Tuesday 25 February 2014

Installing Spring ?

This morning I awoke and could finally breath through my nose after 5 days of not being able to.  Truly we take so much for granted, as I was very grateful for this !  It was the best I felt for a week until late this afternoon when I was feeling a bit yechy again.  Why does afternoon bring you down to the worse feeling of the day?  I suppose our bodies are just trying to tell us it is time to slow down and re-energize is all ? 

The other day I had noticed on Facebook there had been a new Tupperware Rep in the Wiarton area, who lives not too far away from me.  I have some modular bowls that have seen better days, that need replacing. 

I bought these bowls about 17 years ago.  They were advertised to go from Freezer, to Microwave to Serve bowls.  I use them every week still, as I love them, however as I had said, they have seen better days.  I sent the gal the details along with these photos & she has ordered me a new replacement set, FREE OF CHARGE, as you know Tupperware does have a Lifetime Guarantee.  You can't beat that at the best of times, now can you? especially in this day and age with it being such a throw away World nobody wants to stand behind even a major appliance for more then a Year (unless of course you pay extra bucks for an extended warranty).

Hats off to YOU, Tupperware !!!!

Winter has been getting a lot tiring for most of us with not much break in the Weather here in Bruce County.  This morning I thought I would put away my Winter Decor and bring out some Spring/Summer Decor to see if that would change it up a bit.  

NOTE from Experience:  Remove batteries from units going into storage as they can become corroded and damage the unit.

Not everyone in our household is tired of Winter.  Buddy absolutely LOVES the Snow & Cold.  I will be out with him in the mornings, sometimes in -30*C freezing my arce off and he will be running circles around me having the time of his life.  I think there was once this Winter when Rob said he didn't want to stay out too long.  It sure never happens that way on my watch, but truly how could you not let that face have himself some extended fun?

After lunch, about 1:00 pm I had to go downtown Wiarton.  Yes this first photo was me heading South out of Wiarton about 1:00 pm.  The 2nd photo was me not far outside of Wiarton on a side road.  What is it doing outside my windows right now? the same darn thing it had been doing at the time these photos had been taken ... SNOWING VERY HARD.  So much for me changing up the Winter Decor, eh ???

Dinner today was a Crock Pot Lemonade Chicken, my first time making.  It was very simple and easy to make (my kind of recipe), however I wasn't too fond of the flavor.  Now I know my BFF Bob and his partner, Tim, make it frequently and love it, however it just didn't suit my taste buds for some reason (could because they still aren't working as they should be yet, so I will have to give it another try when I am feeling 100% less a head cold).

Today's Headlines .....

Truly I am not looking forward to the mud Spring thaw brings, but I am looking forward to much warmer days hopefully coming our way this Year maybe?????  Seriously we do need the water to replenish our Earth, Rivers and Lakes, so there is always hopefully good found in everything, right?

It will be no time at all before we will be walking down the streets with no Snow and singing ....

Look at the time? I best wrap things up as it is almost time for the Cheap Hydro Rates to kick in at 7:00 pm, so I can run the hot water to do up the Dinner dishes ... so sad our lives must revolve around the time of day our Hydro providers now dictate to us, is it not?  *Shaking Head* ... but if you would like to lodge a complaint I was told, after receiving our last $200.00 hydro bill, you may do so by going HERE, to see if the Ontario Energy Board can direct you to the right place? don't hold your breath as I can't see them shaving anything off my $95.00 charge for delivering hydro to our house last month, can you?  *Sigh*

Happy I had this day regardless, Happy I have lots of wonderful family and friends, Happy I have a wonderful husband, Happy to be Alive, and NOT Happy my friend, Lynn from WI sent me all this wonderful Snow from her place to mine, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. That error message cracked me up! Snowing again here...I feel like winter will NEVER end.Over $400 for last month's hydro bill +over $900 for propane and we are still digging through snow piles for wood. God help us!
    Jane x

  2. You are lucky with only $200.00 for Hydro. My January bill was $660.43 with a delivery bill of $233.16 (for that amount I could go all the way to Kincardine and pick it up myself. Then there is the debt retirement charge of $75.98. I haven't seen anyone at my door saying they would like to help me with my debt.Last January for the same period we were billed $74.00 in hydro. Then we were issued an estimated bill for every month until Dec. at which time they read the meter and gave us a credit for $126.00 as we had not used the amount that they had estimated. So why did our bill the next month go up to that outrageous amount. I still need to get this all down in a spreadsheet so I can look at it and understand it. We live in amongst trees and so our smart meter is not smart enough to get a signal out to the receiver where they would get the reading and be able to bill us for time of day usage. And don't get me started on what has happened to our Propane bill. Phew, I think I just ranted off about 16 ounces.

  3. Glad your feeling better . Oh that is a funny error message and YUK ! more snow for you ? that sucks ! Tupperware oh my I remember all those Tupperware parties way back in the day . Our hydro is pretty good as we have an energy efficient dish washer and no it's not me lol I use it only twice a week as there is only Papa and I and I have lots of dishes to last and only wash some pots and pans that can't go in the dishwasher lol the washer and dryer I use only on the weekends our hydro bill is about $200 a month that's not bad really and our gas is less which is my stove our BBQ and our furnace we have the wood stove but don't use it all the time . Hope you don't get to much snow and get rid of that cold . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. Buddy looks tremendously pleased with himself!

    That weather looks ferocious!

  5. Sorry Cindy, but I have to send it Somewhere:) I think we got 8 inches with that one!! I love the error message!! I really got a laugh on that one.....I didn't realize Tupperware still had a Lifetime Guarantee. I have Tupperware that I bought a long time ago, and still use to this day. I'll have keep that in mind, my pickle container has seen better days:) Thanks Cindy...you always put a smile on my face, you have a great sense of humor! l'll be sending you an arctic blast next:) Lynn

  6. I have the exact same set of Tupperware and it is in the same condition as yours. Should try and find a local dealer......thanks for the info.

  7. I'm so glad we aren't getting any more snow, but the cold sure is getting me down. I've made a list of MUST DO indoor chores and try to stay focused so I'm not fussing about the weather. With any luck the cold weather will last long enough for me to get ahead. Now isn't that optimistic thinking!!!
    Glad you are feeling better Cindy.

  8. Oh how I long for lower hydro and gas bills...almost as much as I long to say "man, it's so HOT today, can't wait for winter"! Hah! Not bloody likely!


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