Saturday, 17 November 2012

What A Church Lunch That Was !

"Good Frosty Morning ... "

What a day I have had, now put behind me in memories ... it all began when my "Crabby Cabbie" arrived home around 3:30 am.  Do you think I could get back to sleep after that? of course not said "Mr. Murphy".  A long day, but yet another fun one it was.

My friend, BJ and I had made plans to meet up to do the Christmas Bazaar Circuit today.  November is a whole Month, every weekend, of Christmas Bazaars and such, don't you know?

I got myself ready to head on out the door to pickup BJ and her friend, Betty, for 9:30 am.

The first stop of the day was at the Wiarton Salvation Army where 3 local Churches had gone under one roof to have their Bazaar together.  Now that is a fantastic Community Church effort to work together on their parts I thought.

"They always seem to get you as soon as you walk in the door with the Bake Goodies, and Homemade Preserves!  Wonderful Homemade Gift ideas are always plentiful at these organized events."

Once the three of us all had a "look see" with a purchase or two made by BJ and Betty at our first stop, we headed on over to the Wiarton Community Center to where the Mrs. Santa Claus "One Stop Shopping" was being held.

"Oh yes there was LOTS to see at the Mrs. Claus Shopping Event."

Lot of wonderful "specialized" gifts to be gotten ....

"Bruce County is captured here with Photography by Cherie Peattie.  Wonderful photos with any one making a unique gift.   What a pleasure it was also to finally meet Cherie after following her on Facebook for the past few months.  Please drop in on Facebook to meet her yourself by *clicking* HERE."

"I was also very impressed by the Artwork done by Tracy Fizell ... again very unique.  Tracy's Business Cards are in the "works", but in the meantime you may order from her anytime by calling her at 519-371-6087, or through Email at:  Lots of Gift Giving Ideas created by Tracy."

"I was not only in LOVE with the name, "Mary Queen of Tarts", but the Goodies spoke volumes in their own right.  Really now, Lavender and Chocolate Shortbread ... *sigh*.  Mary's daughter didn't happen to have any Business Cards with her, however should you ever be over at the Owen Sound Saturday morning Farmer's Market, you can find her there."

"I got to see one of my most favourite people there too, Wanda Hoath-Gates.  Wanda is walking, talking and living proof  that Visalus Sciences does work as it should, as you can tell by her Before & After photos.  I have known Wanda for the past of couple years personally, and I am witness to her amazing healthy transformation.  Not that Wanda wasn't beautiful inside and out in my eyes before all her waist loss, but she is just a more HEALTHY beautiful now.  For more information on how to get where Wanda got herself to be, please contact her at or 519-422-1515.  I am pretty sure you won't be disappointed."

"Two more "specialities".  One being Amanda Barber who specializes in "Steeped Tea" products as well as Photography, wherein you can *click* HERE to find out more or call Amanda at 519-374-9504.  Then there was Evelyn Bell of "Loose Ends" who does some pretty cool stuff by way of sewing .... more very unique gift giving ideas, or something for yourself maybe? as even BJ bought herself a new wallet made by Evelyn.  You may contact "Loose Ends" by calling 226-668-9379 or Email at"

A real "highlight" of stopping in at the Mrs. Claus "One Stop Shopping" was meeting one of Cindy's Recipe Exchange Members, a certain talented, or so I have picked up on her being so in a few Facebook conversations, is one Sherri Higgs.

"This is another totally "Out of this World" amazing table of Homemade Baked Goodies !  Oh that would be Sherri's Mom cutting me 2 Cinnamon Buns I had bought for myself and BJ.  Apparently as I found out today, Miss Sherri can cook and bake up a storm, but when it comes to cutting off a bun, her Mother had to take over for her .... ha !  Sherri it was such a pleasure to meet you in person, and I am sure we will be catching up with each other again sometime soon !"

"One last "surprise" I had when I realized my friend, Marie, who I used to work with so many years ago was there with her amazing table full of unique and re-purposed or re-stored wares.  Even more gift giving ideas by contacting Lar-Lyn Refinishing & Custom Woodworking in Markdale, ON at 519-986-3107 or by Email at   The photo to the right of Marie? those Pure & Natural Body Products would be made  by Sue Jagt right here on the Bruce Peninsula at Miller Lake.  Check out more about Sue and her products at"

Let me tell you, Bruce County and the Bruce Peninsula holds an amazing amount of talent, all unique and original in its own way .... I live at the Gateway of a pretty amazing place, with more flowing down to all boundaries of Bruce County.  A very lucky gal I am to live in such a wonderful place, not to mention growing up here too !

We were "off" a little faster then a "herd of turtles" to our next destination of the day ... this time leaving Wiarton behind to venture over to Sauble Beach way ....

"Here we all are ready to go in; there is BJ & Betty ... there really isn't anywhere we have gone without either BJ or myself knowing someone.  Kinda difficult for BJ not to know someone since she instructs so many in Zumba in both the communities of Wiarton & Sauble Beach.  Santa Claus was here at the Sauble Beach United Church ... Yeah Santa !  Lots of Homemade gifts were readily available for purchase here also."

By the time we made it to the Sauble Beach United Church Christmas Bazaar the three of had been getting pretty hungry, especially after "eyeing" up all the goodies at the last two.  We were amazed at the lunch being offered here ....

"Lunch? I think not, as this was a Dinner and for the price of $8.00 a person !  We couldn't believe it, never mind how absolutely "delish" it all was.  I suggested to one of the "six" Cooks, that maybe they hand out their recipes along with the meal next Year, as it was that good !  I am definitely going to put it on my "I have to go there" list for next Year."

"What a Church Lunch That Was!"

At this Bazaar Betty and BJ had bought some books, and what else I am not sure, but I, myself had bought a Christmas runner for either the Side Buffet or Dining Room table.  I will know better when I try it out on both first, with photos to follow at that time.

Do you think we were done by this time of day?  Nah, as back in Wiarton we had to stop at the Salvation Army's Thrift Store, as one never knows what kind of buy we could find ourselves there now could they?  Just so happened I did find another jar I had been on the lookout for, so it was all good.

I did drop BJ and Betty back off at BJ and Paul's house before heading on back home myself.  I am pretty sure it must have been around 3 pm or so by the time I did arrive back home.  My "pack" were all very happy to see me and didn't seem they had their legs "crossed" too long while waiting for me to get my butt back home to them.

I was really "pooped" right out.  Not even a coffee could revive me.  I had to lay down for a half hour before getting back up to shower and have another coffee before sitting down here to upload and organize my photos.

Shoot I forgot about the post my Facebook friend, Sharon, had put up today, having not picked up myself a few Sympathy cards for ....

Damn, I hope nobody shows up tomorrow as I am totally unprepared for them with no cards on display *blush*.

Really it was another wonderful day with so many wonderful people in it to make it happen.  Thanks to friends and lots of *smiles* as it sure made another full day of some more  happy living memories in my life, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Have to say I am shattered just reading how busy a day you have had!!! Fun, but busy. Glad you had a great time.


  2. Does Mary Queen of Tarts steal hearts?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA too funny! I am a true south paw(left-hander)with a right handed blade in my defense hahaha! :D it was amazing to finally meet you too it was definitely the highlight of my day! I really hope you enjoyed the cinnamon buns after everything I went threw to get them to you hahaha! Can't wait for the cookbook exchange!!

  4. I just love Church bazaars!! Looks like it was a great one! I can't wait for the Christmas craft show here!! :)

  5. What a great day - made me tired just reading about it. You do keep busy.

  6. Oh, I need to go dig up some get well soon cards...Too bad I don't even have a mantel :( I'm really impressed by your shopping skills though. I think if I hit all the awesome places you went to, I would bring home A LOT more than just a few table runners :)


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