Thursday 27 February 2014

My Yesterday & Today

Winter does not seem to want to give itself up this Year.  This was yesterday morning.  Rob had to get the tractor "fired" up to clean our blown in lane way before he could even think about leaving.

By the time I had gone out later in the day to remove the drifts from the front door, and shovel a cow path around to the side of the house, the temperature had not improved much along with the Wind Chill from what it had been in 5:25 am.  At least I had help clearing the cow path.

Late in the afternoon Rob and I had to get some wood in the house.  Mercedes was kind enough to come out to help us load it in the tractor bucket to bring it up to the house.  

Bandit & Rob had themselves a bit of chilling before Dinner was ready.

For those who had been wondering what the Burger was that we had for Dinner last night? it was a very mouth watering Elk Burger.  The first time Rob & I had ever had Elk, and I must tell you it was amazing.  We really both enjoyed it & will not hesitate to buy again.  The best part about it is that it is locally raised just outside of Wiarton at Regal Point Elk Farm.  We were fortunate enough to purchase these burgers from Dejong Acres Farm who was at the 2 week Pre-Christmas Wiarton Farmer's Market, and who also has them in stock at their Farm Store along with may other Farm raised goodies.

The Regal Point Elk Farm will also be hosting the Rotary Club of Wiarton's "Maple Magic" again this Year.  This is an Event I am hoping to not miss out on.

Yesterday is done, and today went forward with ....

After I finally thawed out about 10 am once the house had warmed up after another very Cold Windy night, I got to a job I really don't care for, however one that has been bugging me for the past couple of weeks, the cleaning of the "dreaded" fridge.  It is easy sometimes just to shove things in and shut the door to forget about it, is it not? until the time comes when there are smells you can no longer ignore, right again?  I got r' done this morning, even taking the bottom shelf completely out to give it a good scrubbing in the tub.  I am not only relieved this job is out of the way (until the next smell comes forth), but quite pleased with the outcome of it all be organized for now again.

I decided to reward myself with a "real" cuppa tea after the dirty deed was done.  Out came the Earl Grey along with the Tea Ball.  I so enjoyed the full flavor, as truly I am getting tired of the Decaf at times.

Dinner today was something I put together in the Crock Pot (my favourite small kitchen appliance I am sure).  I can't wait until Rob arrives home so we can sit down to enjoy it.  I will tell everyone all about it tomorrow.

Today was rather quite the Jekyll & Hyde day weather wise.  One moment you could not see the trees across the field, and the next "clear as a bell".  Again another very Cold & Windy day.  Our Hwy out in front of our place is still closed as many roads are in Bruce, Huron & Perth Counties.  Many accidents have also been reported today, with a horrific multi-vehicle pileup in Barrie (this story can be found HERE).

Rob just called to tell me he is on his way home, so I need to get going to get Dinner on the table, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Bandit and bob look like they've had a couple of beers

  2. Trying to get caught up with blogging friends tonight, and I saw the Barrie pileup on the news... it frightened me badly, and I prayed for everyone in it... they remarkably said only 3 injuries! I just don't know how you are standing the cold and snow, and I applaud you for it! We are expecting 3 to 7 inches again Sunday, with a sleet underlay and polar temps for the next week in NE Kansas.

  3. Yup winter is still hanging on here to . Miggs and I got caught in a wild snow storm that crept up on us fast as we were out side earlier today. Tonight windchill warnings of -32°C Our Robins are still hanging around I bet they wished they stayed where it was warmer . Yup bad accidents all over the hi ways up north there ! Stay cozy and safe spring will be come soon , I hope lol ! Thanks for sharing ,Have a good day !

  4. It's bloody cold, it's a mess and we are snowed in. Give us a break!
    Jane x

  5. We had an up and down weather day too. It's cold again.

    Bandit and Rob look like they're up to no good.

  6. What a day! It snowed most of the night Wed/Thurs and then on Thursday all that snow which had come down vertically overnight, blew horizontally all day. We are so fortunate here in Dufferin as we recycle our snow. :) Aren't those Elk Burgers delicious! I was flipping them in Anita's food cart at her Thanksgiving Open House. They went over really well and we had some of the leftovers for supper that night. Yummy ! She also had Elk Chili that day. Keep warm, keep safe and keep blogging Cindy. Alice

  7. What's the elk like? Is it gamey? I have a chunk of moose in the freezer I'm not quite sure what to do with. I guess you cook it like a roast beef?


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