Thursday 3 November 2011

Wow Buffet Brunch Served Bruce County Style Mid-Week ????

My yesterday began in its usual fashion by going out first attending to little Miss Mercedes needs.  I am so thankful we have NO snow yet in this respect.

"The Manitoba Red Maples in our front have all completely turned now making a wondrous  "golden" backdrop for the Spruce tree."

"I wasn't too sure if my camera would pick up this slice of cloud, over in the north western sky, in the dullness of the morn.  A small glimpse at what "silver" lining might look like weaved throughout a sky? or so I imagine. "

Mercedes started barking at something I could not see at all.  Once I looked over in the "right" direction it was then when I noticed a couple of our neighbours had dropped over for a bit of Buffet Brunch this morning.

"These three were most certainly more startled with Mercedes' barking as much as she was first startled by seeing them."

"As I made my way out our driveway later on this morning they were still filling up on the brunch buffet our hay field was providing.  By the size of these three I would think they would get charged the children's rate, would they not ?"

These three calves had made their way over from the neighbour's across the highway from us, obviously early enough traffic wasn't at at peak, but then again after Thanksgiving Weekend, there usually isn't much of a traffic "peak" once the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry from Tobermory to Manitoulin has closed down for the season.  They must have been safely returned home, as by the time I had myself after the noon hour they were gone.

Wednesday mornings are VON Canada's SMART Program course days, so it was off to Tarry Awhile at the Tara Legion, where else of course but in Tara.  It is really a very nice drive over there, as it isn't too far at all.  I must remember to try leaving a bit earlier next time to take some pictures while I am there.

The course material covered yesterday was on "leadership" skills.  I surely know I am unable to lead an orchestra, but I am sure hoping I will be able to be "okay" at leading at a VON SMART Exercise Program some day.

This program is being offered not as a weight-loss exercise program, but for persons to maintain healthy bones and muscles so they are able to continue carrying out all, or most Activities of Daily Life.  There are so many Activities of Daily Life we take for granted, such as getting in and out of a chair, or carrying a bag of groceries into our home, however if we don't keep ourselves active in a "smart" way, we could loose the muscles and bone what lends us to do these activities.  Be SMART and keep ACTIVE !!!

Keeping active to me doesn't necessarily mean going to a gym everyday to "pump iron"; couldn't lift a piece of that iron if I wanted to .... lol, but incorporating walking, or some type of exercise activity into your weekly lifestyle for at least 20 minutes each day.  If walking can not be done, there are many modified exercises out there, along with ones that can be done from a sitting position.  What is an investment of 20 minutes in your days now compared to the quality of years ahead you can have by such a small investment ???

With exercise, along with good eating habits, and maybe a "little" dark chocolate with almonds on a rare occasion, lol, we can increase the quality of  our lives.  This in turn, will enable us to enjoy those "Golden Years" ahead, allowing us to be able to complete those Activities of Daily Life for ourselves.  Sounds like an investment I am willing to keep in place in my everyday lifestyle, or forsure most days, if not everyday.

Should anyone ever want to be involved in a VON Canada's SMART exercise program, either as an Instructor/Volunteer, or a participant, any inquires may be directed by placing a call to a VON Canada location nearest to you by visiting their website at .

Since I am thinking I am so SMART about my life, let's see how "smart" I am in comparison to how "smart" my Right Foot is ?

This is so funny that it will boggle your mind. And you will keep 
trying at least 50 more times to see if you can outsmart your foot,
but you can't.

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make
clockwise circles. 

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right

Your foot will change direction. 
And there's NOTHING you can do about it!!!!

How SMART was your right foot?  LOL ..... hopefully as "smart" as mine is !  I know this has been around before, but it is still "fun" to try to do.

I have certainly hit "pay dirt" with that Ham I took out for Dinner this past Sunday, as it has stretched itself out all week with dinner time meals.  Yesterday we had Eggs, Ham, & Toast, along with garden fresh sliced tomatoes, with still lots for at least two more Dinners ahead.  I am thinking a Quiche will be in order, with the next day maybe being, say ..... um will have to think about that one a little bit longer.

I need to start slowing myself down some, as I have been forgetting to "pace" myself lately, and paying the "price of the piper" in not doing so.  My afternoon was spent by doing not too much at all but resting, then going out after a light meal to spend some quality time with Lexus, after Bandit & Mercedes had their time.

"Lexus has been learning to put the ball in our hand the past couple of months.  She has been doing very well with this.  Much to my delight, I have not lost any fingers in the progress of her learning."

"Still seen in my flower beds is the odd remnant, here and there, of Summer months gone by .... with dreams of them returning to us again in the new year ahead."

"So ends my day, as it had begun with me gazing at the "golden" glory of the Manitoba Red Maples." 

I hope nobody is of the opinion should they ever had an invite to our house for a Brunch Buffet that the main course will be found in our "hay field", so please do not shy if an invite is extended your way, as I am sure I could muster up something more interesting to the human palate ..... lol.

At midnight when I was outside with Mercedes it was raining, at 5:00 am when we were out it was still raining, when I went back out at 7:00 a.m. still more rain, and if my ears are not deceiving me, it is still raining .... let me see what my Wiarton Airport Weatherman guy has to say about all of this rain.

Oh man, he is saying still more rain, but I am still happy with that as it is NOT SNOW !!!  Can't help but peak into the days ahead though and see all that brilliant yellow staring back at me ..... looking forward to all of that "yellow", I am, I am, I am !  Don't forget to "click" on the highlighted "yellow" to put some yellow in your day ahead, as I most certainly did.

Much to do with many to see, so how how am I to "pace" myself whilst trying to have a new adventure in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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