Saturday 22 February 2014

Got It Through The Phone Line?

I am SICK, so much so that my head feels like a football, I can barely breath (so it feels like, at least not through my nose), I can not get warm despite what I try, my whole body aches more then usual, and try eating with a stuffed nose? near impossible.  YES I am whining, and I do apologize but truly I despise being SICK.  I must have got it through the phone line from my brother when I spoke to him when he was sick Thursday morning.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Going back to Wednesday when I had that dreaded migraine I had received some HAPPY MAIL from my friend, Abbey.  She had this lovely scarf she had made up for grabs & mailed it off just for me.  Abbey just learned to knit last Summer, and I don't think she put down the needles since !  Thanks Abbey, I LOVE everything you have been making ! xx

Another friend in Port Elgin, wherein we went to the same High School, grew up to be a Chiropractor.  Reading my Facebook status Wednesday about my severe migraines he invited me for a consultation to his Sauble Beach office.  Rob dropped me off there yesterday afternoon.

Doug Fryday is an Alternative & Holistic Chiropractor who operates out of Port Elgin, Chesley and Sauble Beach throughout different days of the week.  Below is his Sauble Beach schedule.  I was sorry I wasn't feeling very well yesterday, but was happy I managed to take in most everything Doug explained to me about the stress we put on our bodies throughout the Years, and how it causes it to break down, requiring re-training to correct this.  I had a "toggle" treatment which I must say my neck on my left side felt better then it had previously.  Now to see if I can get some relief for the remainder of my WHOLE body sometime in the future !

To be quite honest I was a bit nervous about going to a Chiropractor as I have gone in past years, like 11 and 30 years ago.  However the technique of Chiropractors seems to have changed somewhat to the better, in my opinion, since then.  I liked how Doug takes the time to explain the components and how they work.  Thanks Doug I look forward to another visit, if only I can get rid of this wicked head cold first !

One thing that did "stick" with me that Doug told me was I should bath daily with 2 cups of Espsom Salts as the minerals being absorbed by my body would be good for the Fibromyalgia.  I always have Rob use the salts in his baths, since I am a shower girl, but I might have to try changing that up a bit.

I had arrived back home after 5:00 pm last evening to find we had no Hydro.  I got all the Aussies out, about and in before it had gotten too dark, then started looking for alternative means of light.

Got the Caframo Joi Light going, which operates solely on a tea light and heat energy.  This light and our Wood stove fan are both made here locally in Wiarton.  Please check Caframo out by going HERE.  It is an amazing technology truly.

I heated up my tea on the Wood Stove, then Rob some left over Beef Stew.  It was pretty good right out of the pot from what I had noticed when he was eating it.  Everything heated up really fast on the Wood Stove.  I am happy we have one !!!

Bandit and I were on the couch enjoying the ambiance off the candle on the coffee table.

With the hydro out and me not feeling well, I just went to bed about 7:00 pm.  Unfortunately neither Rob and I had a good sleep last night, both tossing and turning.

Thanks for all the empathy and comments of understanding and sympathy, as truly they are all appreciated.

I have put Vicks Rub under my nose, and am taken Buckley's Complete Pills, however it is not going to break until it is darn good and ready I suppose.  So here I remain whining with a very miserable cold, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Oh Cindy I had dreadful migraines for two years and after going to a chiropractor I rarely have them I hope it works the same for you. Abby that is a lovely scarf I know how it is I just started knitting and cannot stop either. Hug B

  2. I hope it works out. Some chiropractors, it works for one person, and might not work for another.

  3. I hope the cold breaks soon and you feel better . Nice of your friend to make and send you the lovely scarf ! Take care and get better !

  4. I adore my chiropractor..not just because he is good looking...but he really is great.
    Jane x

  5. Oh, it would be wonderful if you can get some relief from both migraines and Fibromyalgia! And I hope, you feel better very soon!

  6. Poor you! Sending you hugs and get well wishes. I picked up some good pointers from this post - I will need one of those lanterns AND a wood stove fan before I move out to PEI!


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