Thursday, 24 May 2012

Madder Then A Wet Hen !

Thursday morning brings with it VON SMART Exercise program ....  with first off everyone here being taken care of, with me being last of course, before I took leave.

"After today there will be two more SMART Exercies sessions with a break until Fall arrives.  I am uncertain whether or not I will be making the last two, as the puppies are becoming more demanding as they quickly become bigger."

Thursdays I find to be extremely busy for me.  By the time I take care of everyone, and get myself out the door just after 9:00 am to attend SMART exercise, not arriving back home until after 11:30 to having to figure out and start our Dinner, so Rob can be out the door before 3:00 pm with his "Crabby Cabbie" hat firmly set on his head.  Phew ... a very challenging day to begin with, without having someone throw a "screw" into the day.

"This day I returned home from exercise to find Rob had put in two new ponds in the backyard, incorporating them in with one that was there, and removing an older one that had been leaking.  Please note the poor Oriental Poppy that has been mushed to pieces at the front of this photo."

"Lots of weeds that haven't even been touched, still needing pulled."

I had not yet gotten to this pond area since I have been so busy at the front of the house lately.  The problem being was Rob placed these new ponds in on top of my perennials, then placed new dirt in on top of weeds that had not yet been pulled.  New plants I had also purchased last year were gone, or buried under new dirt, along with the buried weeds.  I was Madder Then A Wet Hen, "Let Me Tell The World", and I am sure half the World heard it !!!

Dang, dang and triple dang man, why would someone start something without figuring out the ground work first, in turn causing more work for "moi"?  I suppose blinders have been put on a certain someone with the brain zoning in on doing one thing, not taking the surrounding into consideration !!!

It took me some time to calm down, as I certainly was NOT planning on having this on my plate this day, especially with....

"....temperatures just a tad over the 30*C mark today."

Once I got our Dinner over with and cleaned up from, which I might add turned out very good as Rob does know how to BBQ very well.....

"Grilled Pork Chop with Maple Syrup BBQ Sauce and grilled Zucchini."

....I took my "Mad As A Wet Hen" self out to try to salvage what I could of the mess of my flower beds and save what perennials I could.  It took some time, and I am sure there will be lots of weeds surfacing later down the road once they make their way back through the new dirt that was piled over top of them.

"I salvaged a couple and got what weeding done that was noticeable to the eye, with the remains around the pond area still to be cleaned up.  This will wait for another day, as I still had lot of other stuff to get done, since by this time it was already going on to 3:00 pm."

"Missy Mercedes got to meet up with the "Spectacular Six" on a nose to nose level today."

"I introduced a little dry kibble to the puppies this afternoon, rather then soaking it to make a mash.  It went over not too bad."

"After it had been walked through a couple of times, a couple of them gave it the taste test."

"I picked up some Beefsteak tomato and pepper plants today, before they had gotten too picked over at the store."

"The one Asylum opened up today."

"The colours are climbing up on the Lupins"

"The fragrance of the Solomon's Seal was lovely."

The feather's of this "Mad Wet Hen" finally unruffled themselves with a phone call to her most favorite "Crabby Cabbie" to apologize for overreacting.  I am thinking the "Crabby Cabbie" came back with a muffled "I am sorry" as well, however I am not too sure about this, hoping this was the case .... lol.

Occasionally there is a pit in that lovely bowl of cherries, what we know as "life", however it is how the day ends with a reassuring "I love you" that makes it all worthwhile, regardless of who was right or wrong.

"Love isn't silly at all"?

I really do believe Man and Woman are totally "wired" differently from each other.  I really think I will not touch this subject with a "ten foot pole", as I rather dislike any kind of politics, thinking this could open a huge can of worms, could it not ???  LOL

*Sigh*  I think I have had more of a day then I planned on this day, as here it is almost 10:00 pm, with me having had a walk downtown, the outdoor kennel has been cleaned 3x , all four of the "Checkerboard Aussies" have had a piece of my undivided attention, the "Spectacular Six" have been fed 3x with a couple hugs and kisses in between, the indoor pen cleaned with new paper layed, a couple phone calls here and there received, a lady dropped by to have herself a couple of perennials I had divided from my plants ... and can you believe it, I still have to make my bed before I get into it, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Sorry about your flower beds :( But these ponds will look wonderful when all is done!

  2. Your ponds are wonderful but I so understand about hubby's not doing the ground work first!! Mine wouldn't know a weed from a flower or even poison ivy!!! I bet that pack of puppies are keeping you hopping all over the place but what a great way to get into shape for the summer. heres to a more laid back day today!!


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