Monday 11 April 2011

Monday Morning Here Again.....

Wow the power went out again here last night about Midnight.  It was very very windy so wondering if that had something to do with it?  Not to worry myself as it is back on now, so I must go around to reset all the clocks once again, as the hydro had been interrupted about three times.

It is very warm and almost balmy like outside right now.  However it is still an overcast windy morning.

Let's see what the experts have to say:


Cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. Risk of a thunderstorm early this morning. Wind southwest 30 km/h. Temperature falling to 8 this afternoon. UV index 3 or moderate.



Cloudy. 40 percent chance of showers early this evening. Clearing after midnight. Wind southwest 30 km/h becoming north 20 this evening. Low zero.

Risk of thunderstorm does not surprise me, as we had a couple of mini ones go through yesterday.  Apparently the Kitchener/Waterloo/Hamilton/Toronto areas got pelleted with hail stones!

I actually slept in this morning until just after 7 am!  Other then my sleep having been broken twice throughout the night. I pretty much slept the whole night through!  Hooray!!!  Now if I could only figure out how that is done every night (without medication) I am sure I could bottle it and make a small fortune from a "whole lot of other people with the same problem as me".  I could call it "Bye Bye Mr. Insomnia, We Are Over With!"  LOL, what a vivid imagination I have at times.

Since after March Break I had found myself with a cold and flu that seemed to hang on and off for two weeks, so I am hoping I am finally rid of it, as I certainly hadn't felt like it this past Friday.  I think I over did things on Saturday, which was hard not to do with the weather being so encouraging. I forgot my new motto of "Pace Yourself", a motto which has taken me sometime in the past couple of years to learn.

Pacing one's self I find to be very difficult when one has been used to juggling a family, job and social life (if there was anytime for one) for so many years.  I still find myself not listening to my body, and end up for sometimes two days or more being out of commission in payment for not listening.  My mind says "go" and the body says "nay".  I suppose moderation applies to every aspect of our life's, and not only in the eating department.

I find myself getting very discouraged at times when I can't get things accomplished what my mind had set out to get done.  I have to remind myself, many many times over that I can only do what I can do and people come to see me, not my house or what I have or haven't got done.  What I have to remember is I am not alone and there are many other people with the same thoughts and troubles. 

Oh my goodness, I am almost sounding as gloomy as the weather is looking out there, such is life so I must get on with it! I must not forget not to forget Pace, Pace, Pace.....then I will get the most out of every day instead of loosing a couple of days inbetween because of not pacing myself.  Good advice I think I will take, lol.

This weekend I watched the video, "Morning Glory" with Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams.  I really enjoyed this light comedy, just what the Doctor would order for Saturday night entertainment.  This is the trailer for the movie:

It is rather nice one can go check out the movie's trailer before going to the theatre or renting a video.

Rob had rented "The Little Focker's" for himself, but then again that is Rob's sense of humor.....  Actually there were a couple of funny parts in it, and considering it was the third take off from the original it was 'okay', and I do like Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Robert DeNiro, just to mention a couple of well known actors.  Here is the movie trailer for it:

Wow, did I ever have a nice and easy supper to make for Rob and I last night!  Fish and chips done in the oven, with sliced tomatoes on the side.  It certainly couldn't get much more easier that.

Our local Foodland grocery store has boneless pork loin roasts on for $1.97/lb.  I purchased one so I can try out a new Betty Crocker slow cooker recipe I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago:

I will give it a whirl today and see what we "three" here think about it.  I remember my cousin, Vi, had tried it right after I had first posted the recipe on Facebook.  She had said something about the thickening of the gravy, so I will have to give her a call to refresh my memory on what went on when she had made it.

We had a surprise visit after supper last night.  My girlfriend, Colleen, and her husband, Barry, showed up at our door.  I thought they were here to see the puppies.  Well when I had spoke to Colleen on the phone Saturday, I told her I had made this Cherry Apple pie and would sent Barry a virtual pie.  I then emailed him a picture of the pie.  Low and behold here he was wanting his dessert in person, as the virtual pie was just not good enough!  LOL......needless to say we all enjoyed coffee and pie together.  Actually with Rob rating this pie a 12 out of a 1-10 Star rating with 10 being the best, I am surprised there was still pie left to serve to others!

Look at the time!!!  8:43 am already and I am not even dressed, made my bed or had a second cup of coffee!  What is going to become of my day?  I suppose I am just relaxed and pacing myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Hope you start to feel better soon.. I had trouble sleeping last night too and I think I heard my son wandering upstairs too. We have FCAT exams starting today so a lot on our minds I guess.
    Hey, and take it easy, your not feeling great so cut yourself some slack :) pancakes for supper!


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