Thursday 14 April 2011

Darn It All Back to Finishing What I Had Started !

I certainly didn't get too much accomplished yesterday between a CCAC meeting with two nurses who came to do a geriatric evaluation on Mother, picking up a Birthday Cake & Ice Cream for my girlfriend's sweetie, serving up supper, delivering and sampling the Birthday Cake (was not going to be a delivery if there was no sampling done by me), coming home to do supper dishes, give Mom her pills, watching part of American Idol, making four phone calls and falling into bed. 

Oh man, I am exhausted all ready this morning by just thinking about all of that.......

The two nurses who did the geriatric testing were just wonderful; one was here 4 years ago when Mom first moved here with us.  They were certainly very understanding, sensitive and compassionate towards our situation.  I take my hats off to them as it must be a difficult job dealing with some really tough emotional situations at times.  However the one gal is up for retirement in 10 days, and will still be going back to fill in on occasion so I am sure she has enjoyed her work in this field throughout all these years.

I certainly couldn't do a job like they do, as I would be too much a wooshy washcloth type person, being way too emotional.  I remember when I was a Candy Striper at the Hospital.  I used to feed this elderly gentleman, Mr. Fischer, who passed away.  I was so upset with that and didn't go back to Candy Stripe again after that.  I get myself too emotionally attached.

After this meeting and lunch was over with I had to go downtown to pickup the Birthday Cake I had ordered for my girlfriend. as it was her sweetie's birthday yesterday.  When the lady brought out the cake I had ordered, my mouth had to have dropped.....the cake had been decorated with huge daisy like flowers!

After seeing the writing on it, I knew it wasn't a cake for someone else that they had brought out in error.  I said, "the cake I ordered was to have balloons on it, it is for a man!".  The lady read the order and sure enough it said "balloons".  It had to be changed.  I waited around the store another 20 minutes or so while they re-decorated the cake with balloons. 

By the time I had gotten back home it was time to start thinking about supper.  I am so happy I do big batch cooking for times like these.  I took a container of spaghetti sauce out from the freezer to thaw with low heat on the stove.  After that was thawed, the table set and Rob had cooked the pasta we had a homemade spahgetti dinner before we were were on the go again.

We loaded up the cake and ice cream to head over to my friend's house.  Her sweetie was very surprised and we all enjoyed a piece of the cake with Balloons on it:

The cake tasted as light as it looked, and enjoyed by the four of us along with some French Vanilla ice cream. 

We finally got back home just before 8:00 PM in time to give Mom her pills before bedtime and for me to get the supper dishes done up before American Idol started.  Phone calls are not allow in this household while we are watching American Idol, as we both really enjoy the entertainment of these up & coming talented guys & gals, not wanting to miss a bit of the show.

Tonight we will see who gets voted off by America.  James did an over and beyond performance of Heavy Metal!  This guy is really true to himself and should have no problem going places with his talent! 

I made my phone calls, all four of them, before it was time to go to bed.  I needed to get some sleep, as sure as the "end of my nose" I knew I would be having another date with Mr. Insomnia at 3:00 AM by the time I got to sleep after midnight. 

The one email I had received from my Aunt,was one I had received before but really enjoyed seeing again.  It is one email a person doesn't mind seeing over and over again at times, as it is so amazing:

I certainly can't wait until my feeders are back up in our trees with the return of the Hummingbirds, as I never tire of watching these amazing little birds.

Since Bandit, Lexus and "The Magnificent Seven" have been taking up most of my time and thoughts lately, there is another member of our family who has been left out lately, our cat, Aunt Lizzie.

Not totally left out, as she does make herself known, especially when her food or water dishes need refilling, or there is someone new human here she can sit and stare down until they pet her (which happened yesterday to the two nurses, fortunately for Aunt Lizzie, as they were both cat lovers with cats of their own).

Her expression was almost one of, "here I am so what do you think you are going to do about it?".  This is the usual expression I get from this affectionate feline.  Her favorite pastime is in front of the woodstove in the Winter months and in the even the smallest amount of sunshine in all the other months.

We got Aunt Lizzie from a local pound in 2006 to be a mouser.  She got the mice the first week she was here, and hasn't had to work since.  So I am thinking the lack of employment has caused the increase in "belly fat"?????  LOL.....she is s sweetie not teasing the dogs too much if given the opportunity.

The burden of wondering what to have for supper tonight......ummmmm, somedays this can consume quite a bit of my brain power, which could lead to early day exhaustion, then onto not getting much accomplished in a day's work.....the day ahead is almost looking pretty good already!

Back to what I started with trying to finish the cleaning of the walk-in basement.......hohum, "a woman's work is never done".  Might as well get the dirty deed done and overwith so I can enjoy some of the sunshine the day ahead has to offer.


Clearing late this morning. Wind becoming north 20 km/h this morning. High plus 5. UV index 6 or high.


Clear. Wind becoming northeast 20 km/h late this evening. Low minus 5.

Off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" toward that second of cup of coffee to get that jump start into the day......

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