Thursday 20 February 2014

STILL Down For The Count

Today was an appointment for the annual review with the department heads at Gateway Haven where my Mother resides.  I called my brother to see if he was picking me up, or if we were meeting there.  He had forgotten about the appointment but on that same note, he is very sick.

He was sick since Christmas, went through a round of antibiotics, was still sick, felt better for a week or so, and now is down very sick again.  *Sigh* nasty business being sick, is it not?

I went to the meeting, then had to meet up with Rob to pick him up over Sauble Beach way.  Prior to getting Rob I had to stop to pickup some posters from another WDCC Director, so I could drop off to a few businesses when going thru Sauble Beach.

Local Businesses still have time to register up to March 5th, by calling the Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce office at 519-534-4545.

Rob dropped me back off at home.  I let the Aussies out, turned on the Electric Blanket in our bed, and went there.  I felt beyond much worse by the time I had returned home.  I am in so much pain with my head ready to explode, every muscle in my body aching worse then my normal Fibro muscle pain, and a throat that feels like someone stuck a hot poker down which had started out dry & sore first thing this morning.

I am still down for the count, however I heard the Canadian Woman's Hockey teamed ROCKED the ice at the Olympics today !!!  GOOOOOOOOO CANADA Bring Home the GOLD !!!

I just got back up not too long ago to do a sink full of dishes from last night and make myself a cuppa hot tea to take some meds along with.

I am headed back to my electric blanket as soon as my tea is finished up,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I did see the latter part of the game. What a finish!

    Get your rest.

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon and your brother gets better soon to . I am seeing a Rheumatologist on Sat as I saw my Dr the other day with all my chronic aching pains and symptoms he thinks I may have RA and Fibro so we shall see , with all this chilly damp weather and rain today I need my electric blanket as I ache soo bad . I hear ya on this even my fingers ache . Take it easy and feel better soon !

  3. Oh Cindy HUGS HUGS hope you are feeling better soon. B

  4. There have been some nasty viruses this winter - I was sick for my entire 2 week Christmas break - horrible! Take good care of yourself Cindy!

  5. Oh Cindy! I am sooo sorry you are sick:( Not fun! Hope you can get some good rest over the weekend and get well.


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