Friday 21 February 2014

None Period

No hydro and thank God for the wood stove.  First attempt ever doing a post from my iPhone.   The winds are insanely crazy right now.  Hydro expected not until 10 pm

Off back to my darkness being lit by my Caframo Joi light and a candle.  Flashlight close at hand.  Blizzard winds without the snow Just North oh Wiaton and South of the Checkerboard


  1. Oh my !! We had whacky weather to yesterday and this morning thunderstorms snow rain sleet high winds and we have been ok in the hydro department it is really windy here again gusts up to 100 kl I hope the hydro stays but one never knows I am always prepared for hydro cuts being in a country valley . Hope your hydro comes back on soon , Stay safe and cozy and have a good weekend !

  2. Wow nice and calm here. Thank goodness for woodstove go to bed early and rest it is a good excuse. Hug B

  3. That's just a go to bed early kind of night. I hope you get plenty of rest, and the power comes on sooner instead of later.

  4. Wow, that's gotta be the shortest post EVAH!!!! :)
    Stay warm and dry, Mizz Checkerboard - snuggle up to your favourite taxi driver and you'll be fine!


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