Sunday, 2 February 2014

Wiarton Willie Festival 2014 Day 2

The one morning I wanted to get up early was the morning I could have slept forever and ever ... Murphy's Law.  Why would I want to be up this morning at my usual time, before the "crack:" of dawn, why it was Wiarton Willie's Predication Day whether there would be 6 more weeks of Winter or not this day !

I dragged my poor dear Rob along with me.  Truly never most days he is a good sport about such things.

Caframo, Foodland & Tim Hortons was doing a Peameal Bacon Breakfast on a Bun for Wiarton Willie Fans this morning, so they were really up before the "crack of dawn" too!  Who did I see there volunteering but my first Cousin Peggy !  Hello Peggy .... 
Rob got a shot of himself being the "big shot" on some cold ice first thing.

Hollowed out logs are really good to make fire warmers out of to stand close to for warmth, as well as looking pretty darn cool in my books.

The Fireworks courtesy of Visit Orlando were totally "out of this World".  The crowd most certainly enjoyed them.

The Entertainment kept us all amused and into the swing of things by keeping us warm.

Just prior to 8:07 am the dignitaries made their way on stage while the Town Criers put everything out to the Crowd as how it was with Wiarton Willie and the dignitaries.

The 2014 Predication was 6 MORE weeks til Spring !!!  half the crowd cheered, as half was in favour of more Winter, and the other half not.  (since I was back a ways from the stage this was the clearest shot of Willie I could manage).

After the prediction was over some left while others made their way over to a breakfast of a Peameal Bacon on a Bun.  Caframo handed out 650 Breakfast Sandwiches this morning  !!!!  Wowsers ....

We came home to let the Aussies out, but headed back downtown not to long afterwards for the Closing of the Festival.  Also Rob hadn't seen the Gators yet this weekend, and I had also wanted to pop over to see how the Wiarton Optimist Club were making out with their "Kid's Day" over at the Propeller Club.

Here is my friend, Lynn with her Optimist Buddy Todd manning the Food Booth.  Lynn is a darn hard worker and gives pretty much everything of herself as a Volunteer to the Wiarton District Optimist Club.  How do I know this? cause she is my friend & I have watched her do so the past couple of years.  More photos can be found over at the Wiarton & District Optimist Club on their Facebook Page, HERE.

Yes it was my Rob's turn to get up close and personal with "Fluffy" this afternoon.

Some of the Wiarton Willie Comittee members milling around until the Closing Speeches.  Here came along Willie to attend also.

Todd Gibbons of Northern Confections was the MC for the Closing of the Festival, with some help and suggestions by Willie.  Paul Beirnes of Orlando Florida also said some words (we really really hope they come back next Wiarton Willie Festival, as they were all AWESOME).  The winner of the Orlando Trip had also been drawn, with me thinking it was someone down Newmarket or Toronto way who had won a 7 Day trip to Orlando FL for 4 !  How nice was that?

When we pulled in our lane way for the second time today I couldn't help but notice the all natural snow sculpture on the side of our Shed.  A French Poodle with a man in a hat hugging its neck maybe?  What do you see?

I was tired and needed something easy & quick to make for our Dinner.  Rob wanted Hamburger Helper & I won't buy it packaged, so I made a Homemade version.  He loved it.


This past week I have taken over 2,000 photos.  That is a lot of photos to go through, with the editing of many.  After being down with a migraine Friday, and going pretty strong yesterday and today, I am pretty much all in but for my tail shirt, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Willie himself would just like to go back to bed for the next six or seven weeks, thank you very much, and quite resents being awakened by people in odd hats!

    Fluffy looks adorable!

  2. Wonderful post . I have a better a prediction 15 Robins in our yard yesterday evening . Posted about it today ! The are my spring sign lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. thanks for blogging the optimist club for us! Appreciate the coverage.


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