Wind east 30 km/h gusting to 50. High 8.


Rain showers changing to flurries before morning. Wind southeast 30 km/h becoming southwest 30 gusting to 60 after midnight. Low plus 1

Okay, I get the rain part, "April showers bring May flowers", but I am really stumped on the "flurries before morning" part.  What kind of flowers are flurries going to bring in May?  Snowdrops?  LOL.

"Snowdrops" are such a very pretty little Spring flower, especially in a clump.  Actually I have seen them out in bloom then be dumped on with a blast of cold and snow only to survive it all.  Nature without a doubt is amazing.

I suppose this is nothing to get myself too upset over yet, since I have in years past since there has been snow in May and June months.  Also why get upset when I still have so much inside Spring cleaning to finish I shouldn't even attempt to be thinking about the outside Spring cleaning!

Spring does bring, more of an abundance, one of my favorite types of vegetables into the grocery stores, it being Asparagus.  I love asparagus!  Of course anyone would know that since I really enjoyed the new recipe I tried, "Bow-tie Asparagus" from Kraft's "What's Cooking" Spring recipe magazine. 

If you can get the tender skinny spears, they can almost be eaten raw they are so "tender", almost like some sweet corn.  This is a vegetable you don't want to be overcooked, or there will be a whole pot of limp green mush before you. 

Canadian Living has a very good article with some useful tips and facts on Asparagus (or what I think are useful tips to me):

There are even some recipe links within this link I think I will be checking out once Asparagus comes into to Season in my locality.  Since both Rob & I love Asparagus, I could eat a whole bunch myself without barely thinking about sharing with him.  Thank goodness Mom doesn't care for it at all, as that means more for "me" !

Wow today is my sister, Donna's, Surprise 60th Birthday Party!!!!  I am so excited about her being surprised, as I absolutely go nuts to play practical jokes on her, so to see her get a surprise Birthday Party is right up my alley !  When I spoke to her on the phone yesterday, I told her to call to remind me to call and wish her a Happy Birthday.  How could she suspect a thing when I have said that?  LOL

I have known about this party for some time, and let me tell you it has been very, very difficult for me not to blurt out something when I have been talking to her over these past few weeks!  I really really can keep a secret !!!!  LOL

I have gotten a double batch of chili ready to take along, as well as her gifts (one being quite funny; I am surprised I didn't take a picture before I wrapped it up, not to worry I will once she opens it).  My niece, and Donna's eldest daughter, Jodi Lynn, has taken care of the cake, and Donna's husband, Wayne, has taken care of the rest of the party details.  Now everybody just  has to show up from 2:00 pm on......

Yesterday for me was most uneventful, as I had a "migraine headache" and spent the afternoon in bed with the drapes drawn.  A 'normal' headache is bad enough without having a 'migraine' headache.  Should anyone tell me they have a headache, regular or migraine, I sure know what they are talking about and my sympathy goes out to them.  I am actually thinking since the weather is being so unpredictable that most certainly the change in barometric pressure has something to do with the onslaught of headaches.  One never knows......

My "Miss Yacky Lexus" is being quite verbal at the moment,  obviously letting me know she would like to be taken outside.  I suppose I should wrap things up here so I can be off and running into the start of my day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of The Checkerboard".

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