Thursday 6 February 2014

R E L I E F !

I might have been awake at 3 am, but at least it was without a headache today !!  
R E L I E F .... finally.

It most certainly makes a big difference to start a day with one "less" pain whether it be in your head, or your butt, right?  With the new mattress being delivered this upcoming Saturday I had lots I wanted to get done today.  Rob was off down the Highway to work so it was just me and Bandit to "get r' done".

After all the Aussies were first looked after, a load of laundry went into the washer, a few dishes from the night before & breakfast were done up, and then I decided to get the mattress off the bed, to make room for the arrival of the new one Saturday.

I managed to get it off and slide out into the hallway.  My work was cut-out for me to get all the stacked up dust bunnies from under where the box spring had been.  It hadn't been done real well for at least 6 months .... holy dust !!!  

Sears gave us bags to wrap the mattress and box spring up so they could take it away for us for a charge of $25.00.  It hit me this morning, "why not put them on the swap for sale".  This I did and within an hour I had two people interested and a definite sale by after lunch.  Rob had came home late this afternoon to help me put the plastic covers on and tape them up.  The couple who had bought them just left.  I was happy to make a $100.00 and save the $25.00 for Sears to dispose of them.  Hooray !!!

Next thing will be our bedroom painted, and hopefully new flooring and a new window sooner then later down the road.  Something new to save towards.

This morning, I also removed all the Oil Lamps, photos, etc ... from on top of the Display Cabinet and got them all washed up.  A little bit at a time I hope to get caught up.

The rest of the day I spent doing a bit of the Crabby Cabbie's dreaded paperwork.  It is a good thing I take a break every couple hours to take the "gang" all out.

Looking, looking .... oh were you speaking to me ???  Always getting the "look" I do.

After Buddy, then Mercedes, it was the terrible two, Lexus & Bandit's turn, who really aren't terrible at all.  Lexus intent on paying attention to me waiting for the "okay" command, with Bandit keeping his eyes straight ahead till he heard it.

Rob came home after the Lunch Hour.  He had the dirty job of trying to chisel a path from the side of the house up to the front so the guys delivering the mattress could get in.  Less curves and stairs through the front door.

Bandit does LOVE Rob.  There they go, and there they stand both with their separate thoughts belonging to themselves.

I was happy for leftover Lasagna for our Dinner tonight, as that made things much simpler for me.

This evening will be a little different sleeping in the spare room in the double bed that I had when Rob and I had first been together.  Guess he is going to be a little cramped and squished as he had been in the earlier years, isn't he ... hehehehe.  I am sure two nights won't kill him, and the pay-off of the brand new mattress will sooth it all over by Saturday.

Yawn .... that was a pretty good day put in.  Hopefully tomorrow will be as equally productive, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. glad you were minus the headache today. We need a new mattress hopefully we can afford one after we move.

  2. Glad you got some relief!

    And I can't believe they wanted to charge you $25!! I'm glad you got some money for it instead:)

  3. It's good that you've got some relief from the headaches.

    The dogs, as ever, are adorable.

  4. Love a new mattress...enjoy your new sleep!
    Jane x

  5. Great that you woke without a headache. I am amazed at how much you achieve in a day.

    That snow is amazing - here it makes the news if there are a couple of flakes in the hills.

  6. Ooooo - I'd love a new mattress! Enjoy and congratulations on a headache free day. x

  7. A New Mattress I am excited too:) Hug B

  8. Oh, Cindy.. what we wouldn't give for a new mattress! Good for you... and sorry for ALL THAT SNOW!!!!


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