Sunday 23 February 2014

Nothing Nothing & More Nothing

Yes that is about what my day had been today, nothing, nothing and more nothing.  Why is that? cause I am still sick and feeling poopy.

What did I possibly do today?

Well this morning I did watch the Olympics Hockey Men's Game wherein Canada took home the GOLD ! that was pretty good, as I sat trying to breath on moment, then wiping my nose the next.  Still the Hockey was really good if nothing else was.

I did up a few dishes, ate 3 apples, put some wood in the Wood Stove.  Yes I did take the Aussies out and about this morning, also feeding them.

I also did a couple of Facebook posts trying to help someone re-home their 6 month old puppy they are no longer able to keep (I will not go on and on about my feelings about this, as it won't be very positive, but the helping end is positive).

This little girl is in need of a GOOD FOREVER HOME. She is an Aussie/Lab cross. House/crate trained, shots up-to-date, unaltered, well socialized, good with children & other dogs.. Please Email me at, if you are seriously interested, and PLEASE ONLY serious inquirers.

She is so cute.  You can tell what a sweet girl she is by her eyes.  Hoping she gets a wonderful home soon.

The remainder of my day???  a few dishes, swept up the mess around the wood stove, and got the bed made once Rob had gotten up after the Lunch Hour.  He had a long day yesterday, and needed himself a good sleep.

I was pleased that I stayed at my 3 lb weight loss, considering I hadn't done much in the way of the Treadmill since becoming sick starting with the Migraine Wednesday, escalating Thursday morning from a sore throat to a full blown head cold.  What I did have a change in was that I had lost another inch off my stomach ... slow and steady ahead I go !

Has everyone been putting their savings away for the 52 Week Money Challenge?  it was $8.00 this week.

I just seem to move ahead with organizing my life and getting somewhere with the housework when I end up sick again, setting me back two days, or like now five days!  Man oh man I better feel better tomorrow or else !!!

I went to bed last night with Vicks under my nose, and on the soles of my feet.  Will I do this again tonight? you darn tootin' I will, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I hope all works out for the pup.

    I saw the last period of the game. What a finish for the Canadians!

  2. I hope the pup finds a good forever home . Canada has done well in the winter Olympics . Hope you get rid of this rotten cold soon .

  3. Oh, look at that baby's sweet face. She's not happy ..I hope she finds a furrever home soon.
    Jane x

  4. She is a gorgeous puppy, and I would love her, but we can't at the moment. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Very cute puppy. Thanks for visiting my blog regularly. I like to think that I am encouraging people to lose weight. Congrats on keeping the 3 pound loss.

  6. A woman I work with who never misses work has been off for over a week now with a bad cold - she just can't shake it! Sorry, that wasn't very encouraging was it? My remedy? Hot lemon with honey and a shot of good scotch - even if your cold doesn't improve you won't notice it as much :)


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