Sunday 9 February 2014

Not Again !

Yes AGAIN !  I am tired, pooped, done liked dinner and just plain out of it.  I didn't sleep worth a ding dong, new mattress or not, but somebody most certainly did ....

Rob really really LOVE our new mattress !  he slept in until 9:45 am this morning.  That is unheard of !! what isn't unheard of is him hogging the whole bed !  Lumpy head ... Ha !

I did manage to get a couple things accomplished today in the way of 2 loads of laundry, tidied up some paperwork, got the spare room cleaned up and was very happy Rob hung a couple of pictures for me.

I was especially happy to get the pictures up of the kids, along with the friends sign I had bought some time ago.  It all came together as I imagined it would.  

With the arrival of the new mattress I was able to clear off everything that had been strewn over the spare bed in the way of new pillows, mattress pad and bedding.  All back to normal again.  I even got the gift packaged & card signed for the arrival of my new Great Great Niece who is due on the 11th of this month.  

I had put Chicken Breasts in the Crock Pot and Rob had doctored them up with Tomatoes, Celery & Onion.  For a side I had made some Quinoa.  Dinner was good.

I have been noticing all the upcoming Maple Syrup Events being posted to Facebook the past few days.  The Kemble Maple Syrup Tour I had gone on two years ago was a very memorable tour for Rob and I, as we really enjoyed our day spent together.  Check that out by going HERE.  For the info on this Year's Kemble Maple Syrup Event you can go HERE.

Another Sweet Event is the Maple Magic Event coming up in March that the Rotary Club of Wiarton hosts from Year to Year at the Elk Farm out in Oxeden.  I am looking forward to attending this Event this March.  It has been such a success the past few years it will be carried over to a second weekend this year.

You may find out more about this Event by going HERE, under the heading Maple Magic.

Yet another Maple Sweet Event going on is over in Saugeen Bluffs with their Old-Tyme Maple Syrup Festival.  Should you have a Facebook Account, you can join/learn more about this one by going HERE.

There is most certainly going to be lots of Sweet Happenings coming up in the next few later weeks of next Month.  And just around the corner from us now will be yet another SWEET day !!  Valentine's Day.  My maternal Grandfather, Arthur Lehman was born on this day many many years ago .. so long ago I would not even begin to imagine how old he would have been now, as my Mother is now in her 87th Year.  That makes my head spin putting it down in front of myself... time flies by way too fast, so enjoy it each and every day even if it might be in the smallest of moments.

Rob is out working, and a couple of our Aussies are requesting my attention at the moment, so off I go to attend to their needs, and hopefully to have a nice evening for the rest of the day rellaxing myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I've noticed that Home Hardware has been advertising maple tapping supplies. The temperatures are starting to get into range, but how they are going to get near the trees is beyond me! I'm sure even the plastic pipes the place up the road uses are still buried under the snow!!!! ~Karen~

  2. I absolutely love your quilt.

  3. Hi Cindy My mom was on Valentine's Day she would be 87. Hope all is well with you I have been spending time with my Grandkids and dieting which is chugging along. Lynn

  4. Ah, maple taffy candy! I had some today, and photographed the process.

    I wonder what the dogs made of having the mattresses moved in and out the last few days...

  5. does that mean Spring is getting closer with all the Maple Syrup events coming up???? I hope so!

  6. I wonder if the sap will be running later than usual this year? At least we can dream about it and plan an outing even if it is still weeks away.


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