Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Behind The Scenes Of A Church Bazaar

Our day got off in its most usual fashion, but with Buddy starting his day off a little bit better then the other three "Checkerboard Aussies",.

"Since the other three had a Homemade Peanut Butter Treat yesterday from Aimee, it was Buddy's turn to have a couple this morning at 6:30 am. before we went  out on our property walkabout.  He did LOVE himself those Peanut Butter treats too.... thanks again, Aimee of Craftmates !"

Today being the VON SMART exercise program in Wiarton, I got all our Aussies looked after, then myself ready and out the door by 9:00 am.  People to see and a workout to be done.  Our VON SMART Guru Coordinator, Dorothy Embacher, was going to be there "checking" all us SMARTIE Volunteers out ... ha, not really as she was just helping with some "new" guests this day.

Should anyone never seen when I have "blogged" about Dorothy before, I can't begin to tell you what a "wonderful" person she is, and way LOTS OF FUN.  You can tell  how much FUN she is when we did our First Aid Course last month ....

"As Dorothy made a "model" First Aid Victim."

"Oops, think I was "caught" pointing my camera again."

Really, truly we all had such a "fun" time together this day in October, and honest to goodness we all did REALLY WELL with the CPR and First Aid Training .... HONEST !!!

After exercise today a few of us gals met up at Timmies for a coffee and a bit of socializing.  This is also nice to get together on more of a personal level.  I had then to rush home to take care of my Aussie dogs before I went to go see a bit of what "Behind the Scenes of a Church Bazaar" looks like ....

One of the ladies of the St. John's Church had invited me to her house this afternoon to check out all the "Flower Power" that has been going on there for the past couple of weeks or so ....

"... by way of the Art of Prodded Hooking, by Gene Shepherd.  The runner to the right was made by this very same lady would had invited me, and displayed on her cabinet.  It is so beautiful ! is it not?"

"I even had a little demonstration on the Art of Prodded Hooking."

"Flower Power there was to be seen in the way of amazing hand bags, hair clips, scarf clips and even flower pins !  Absolutely wonderful ... all of them !  Prices are from $5. $7 & $15.00."

"All proceeds raised at the Christmas Bazaar this Saturday from all these Prodded Hooked Creations will go to The United Church of Canada's "Gifts with Vision"."

I will be attending to this Christmas Bazaar Event with my friend this Saturday as well as this other one going on the same day ...

Mrs. Claus "One Stop Shop"

Looks like every Saturday this month is going to be filling my Calendar with all these Christmas Bazaars going on .... I will be missing out on a couple, as there is just way too many all at once ! and on the same days !

While I was downtown the second time today, after I had stopped in to check out all the Flower Power, I stopped into Saddler's Home Hardware in Wiarton as they had an item on for 1/2 price I wanted for myself.

"This Oster Hand Blender was on for 1/2 price at $10.97 !  With the "W" season fast approaching it will be time for lots of Creamed Soups with this helping to do the "trick" with some of the preparation.  Also I went popping in quickly to the Salvation Army's Thrift Store, I was able to "score" another glass Christmas jar.  Bonus x 2  now!"

"The remainder of my afternoon was spent doing up some packages I want to get into the mail tomorrow.  All done and ready to "roll" for tomorrow."

Once having read my blog post of yesterday, a friend sent me a really great link that I am sharing here.  Thanks Ellen.

This Video and web link gives to further understanding for some of us who need more.  Thanks for taking the time out to "check out" this video and this link (just copy & paste the link into your browser please):

There is no such thing as "too much" information on something that effects one's self or another you care deeply about, is there?

My "Crabby Cabbie" brought me home some books last night that a friend was giving away, so I was quite happy to take them off her hands.  Thanks Sheila !

"A Better Homes "Limited Edition" 75th Anniversary Cookbook (really I needed another Cookbook), and the "Fifty Shades of Grey" Trilogy , which I  have heard both bad and good reviews about.  I will see so myself, hopefully getting to them in the New Year."

For those who "missed" my post of Yesterday, check out my Give Away HERE.  There are 8 entries to date, and would love if YOU were to also enter for a "chance to win".

Once again darkness has swept over the day bringing it to the hour of just after 8 pm.  I am off to tend to my "pack", and hopefully have myself a wee bit of relaxation all to myself before I call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. you know it's not something I ever go to are Church Bazaar's I should though.

    I am glad you had a better day, are you feeling a lot better?


    1. Thank you for your most kind concern, Gill. I am feeling better then the last 2 days. Takes me a couple to recover when I have overtaxed myself. I do enjoy the Church Bazaars each year and the luncheons they have too

  2. The "Flower Power" bags look amazing! I may have to try this craft out myself....well, eventually.
    Yes, Home Hardware does have good bargains - I now enjoy there in lieu of bigger box stores. The service is more personal.
    Aimee from Craftmates

  3. I LOVE going to church bazaars, I just have to be careful not to buy, buy, buy!! Glad you are back on your feet, pace yourself!!!!


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