Wednesday 6 April 2011

Camera Falls Into Dog's Water Dish.....Not a Good Thing to Happen!

I began my day, yesterday, with getting up, dressed and driving over to pickup my girlfriend for our trip into Owen Sound.  Ha, ha, ha, I can remember when growing up how Friday nights was a big adventure to be able to invite a girlfriend along with me to go into Owen Sound shopping with my Mom and Dad.  Here I am how many years later (shhhh), driving myself and a girlfriend to go shopping in Owen Sound ! 

We managed to get a Birthday gift for her sweetie, as well as a few other items and arriving home, as I had planned, by the noon hour.

Once home with lunch out of the way, I started a double batch of chili.  Cooked, cooled and put into containers for the freezer, it ended up to be about 18 pounds of chili.  Man that is a lot of chili !  My brother-in-law is giving my sister, Donna, a surprise Birthday Party this month, and had asked me to bring something along that could be done in the slow cooker.  What could possibly be better then a "huge" pot of chili.

By the way, my sister is far from computer literate, so I have no worries that she would ever read this, unless it was read to her by me, and that isn't going to be happening any time soon.........

I had posted an advertisement for the "Magnificent Seven" on the online Kijiji Ontario site Monday.  So far I have had over 280 hits and two responses.  People, unlike myself at times, are curious and like reading what people have for sale.

The one person I have received numerous email inquiries from requested more pictures with just the black/white males.  I got the camera, and Rob went downstairs to the whelping pen to give me a hand with the task of taking out the puppies for the taking of the pictures.  Now for some unknown reason I was holding the camera to push the on button, and it slipped completely right out of my hands into the dog's water dish directly below where I was standing.  It could only happen to "ME" !!!! 

Talk about being distraught.....I was not in a very good state of mind let me tell you.  After I pulled myself together, I went on the search for my very first digital camera, approximately a 10 year old Samsung.  I finally found it.  After taking sometime to settle myself down, I was able to figure out how I used to work it and did manage to take a couple of these "so required male puppy pictures":

These little guys are very "cute" and still "cuddly"

Thank goodness I had my old standby camera, as I am certainly not going to run out to buy a new one in the immediate future.  Needless to say, I emailed this person the pictures, with him responding he would be going elsewhere tonight to view some Miniature Aussies, as he thinks that he would like a dog a little smaller then mine !!!  LOL, part and parcel of the pleasure of being in the market of selling.  Such is my life at the moment.

I really think Kijiji is an awesome online tool for people to sell or purchase.  It seems to be almost as "big" as Facebook has become with the amount of traffic seemly coming and going.

Here it is, Wednesday, already the middle of the week, and I really am feeling I haven't gotten anything yet accomplished.  I do have my mind set out getting that Homemade Mustard made, so I think I will reschedule that event on today's agenda.

Wonder how the weather will be cooperating today, should I want to wash & hang out the spare bedroom bedding on the outside clothes line.  I must say, I am still enjoying the freshness of the bedding on our bed from having it dry outside on the weekend.  Best have a look see what the Wiarton Airport has to say about that:


Cloudy. 60 percent chance of flurries or rain showers. High plus 5. UV index 3 or moderate.


Clear. Low minus 3.

Nope, but the looks of this forecast it is not happening today, so I should get the wood stove fired up downstairs to hang the laundry on the lines down there.

Oh yes, one other thing to think about today......"what am I going to make for Supper".  This gets to be a daily think tank in my brain.  I will let that one linger around in there for a bit and make the 'big' decision later.  Might be a bacon, egg & toast supper tonight.  Will see how my day goes.

Best get dressed and that bed made or I will never get to that much needed second cup of coffee, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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