Tuesday 18 February 2014

Blah Blah Blah Blah

What did I do today?  Housework ... blah, blah, blah, blah.  Truly what more is there to say about doing housework? other then it is a vicious circle and I never seem to find a light at the end of the wall of dust bunnies when it comes to Housework.

Should anyone have an expert advice, I am ALL ears !  I truly marvel at people who hold down a full-time job, have a social life, belong to tons of groups, does all sorts of outdoor activities, dresses impeccable and have a spic and span spotless home.  What am I missing, please pray tell ??? someone, ANYONE ???

Truly I barely touch anything other then getting dust and dog hair swept up from the hallway, dining/living room areas, a bit of dusting and some decluttering ....

I had also been downtown on a run this morning to the bank and a quick drop-in to see my friend.  My friend's daughter is getting her own place and was gathering this and that to get her started.  I was VERY happy to hear about this as I cleaned out another cupboard today and passed on ...

... a huge box of pots & pans I no longer use, as well as a few other things I had packaged up for her.  Good day for me, and a good start for her.  Love when things work out that way, don't you?

Oh yes, since we received about 3 more inches of snow last night, I had to shovel out the rough path from the side of the house up to the front door, as the bookkeeper is coming tomorrow to go over our Year end.

Today I also got some of that stuff organized as well too.  Everything takes so much time it seems, or maybe I am just getting slower at doing things.  I tend to agree more so with the latter.

When I was out shovelling I had company, as I most always do when outside ....

Lexus had lots of kisses & smiles today.  I do LOVE my Aussies.

An acquaintance of mine who is part of Angel Arms Rescue has a little girl she is seeking a foster or adoptive home for.  I try my best to help re-home sweet babies from time to time, so on behalf of Angel Arms Rescue ...

Right now this beautiful girl is sitting in a kennel  She is good with other dogs, with cats and children over 10 yrs old. She has lots of energy and needs reminded to not pull on leash and to not jump up if anyone can foster her please let us know, as we at the rescue would be forever grateful!

Should you be able to foster this little gal, who is 1 year old and a bit, or know of someone who could please email me at justnorthofwiarton@live.ca and I will pass your contact information on.  The Rescue is operated out of Listowel, ON.  Thank you for any assistance you can give.

I would foster her myself, however my plate is full as it is with our own four Aussies and a brand new litter on the way in April.  Busy busy and busier I will be ... my head spins thinking about it some days.  Hahaha !

Rob & I enjoyed our Dinner of Big Batch Chicken Soup along with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich this evening.

Here is a little bit of interesting freezing I came across today, for anyone who might not have (copy & paste link into your browser):


Oh yes I also got 20 minutes in on my Treadmill at some point this afternoon.  I am feeling pretty much all tucked in but for my shirttail, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. will you be breeding the other two as well? fed up of this flipping snow!

  2. I would say the people that have the full time job and social life get a cleaning lady in once a week that's why their house is spotless or they don't have animals or a wood stove like we do . I clean once a week , Vacuum , dust clean the bathrooms and I have to sweep the hard wood floors every day because of our animals fur and dander get all over and the wood stove creates a lot of dusts to lol ! I am no where near as busy as you are each and every day so I have more time to keep up with my house cleaning, but there are just some days I find I will be doing something else and that is ok cause the house cleaning police aint a coming lol . Last night we had a snow thunderstorm it was weird but today was beautiful and sunny . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  3. I hope that dog does get a good foster home soon...

    I've heard about the condition of the ice on the lakes. Very impressive!

  4. Hi there Cindy
    I totally agree with you where house cleaning is concerned ....minus my living room where I plug in my ipod and delight in cleaning and reorganizing my china and usually get interrupted which decidedly annoys me! I also know that great feeling when you are able to unload excess bits (but ones we just would´nt throw away because they are too good) on to someone who needs them so you also have that extra plus feeling about helping someone out too. I shall be keeping my eye open for the comments you receive from this post in the hope that someone out there really does have the perfect super solution to keeping one's house clean without effort!

    keep well
    Amanda x

  5. You don't have time for housework because you live such a busy and interesting life! At least that's what I tell myself :) I'm sitting here freezing to death because I wanted to have my front door open to let in the sunshine!! It got all the way to +2c today - woo hoo!


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