Monday 10 February 2014

Hey Katie's Kicks, Thanks !

Holy Smoly it was cold this morning.  Really it was around -13*C, but it seemed colder and everything was frosty white outside this morning, as I was feeling frosty white inside.

Our oldest grandson, Aiden, was out on a Field Trip last week.  His father, our Paul, was able to go along with him.  Thanking, once again, technology I was sent a couple of photos to my phone the other day.

Really were Field Trips not one of the highlights of everyone's school days?  They sure were mine, and by the look on Aiden's face he is looking pretty happy about being on one too.

I kept myself busy this morning doing the usual dusting, along with a bit more decluttering.  I have actually managed to put two bags together the past couple of days for the Salvation Army.  Trust me there is a lot more then that to get out the door ... slowly but surely some day I will make it down to an extremely cluttered basement.  
The past couple of days I have been coming across some pretty good cobwebs in the corner, unseen to my eyes until you are almost stuck right in them.  Nothing compared to the ones in our basement, which only get done once a year.  Spring cleaning is definitely in order, along with lots more decluttering.  Now just to find the time to "get r' all done".

I had some HAPPY MAIL again today.  Last month I had entered into a Give Away on Facebook.  You had to have a person who was expecting a baby and give their estimated due date.  I put down my Great Niece, Erika, along with her due date of February 11th (that is TOMORROW!!!).  Three people were lucky to win some absolutely HAND-MADE slippers by Katie's Kicks !

Katie's Kicks is located in Ontario, and they will ship to you.  Katie's Kicks make creative and hand-made shoes for infants.  

Are these not so Cute & Cozy ???  done in lavender as my Great Niece loves lavender.  Hey Katie's Kicks, Thanks !!!!

Here is the ALL ABOUT Katie's Kicks:


Cute and creative shoes handmade for infants by me.

Inspired by Katie, My mother and myself have started making stylish kicks when Katie was born.

Please contact me if you would like a pair and we can discuss details.
Hi there! My mom and I (Sharon), started making our own custom booties for Katie (my daughter) when she was born this summer because we love to sew and had difficulties finding booties small enough to fit her teeny tiny feet. We love to spoil Katie and want to share our talent with you and your babies.

We are in Trenton and Owen Sound. Though October to April, Owen Sound orders will have to be shipped unless you are willing to wait for my next trip up.

I feel its important to note, that I am in no way claiming to be a professional. I enjoy sewing and making things that are different and unique to the mass produced products you find in the stores. I can't claim my products are absolutely perfect, as not even store bought products are. I can promise to make the best hand made quality I can. With that being said, every pair I make, gets better and better. 

Also, I do not recommend these boots and booties be used as "shoes" and for walking purposes, as they do not have the support or a proper non slip sole on them. I would not want to see any injuries as a result of my product! 

Finally, Some boots or booties have buttons on them for that extra added flare. I do sew them on by hand and secure them quite well, but, these could get pulled off or fall off with daily wear and could become a choking hazard. You can request your order without buttons, but I will ask to ensure you are okay with them before attaching them to your order.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!

Kimberly & Sharon

Sharon is my friend, Kimberly is her daughter, and Katie? she is the newest addition to the family, and a real Doll Baby too from the "brag" photos Sharon has shared with me.  I was very honoured to have one a pair of Katie's Kicks Hand-Made Shoes, which have been included in my Niece's gift bag for when her new baby girl arrives.

Take a moment, should you have a Facebook Account, to check out Katie's Kicks by going HERE.  Drop on over to give their page a LIKE ! you won't be disappointed.

This morning held promises of a lovely day ahead, however the snow never stopped hardly a moment all day long.  Rob and a friend were busy bringing wood in, and piling the remainder that has been outside into the wood shed.  Yes another blustery evening.

I was very proud of myself today.  I had been approached to join a committee and turned it down saying that my plate was already full.  I hope though I had passed on a couple of good ideas that would help out.  I am getting better at saying, "no", and focusing on what I have on my plate in front of me now (or so I think I  have).

I have two meetings this week, one very early tomorrow morning.  Almost 8 pm here, so really time for me to sign off until tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Good for you for saying 'No!' Sometimes we need to put ourselves first.

  2. They are cute shoes!

    BTW, I've got another doggie blog posted...

  3. Congratulations on winning the handmade Katie's Kicks, they will be cozy on little feet. Field trips were my favourite at school too. Lucky Aiden that he had his dad able to join them.

  4. Oh my look at your snow, I will quit whining now! Love the little booties.


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