Saturday 2 April 2011

The Boys Are Arriving Today.....Hooray, hooray, hooray !!!

March is now behind us with April Fool's among us.  Remember you are the Fool if you attempted to make a Fool of someone after the noon hour yesterday!  I caught at least three April Fool's yesterday.  I think that is a record for me, unless someone out there is not admitting I got them?  It is days like April Fools that bring out the Inner Child in us, no matter what the age.

Speaking of Inner Child, I am tickled pink inside and out that my three boys are arriving today, making the count 4 with Rob.  Paul, Aiden and Conner should be here by the noon hour.  I believe I am prepared.  Dessert made?  Check.  Bedroom ready?  Check.  Supper Planned?  Check.  Sanity in Check?  Check.  Yes I am prepared. 

I am looking forward to a full 24 hours of fun.  After lunch we will make a trip downtown to rent a Movie for tonight, check out the Dollar Store, and maybe swing around to the Grocery store for anything that I have forgotten.  Poppa and Aiden will have to rekindle their Mariokart competition from where it left off at on March Break.  Conner will be getting all the toys out from the bottom drawer.  Paul will be taking Bandit outside for their usual romp when he is here.

There is no lack of action when those 3 arrive at our doorstep, and it goes way too fast for me.  It seems like they just get here, and before you know it they are pulling out of the driveway on their way back home.....oh well, I there are still the phone calls inbetween the visits.

Woohoo.....another "big" dent was made in the Spring Cleaning Cause yesterday.  The grid in the wood stove corner and across the patio door wall is now finished, with the exception of having to re-hang the valance above the door.  I really thought my arms had left me after cleaning the inside patio door glass with a Vinegar/Water solution and buffing it dry with newspaper.  What a shine, but let me tell you what a job!  I am glad it is done and over with, as I was certainly done in after completing it.  However, once again, it looks so nice.......

Thank goodness supper last night was a breeze.  Easy as one-two-three Chicken Pot Pie with a Bisquick topping.

Then there was the Layered Dessert made with Lemon Pie Filling for dessert (couldn't wait until today to try it out).  It is another easy dessert to make.  I used the Kraft Layered Dessert Recipe, substituting the Lemon Pudding with Lemon Pie filling.  I added the Cool Whip when serving.

Rob loves lemon meringue pie, so this square seemed to be a big hit with him, or I thought so, as I didn't hear any complaints while he was eating it.

Another easy supper for me to prepare tonight, as Paul wants venison saugage, which I do in the slow cooker.   I will do  potatoes, fresh asparagus and brocolli to go along with it.  A couple of weiners can be easily enough cooked up for the boys, as Aiden doesn't really care for the venison sausage.

Onto a less inviting subject, MOLES !!!  What an undesirable little creature these things are and what a mess they have made in and around our gardens by the shed and the pond.  Last year they ate all my Clematis roots, this year they have removed so much dirt around the Hydrangea I am surprised it is still standing.

I think if we had a smaller area of backyard, instead of fields sprawling behind us, we would have a better chance at practicing Mole Control, but I think we are doomed each Spring to just repairing the damage they have caused throughout the Winter.

I have found a very good article on Moles (the ugly little rodents) and how to rid one self of them:

We have tried the Moth Balls to no avail, so maybe I will get Rob to read this article to see if he would like to make an attempt at any of the other options/solutions available to us.

If it isn't Spring Moles in the backyard, it is Summer/Fall Skunks in the front yard.  Think I will take the Moles over the Skunks any day....

If all life's problems were as simple as a few furry undesirables, wouldn't it be lovely?

It is so frosty out there this morning it looks like it dusted snow last night.  I hope this is a sign of a warm sunny day ahead:


Sunny this morning then a mix of sun and cloud with 30 percent chance of showers this afternoon. Wind becoming northwest 30 km/h this afternoon. High 8. UV index 4 or moderate.


Cloudy periods. 30 percent chance of showers early this evening. Clearing this evening. Wind northwest 30 km/h becoming light late this evening. Low minus 3.
Dang, I had hopes of sunshine with no rain.  Oh well, the weather man has known to be wrong before.  I can only hope.....

Lexus is sounding off in need of getting out for her morning romp, as she is very vocal and not as patient as our Bandit.  I suppose I should get myself dressed up warm and go out into the frosty -3 grey morning to get the remainder of these cobwebs out of my head.

Once again, here I go off and running, "Just North of Wiarton and South of the Checkerboard".

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