Friday 7 February 2014

Another Weekend Rolls Around

Yes it is Friday, the day when another weekend rolls around.  Weekends to Rob and I are now the same of the other days of the week, all running together into one.  The only time a weekend might stand out on us would be if something "special" with the kids or family has been planned, which seldom happens in the Wiinter months.

This morning I had to head over Sauble Beach way, to Owen Sound, then home.  I had been a bit blustery however got worse with the winds drifting in the roads on my way back home.  It was a pretty blustery day again with the School buses cancelled North of the Checkeboard this afternoon, and parents being called to pickup their children.  Rob had been called to the Lion's Head School to deliver one child back to their home.  With the Wind Chill it was a good day to stay home if one could.

I was lucky enough to get some deals at our local Foodland store this morning to replenish our fruit bowl.  An 8 lb box of oranges were $5.99, and three bags of pears on the discount rack for .99 cents a bag (I stole them as there had been only a nick in two of them and they had been far from overripe).  The bed? oh this is the bed I had when Rob and I had first met 20 years ago, which seemed to suit him just fine back then.  Last night we had to use this bed until our new mattress gets delivered tomorrow.  I woke up this morning freezing, no Rob and the bedroom door closed (no heat could get in from the wood stove with the door closed).  Rob decided to sleep on the couch, close me in the room so he could have the TV going, as the bed was way to cramped for him.  It is a lovely bed... and last night just reminded me how much I loved having it for myself !!!  I suppose I get it all to myself again this evening ... BONUS !

I had to get a bit of wood in this afternoon, or that I could wrench free from the now frozen pile of wood.  Of course I had help.

I am pleased to announce that while I was gone this morning, with Bandit and Lexus left in Rob's care, they had themselves a union by coming together.  Hopefully if all "took" as Nature intends it to, we will be expecting a new litter around the first part of April, give or take a few days.  Fingers, toes, & eyes crossed.

I haven't been as experimental in the kitchen as I once used to be since I have been too busy, or to tired, or down with a headache.  I really miss this as I do love trying new recipes to keep things interesting.  I certainly was uplifted a bit when I read the post Knorr Canada put to me on their Facebook page today.

Chef I am not, flattered I was ... and inspired now to get "cooking" again somehow, if I find the time.  Thanks Knorr for the encouragement !!!

Knorr Canada has over 7 million fans on their Facebook page .. check it out yourself by *clicking* HERE.  I  do love me some Knorr !!!

Disclaimer:  I have been in no way remunerated for my statements by Knorr Canada, these are my own opinions made on my own accord.

My day wasn't too overboard exciting whatsoever, but I can say one thing, "I am ready for that new mattress tomorrow", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. well done on the mention. Can't wait until the beginning of April, Hope the pups are born on April 4th Thomas' 30th birthday!!

  2. Watching the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight as hope you all are too. There's many exciting sports and Olympians to look for. I was surprisd when you said, your school bus transportation was canceled due to the weather. Can't imagine what some parents must do if they cannot get there to pick up their children. Enjoy your new sleeping arrangements at least until the mattress arrives!! Bess

  3. School buses were on a normal schedule today even though it was windy snowy and darn right cold . In the really frigid temps we use both the wood stove and the furnace as the wood stove doesn't heat our entire house enough . Hope your new mattresses are there soon . Thanks for sharing ! have a good weekend !

  4. It's certainly looking bone chilling there.

  5. You have had snow and cold FOREVER! We haven't even had it for a week and I'm ready for it to go away!
    Puppies! Oh how exciting! Spring puppies are better than winter puppies, am I right?


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