Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Weekend; A Time to Celebrate or An "Extra" Day Off Work?

Here we are celebrating Easter Weekend 2011 beginning today with Good Friday.  I wonder how many of us still remember the meaning of Good Friday and Palm Sunday, or how many of us just look at it as an "extra" day off work?  I also have always wondered why Good Friday was called "Good", as I can't imagine why the Crucifixion of Christ our Lord being "good".

I googled "Why Good Friday is called Good Friday".  The explanation I liked the best was the description , in song, from the "Just Kids Magazine" website:

 I loved it !  Hopefully most of us still celebrate Easter for it's true meaning, and not just for that "extra" day off work.

My whole Easter Dinner Menu was changed in an instance by a man (not to mention any names, ROB) preferring to have Turkey with all the trimmings, rather then my choice of Ham & Scalloped potatoes.  Let me tell you it is just easier some days to go with the "flow" instead of "treading upstream".  Turkey it will be !!!  However, make it known, since I am making it, I am deciding on the "dessert"!!!!!!  LOL

For supper last night I made Hamburger Stew over potatoes, one of the staples from my childhood.  I happened to have leftover gravy from a Roast Beef dinner, so I just fried up hamburger along with chopped onion, drained it well and added the gravy.  Should I not have leftover gravy, after draining the hamburger well, I would add some boiled water and thicken it with cornstarch & water to make the gravy.  Sometimes I will throw in some frozen peas for a varition.  Mom and Rob really enjoy this meal, and I enjoyed leftover chicken.

 Wit & Wisdom:    I freeze any unused roast beef gravy to be used later in a Shepherd's Pie.

I made a few people smile yesterday, as I had took along to my appointment a Strawberry muffin for each of the three girls, as well as Dr. Loney.  Since my appointment is first thing in the morning, they were very appreciative having a muffin to go along with their morning coffee.

I love making people "smile", it make my tummy tingle. 

I was smiling myself yesterday, since I took money I had received for my Birthday to purchase a new "digital camera" to replace the one I had dropped into the dog's water dish.  I purchased a Fuji 12 megapixel, 10 x zoom camera that also records videos for a clearance price of $118.00, and a further, rather large, discount, since it was the last one & the display model, for a grand total, tax included, of $94.00 !!!!  Now let me tell you that made me "smile", and I still have $6.00 left to purchase a lottery ticket.......I couldn't have been more happier, since as much as I appreciated that I still had my really really old camera to use, I really wanted a much newer one. 

Watch out now there will be lots of future pictures being posted, and maybe a few videos?

In all my years of being, I don't remember too many Good Fridays being sunny, as they have usually been on the most part overcast or rainy for some unknown reason to me.  Let's see what the Wiarton Airport has to say about this "Good Friday":

Cloudy. Clearing near noon. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h late this morning. High 11. UV index 5 or moderate.

Increasing cloudiness. Rain beginning this evening. Wind southeast 30 km/h. Low plus 5

It does say "clearing", so we will have to wait to see if the sun will be peeking out at some point throughout the day ahead.

Sometimes I have such an awful time with the formatting of my "blog".  It just seems to take on a life of it's own, so other then the, hopefully, odd spelling error, I will excuse myself for the "odd formation of it's appearance" today, past & future dates.

Oh yes, "The Magnificent Seven" !.  Now that they are eating "puppy food mush" twice a day, I think I am the most favorite object in their little lives at the moment. other then their Mother.  When they see me coming with that dish of mush, "watch out as I get almost bowled over"!  LOL !!!  I am happy to report they are eating, drinking water, and soiling newspapers (and other things).   Right on course for going into their 5th week.  Just wait, there will be lots of future "new" pictures being posted with my "new" camera.

Oh almost forgot.....when I was reading "Wise Bread" (Living Large on a Small Budget) I found an article that caught my interest on Mouthwash:

It might be right there on my shelf along with the Witchhazel, since Mouthwash has so many uses other then just being a "mouthwash".  Since I use Mouthwash instead of toothpaste, it is nice to know I can substitute it for other products.

Here is is almost 7:00 AM and I have already been up for 2 hours......ummm is that an indication of a very long day ahead.  I hope not, as I am going to try enjoying every minute of it "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Well That was a good Blog today as usual but i was waiting to see if you remembered to get your Doctors advice on Women and calcium. If you remembered please let your followers know tomorrow as we are all going to check it with our Drs. i am sure. Have a safe & Happy easter.


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