Wednesday 12 February 2014

What A Yummy Stew This Is !

The morning began with amazing beauty, continuing with a "twist" in the sky.

I had to make a quick trip downtown to the bank and pick up celery I needed for a "new to me" recipe I was making today.  While I was in our local Foodland store I also picked up some Pork Tenderloin that was on sale for $2.97 /lb.  

By the time I got home and put together the Crock Pot dish I was making it was almost Noon Hour.  Thank goodness before I had left for downtown I had at least made the bed, cleaned out some forgotten leftovers from the fridge (hate when this happens) and did up few dishes.

Rob had to replace a lower beam bulb in the headlight today.  I am very proud how well we keep our vehicles maintained for the safety of us, our drivers and our customers.  Within the past 3 months we have had two different Automobile establishments comment on how good our vehicles were looked after mechanically compared to "other" taxis out there.  That made both Rob and I feel very good.  We stay right on top of everything, never letting anything go.

After Rob and I had us some lunch, he was called out and I did a bit of dusting and vacuuming (HO-HUM), before I got going on trying my hand at some Scotch Scones to compliment our Dinner tonight.

These Scones are very basic and easy to make.  Plus they were very good, complimenting our Dinner very well.


The "new to me" recipe I put together in the Crock Pot was a Crock Pot Pork Cider Stew I had came across on Facebook.  

With everything chopped and placed into the Crock Pot on HIGH for 6 hours, it was well worth the wait for when it was done.  What a Yummy Stew this most certainly was !!!  another "keeper" added to my Collection of Recipes.


We had my Niece Joanne for Dinner this evening.  She had came up to help me get started with organizing some of my recipes.  The organizing was started however will have to be finished another day.  It was nice to have her with us for a meal, but then again she does love my cooking, especially when it isn't her that has to cook.  In all fairness though, it is difficult at the best of times to cook for only one, is it not?

We are patiently awaiting Joanne's oldest daughter to  have her first child, who was due yesterday.  I am excited to see the newest addition to our family when she decides to make her arrival into this World.

That was pretty much my day in a nutshell.  Great company, and two great "new to me" recipes completed it all, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It all looks and sounds YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. Dinner looks delicious!

    Since that'll be her daughter's first, it could be late in coming.

    There's a good winter stew I always liked, a Dutch one called hotspot. Potatoes, carrots, some onion, stewing beef, and a few spices. The recipe should be easy enough to find online.

  3. Great dish. I am a bit hit and miss with the crock pot. Have a good week. Cheers

  4. Those sky pics are beautiful, Cindy. I've never seen a cloud formation like that.
    For some reason I always seem to think of beef when it comes to stew. I like the combination of pork and cider.
    Thank you for linking!


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