Sunday 3 April 2011

Commotion in Motion ......

Lot's of commotion happening in this household with 4 boys, one mother, 1 cat, two dogs & the "Magnificent Seven" let me tell you.....if one doesn't need this, the other requires that.  I think I need a Day Away !!!  LOL  There isn't time to be tired with this much going on around one's self.

The boys arrived just after lunch.  Rob & Paul went off in one direction, Aiden, Conner and I in another.  The three of us went downtown to the drugstore, bank, Dollar store and the grocery store, then home for a snack of cantaloupe, cucumber with dip and cheese sandwiches.  Not necessarily in that order.

Before I knew it the big boys were back home and it was time to get supper on the go and the table set.

Supper of slow cooked venison sausage, boiled potatoes and fresh asparagus was enjoyed by all, with Layered Lemon Squares for dessert.  Couldn't get too much better then that.  The 'big' boys helped clear the table and the dishwasher washed up most of the dishes, with the pots being left up to "MOI".

Before I forget Rob did rate the Layered Lemon Squares and gave them a 5 out of 5.  Lemon does happen to be one of his favorites.  Paul laughed at me for taking pictures of the dessert, and I just can't imagine why?  LOL

With the looks of that grin on my Kitchen Cat, I am sure he is enjoying all of this publicity.

There have been a few Mariokart competitions, but I am not quite sure on who was winning or losing.  Paul and I had also rented the movie the "Tourist" with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.  That one will have to wait to be watched later today, after the boys are on their way home, as we were both too tired to finish watching it last night. 

Oh I almost forgot.....when I was showing Aiden and Connor the "Magnificent Seven" the little black & white one I choose to pickup had it's eyes open !!!  They are two weeks old today and right on schedule to having their eyes open.  They have grown so much just in two weeks!

To be quiet honest,  I am being very distracted with all this background noise of Mariokart, 2 little voices, 2 big voices and 1 Mother voice going on.  I think I will check in with the Wiarton Airport and call it a wrap.


Sunny. Increasing cloudiness near noon then rain mixed with wet snow. Rainfall amount 5 mm. High plus 5. UV index 6 or high.


Rain mixed with wet snow changing to wet snow this evening then to rain late this evening. Snowfall amount 2 cm. Rainfall amount 10 to 15 mm. Wind becoming southeast 30 km/h this evening. Temperature rising to 12 by morning.

Time to run to get the bacon, eggs, homefries and toast on the go here.  Wow, is this why it was called, "Labor of Love"?   Ummmm will have to give that saying some more thought.

Signing off from "North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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