Monday 25 April 2011

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble.....Wow, Another Local Turkey Sighting !!!!

I can't believe how many Wild Turkeys we have had strolling through our property already this Spring.....just across and beyond this field beside our house is where Rob sighted a Turkey "hen" Saturday.

.....and then yesterday, low & behold, another sighting right in our kitchen !  Imagine that?

LOL, then, of course, the "Fat" Kitchen Cat had to get in on things........

"Yummy", Rob and I most certainly enjoyed our Easter Sunday meal of turkey, whipped potatoes, dressing, cranberries, turnip and gravy.  Then much later in the evening, after the turkey settled, a piece of Peach Pie and coffee topped off the last part of the day.  Now that I think about it, I am glad I had made Raspberry Muffins for my visiting cousins on Saturday so I didn't have to share the Peach

I had a very very enormous "brain fart" (as my sister & I call them) on yesterday morning's "blog".  I had put "Palm" Sunday, when it was actually "Easter" Sunday yesterday (which I well know, hence the "brain fart").  Thanks to the "gentle" correction by my Auntie (can't slide too much past that Go Go Auntie) my 'error' had been brought to my

Now after telling Rob about all of this, he had me phone Auntie back to tell her I had really put Palm, instead of Easter, on purpose, and the first person to notice and bring it to my attention was to do the honors of having us over for a "meal"........oh my Rob.....always conniving for a "free meal" for himself", even if it is at my expense.  It worked though!  He got another invite out for dinner, once

Just after we had finished up and cleaned up our dinner, just after 4:00 PM, there was a lady at our door.  Upon answering the door, she told me our neighbour, Ed Elliot, of Elliot's Garden Centre, had told her and her husband where we lived, as she seen the Puppy For Sale ad on the bulletin board there.  Their friends had to place their Australian Shepherd of 15 years to rest last year, and were looking for another.

I invited them in, and this lady just didn't want to give up the puppy she was holding......but she eventually did, much to the relief on her husband's face, they were on their way, with our name and phone number in hand to take along back to their friends.

These people live in Sauble Beach, 20 minutes away from us.  That would be so nice if one of our puppies were placed so close to home.  But then again, our cousin's daughter and husband, have made claim to the Red Tricoloured male, so I will be able to get progress updates about him on a regular basis.  I just happen to think that is so cool to know how our dog's babies turn out.......

Rob is, once again, in his "glory", as he has subscribed to a free month's trial of "Netflix".  Netflix is a round the clock, commercial free, movie and TV series provider.  One can pick and choose from their TV screen what they want to watch from what is made available through this service.  Rob could watch movies, old or new, 24 hours of the day if I let him, and we know that isn't going to be happening anytime soon !!!

A person must have or should have, "unlimited Internet service" as the movies/programs are uploaded from a computer onto a computer monitor, or through a Wii, or a Playstation system, your TV screen.  I hope I have this all explained correctly, if not I am sure it is all explained on Netflix's website at 

Rob has pleaded his case by telling me, "it is only $7.99 + tax a month" to watch as much as you want, and to rent only two movies from the downtown video store it costs us $10.51 a month.  I think my "movie buff" is going to win out on this life decision.....but there had better be stuff done around here, other then movie watching going on in our household my dear Honey Rob !!!!

I had been invited by one of the girl's at my Doctor's office to go to a musical at the Bethel Church in Lion's Head last evening at 8:00 PM.  I was so tired from the Turkey we had consumed at 3:00 in the afternoon, I had just wanted to go to bed.  However, since she had asked me twice, I readied myself and headed up there shortly after 7:00 PM so I could get a good parking spot.

I am now so pleased I went, as it was absolutely "wonderful" and "uplifting".  The choir gave so much life to the performance, it is difficult for me to describe.  They even had a real life little baby as "baby Jesus" for the manger (who slept through the whole musical)!!!  This musical was most certainly given the appropriate title of "A Season To Celebrate" by Allen Pote, going from the date of Jesus' birth to when he was risen....  I am certainly grateful I took advantage of Laura's invite, as her accompaniment on the piano was terrific.

I saved the Turkey carcass, so I am thinking I will put it in the pot today and make Turkey stock for the freezer.  Sounds like an easy task to me, with the hardest part being to strain it all through the cheesecloth, but then again I have the "movie buff" to help me with that part.  LOL.

Lots of turkey leftovers for the week turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, turkey a la king, turkey, turkey, turkey......I "love" it so easy, simple and good for us!

Speaking of what's ahead, from taking a "peek" in on what the Wiarton Airport had to say, I just have to say it isn't going to be short-sleeve sandal weather by any means, so I will be getting out the rain slicker and my rubber boots.  I best not get too ahead of myself and focus on the day at hand:


Increasing cloudiness. Showers beginning this afternoon. High 12. UV index 4 or moderate.


Showers. Low 7

Yeppers, there is that 'rubber boot' word.....'showers'.  I, for one, will be keeping my home fires going, as my bones certainly do not take to the dampness too kindly.

Now I have almost blown all of the wind from my sails, I think I will head off to visit the Kitchen Cat to get myself that second cup of Java, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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