Friday 15 April 2011

Made It To Friday Without a Hitch, Or Not Too Much of One !

La, la, la, la, la, la, la.....Friday has arrived.  I am going to try enjoying the sunshine today as the weekend ahead is looking pretty wet with rain in the forecast.


         Sunny. Wind becoming east 30 km/h late this morning. High 7. UV index 6 or high.


A few clouds. Increasing cloudiness near midnight then rain beginning before morning. Wind east 30 km/h gusting to 50. Low plus 2.

The temperature had to have really dropped last night as Rob is getting the upstairs woodstove going; brrrrr, it is cold in here this morning.  I have my moccasins on my feet and housecoat wrapped tightly around myself to keep the body heat locked in to keep warm.  Once the sun is in full force and the stove is fired up it doesn't take too long to "thaw" out.

I am "pained" to say, I never got another dint completed in the walk-in basement yesterday.  LOL.  I had a much more pleasant task I had to attend to then that. 

I invited the Auntie Gladys & Uncle Basil up to see the "Magnificent Seven" in the morning, and Rob invited them for a BBQ'd lunch.  I made a trip to our local grocery store to purchase burgers, buns and salad fixings.  I still had Zucchini Muffins, so I thought they would do for dessert along with a cup of tea.

Upon their arrival an inspection was done of the "Magnificent Seven".  Every puppy was awake and making quite the commotion expecting, I suppose, for their Mommy to be in there feeding them.  Auntie and Uncle thought them to be quite the "bunch" of cuties and couldn't believe how much they had grown since the last pictures I had emailed them.  Uncle Basil said they needed tails as they weren't going to be able to counterbalance themselves when they walked.....whatever !!!  LOL.

Auntie got to hold the Red Merle female, whilst Uncle took a picture.  Well this little pup was making some pretty loud yipping outbursts, so Auntie started shaking it up and down trying to quiet her.  I had the biggest laugh over that one, asking "if  all that shaking going on was all coming back naturally to quiet that baby up".  Too bad I didn't have a video camera to capture that moment, lol!

We all got washed up, then was having a little visit while I prepared the salad and Rob went out to fire up the BBQ.  Time went by with the salad being made, table set and no mention of burgers going on the BBQ.  A new burner replacement done a day ago, and Rob just wasn't getting this old BBQ going no how, it was just too old and worn out I suppose.

Thank goodness for the old fashion way of doing things on the broiler pan in the oven under the broiler.  Once I got it fired up we finally got lunch on the table in no time at all.  It was worth the wait, as those Angus burger were delish !  We had a few laughs over Rob inviting them for lunch & no BBQ working, but it all turned out good in the end with nobody walking away hungry.

After lunch with everyone gone, I did up the lunch dishes, took Bandit and Lexus outside for a good run, and came back it feeling too exhausted to attempt another round at the walk-in basement, so I am sure it kept for me to get at sometime today.  I did manage to dust and vacuum our bedroom though!

Supper was very easy last night, since we had such a 'big' lunch, everyone was on their own to make themselves a sandwich or whatever.  I choose to have my favorite "peanut butter" sandwich, along with a zucchini muffin later.  Mother got to have leftover spaghetti heated up for her supper.....yummy.  Rob?  Not too sure what he had, but I can't see it being much as he had two whopping big burgers for lunch!

Here is a little "Wit & Wisdom" I came across yesterday from the Old Farmer's Almanac:

A pinch of baking soda in the cooking water keeps spinach, and asparagus greener.

I didn't know that and thought it was quite an interesting fact.

Realage also sends me emails with different articles and tips within the body of the email.  One article I thought might hold some good tips was the "Lose Extra Weight with 3 Easy Tricks".  Even though I believe weight loss is only going to be achieved by a lifestyle healthy diet and exercise, I will not turn my nose up on any extra ways of trying to keep trim and healthy:

There is one tip within the body of this link stating, "work your way to a 100-pound (or more) weight loss with this plan".  Don't think I will be using this plan as it isn't applicable to me yet, however I think I will check out the one that states, "this targeted plan can take two inches off your waist in two weeks".  I really like the idea of losing two inches from my waist, especially in two weeks !!!   I don't think this would be a realistic goal for myself, however I would be happy to loose two inches in two to six months maybe?

This is the thing, we have to keep our goals within reach of our own limitations.  I know myself if I set an unrealistic goal for myself I would be setting myself up for disappointment when the time came around and I hadn't reached it.  Any goal I set for myself I have to think hard about my circumstances and the time frame, as I certainly don't want to discourage myself and totally give up. 

We all need encouragement in so many aspects of our lives.  Find a friend, family member, or someone who has a similar goal to give encouragement and support when needed.  We all need that occasional pat on the back or word of encouragement, as I know I sure do, as it helps to keep me on track and focused on those bumpy uneven days I experience.

Dont' worry about falling off the wagon, I just did myself last night & helped myself to about six Oreo cookies, packed full of useless calories, but I didn't care as I needed a fix and had them !  LOL.  However this is something I don't do on a daily basis, so today I am back on the Bandwagon, not to mention the bag of Oreos are now all gone........ha, ha, ha, ha!

Whoopee, Paul McDonald got voted off American Idol last night with the last two girls remaining in the competition.  Way to go girls !  And way to go James, as you are my Number 1 American Idol choice.  Rock on James !  There is so much good talent on the show this Season so  I am sure the Judges have had some difficult choices themselves to make.

Look at the time !!!  I have to be gone to get my allergy shot at my Doctor's in less then a hour's time.  I had better get myself dressed and ready myself pronto!  Off and running, once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".......

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