Sunday 10 April 2011

Bring on the "Health, Beauty, and Lifestyle" Tips !!!!!

Wow what a wonderful weather day yesterday was with the High of 15 C, and only a light wind out of the East.  Not too much wind that my laundry blew off the line, but just enough for it to dry and smell sooooooo good.

I thought I had accomplished quite a bit yesterday between dusting & vacuuming of the living/dining room, making a pie, doing two loads of laundry and the usual inbetween stuff like making the bed & dishes.  Rob even got "stuff" done, as he brought in wood, did some raking & hung a picture for me (can't believe it's up, with just 4 more to go).

By the look of the upcoming weather forecast this week I believe we just got a Spring Yard Cleanup teaser yesterday.......back to the wet and dampness we go.  I am sure happy I did my laundry yesterday now I am looking at this:


Cloudy. Showers beginning this morning. Risk of a thunderstorm. Wind becoming southwest 30 km/h this afternoon. High 20. UV index 3 or moderate.



Cloudy. Showers beginning after midnight. Risk of a thunderstorm overnight. Wind southwest 30 km/h. Low 14.

I suppose since no outdoor Spring cleaning will be done this week it will be back to the indoor stuff......

I always feel once I get started on the outdoor cleanup and garden preparation I am usually in more pain then usual, and feel so extremely out of shape.  This is why I have attempted to get myself into better shape (or certainly hope I have) the past couple of months by doing a daily 1 Mile walk CD with Leslie Sansone.

No matter what the weather I can get a walk in every day, or at least try to as I had been sick for a few days.  I recently found out her Cd's can be ordered through an HMV store, at a lower cost then ordering online.  As I am a fan of Leslie Sansone through my Facebook page, I also just recently found out she has teamed up with Exercise TV and posted a free online Video!  An awesome idea for those who have room where their computer is located to do it right there in front of their computer:

I was talking to my Aunt Gerry a couple of months ago; her and Uncle Reg are doing the Leslie Sansone "Walk of the Pounds" CD in their home, without the weights, so I figure I should have no problem doing it myself once a day!  Keeps that flow of blood going to the brain, which I need a constant supply of to keep me abreast of my witty husband, as well as a few witty family and friends.

Another informative site I found useful was Real Age website, which is chalk full of all kind of Health and Wellness information:

I think there is a bit of everything on this site from colon cancer to Rheumatoid arthritis.  I find the more information I know, the better I am equipped to deal with things.  You can never not have enough information in my books.

Another real interesting tip, I learned from my hairdresser (it is true when it is said, "only your hairdresser knows), and one that I have shared many times with others, also using myself, is the use of Witchhazel.  I personally use Witchhazel as a daily facial astringent.  It is cleansing, cool and soothing, at a low cost of approximately $5.00 for a 500 ml bottle at a Walmart store.  I  even used it on Bandit to sooth & cleanse his sores when he had Hot spot the past summer.

After doing a little online research I came across a website stating "15 Wonderful Uses For Witchhazel".  WiseBread is another website I find to be informative and useful, based on a whole range of information/advice on "Living Large on a Small Budget" :

With food/gas prices on the rise, I think I will becoming a frequent visitor to this website trying to learn to be more frugal then I already am (or as Rob and our son, Paul,  puts it, "cheap").  If there is something that will cost less money and do the job, bring it on, as I am in for it !!!

Rob and I really enjoy Tim Horton's coffee.  This past week I heard on the news Tim Horton's is raising their prices again due to their wholesale prices being raised.  I really don't think an extra large coffee should be more then $1.72, when I can buy a whole jar on sale for $2.99 to $3.49, a litre of cream for $1.99 to $3.49, and a 2 kg of sugar for $2.39 or so (that makes quite a few cups of coffee).

As much as I love Tim Horton's coffee, I am going to start refusing to make them any richer then they are, by starting to take a thermos of coffee from home along with us on any future away from home ventures.  I realize they have overhead, but when I think about it, again with the raising hydro, fuel and food costs, so do I have overhead.  LOL, now I just have to convince Rob no more Tim Horton's, as I know he is very "addicted".

I have some apples in my fridge to be used up.  Yesterday morning I started to peel some to make an apple pie.  Well Rob had just spoken to a couple of ladies the day before who had mentioned they had just had a piece of Cherry Apple pie, so he had a hankering to have some himself.  I sent him into the cupboard on a search for a can of Cherry Pie filling, which he did find.  The end result was me mixing the sliced apples with the cherry pie filling and "viola":

The "Fat Kitchen Cat" was grinning again, as so was Rob !!!  Rob enjoyed this pie so much, as he rated it a 12 Star from a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.  How much better does it get then that?

Onto the "Magnificent Seven".....we had a couple come to view the delightful, and soon to become very rambunctious little balls of fur yesterday.  They were very impressed with Bandit and Lexus.  With pictures of puppies in their camera to send to their daughter, they left with smiles on their faces.  Not sure if this is the breed they are looking for, but the man I am sure will have a sore arm from the amount of times he threw the ball for Bandit (Bandit is quite good at sucking in new people with his "look" and the "caulking of his head").

I actually was able to capture a picture of Lexus and Bandit's first inspection of one of their pups together:

It will not be long before "The Seven" will be nipping at Mom and Dad's heels.......

By the look of those gray skies out there, as well today's forecast, it would appear to be a good day to have a relaxing, lazy day spent indoors curled up watching a good movie or leafing through some recipe books (I just happen to have a "brand new" Muffin Mania book to leaf through).  I think this is just what I will do today "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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