Sunday, 6 May 2012

Puppies Get More Company Then I ?

"All the "talk" going on around the World last night was going on about the "Super Moon".  This was from outside our window with my little Fuji Camera.  Lots of "super" shots of it and speculations can be found at this link: "

I must explain all about the business of having and selling puppies, since it must have appeared from my post of yesterday I had "sold" a puppy at a very tender age of not even 3 weeks old.  

Well, no this is not the process.  What happened with the "Spectacular Six" Checkerboard Aussie litter, is that a deposit had been received for a puppy prior to the litter being born.  Before I advertised the litter for sale, the person(s) who have given forth a deposit come once the puppies have opened their eyes and started moving around a bit to have the "first choice" of the said litter.  Once the puppies have been Vet certified as healthy, along with receiving their first "shots" at 8 weeks of age, they are then permitted to go home with their new owner(s).  I hope this has clarified everything somewhat who might have been a little confused by how all this puppy business is done.

As of last evening, another of the "Spectacular Six" were confirmed as "sold" via photos via email and telephone conversations, this being the little Blue Merle Female in the following photos:

"Is she not "sweet"?  In 5 more weeks she will be picked up and going to her new home up in Haliburton CountyOntario.  I am so excited, as I am pretty confident it is a wonderful home she is going to, and pretty sure I will get lots of photos sent back to me once she is there."

The Red Merle Female has been reserved until this Thursday, when the prospective buyer will be coming at that time to view her.  Until then, it is the three boys available for sale at the moment, and who have been advertised as such.  

Not always as easy as it appears, this "business of puppies", now is it?  LOL  Just wait until it is "weaning" time and the three times a day feedings begin on my part ... once those eyes are open and they are on the move it ALL starts to get very interesting ....

"Not even 3 weeks old until this Wednesday, with the ramp left open and they are on the "move" !  Another couple weeks & they will be clearing the side boards by then on their own, I can almost guarantee this !!!!"

"They all got put back in the whelping box with the ramp securely locked, as Mama sure needs a break when she can get one, prior to weaning in 2 weeks time."

As always, it is amazing the "puppies" always get more company coming to see them then I !!!  What's up with that?  

"I suppose the puppies are much smaller, softer & more cuddly then Rob and I to come visit, do you think Cathy?  LOL "

It is funny, as we had a discussion about how we both love the smell of "Puppy Breath" !  I really don't think I have heard too many people say they find Puppy Breath not pleasing to their nostrils.  This is really too funny when one stops to think about it, is it not?  LOL

We had to do a few errands out and about today, my Rob and I.  It did not take to long for the afternoon to slip quickly by us.

"I was able to pickup a frame for the picture our friend, Russ had done of Bandit and myself from last Summer.  I do love it so !  What a wonderful drawing Russ did of us from a photo he had. possess such talent !"

"I also picked up some Herbs in the way of Rosemary, Thyme and Basil, along with a couple cell packs of Leeks.  Unfortunately there was no Cilantro to be had this day at the store."

"Since the weatherman is calling for rain in the week ahead, I managed to at least get the back part of our yard mowed, between 5 and 6 pm, before Rob had our supper done on the BBQ."

"I do love BBQ Season.  Rob did a wonderful job of putting Pork Loin chops, baked potato and coleslaw together for our Supper this evening.  It was yummy."

Here it is almost 8:00 pm, with Rob having just come in from outside to report the rain has already begun.  Good thing I got my part of the lawn cut, however I am afraid Rob's part will be a hay field by the time he is able to get to it.  Poor guy, is so tired I really could not and would not blame him for not wanting to get at it when we had gotten back home from our being out and about.

Tomorrow is another day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Aww...darling, darling puppies. So when will their eyes open? I can't wait for a BBQ season here. I think I will just move to the back yard then :)

  2. Your puppies are such sweethearts, I wouldn't get a thing done around the house for wanting to cuddle them. I too am ready for some cook out time, bring on the burgers

  3. I have always loved smelling puppy breath and also dog paws.
    I miss that as my little Molly passed away 1 1/2 weeks ago - my house is empty as is my heart.
    Your puppies are so nice and I'm sure you make sure they go to good homes.

  4. those little guys are just so cute....



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