Wednesday 9 November 2011

A "Checkerboard Aussie" & A "HW" Birthday Side By Side !

Another day began "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard", with who else at my feet making sure I am getting lots of attention while I am attempting to "blog" ......

" ..... and so begins my yesterday with my "mentor" at my feet, or should that be "menace"?  What a support system Mercedes provides every morning .... in & out, in & out ..... LOL."

Before I go too far along with my yesterday, there are two very important events that coincide every year at this time (for the past 2 anyway).  One being on the 8th of November and the other on the 9th.  I would like to take this opportunity to extend my very best wishes on these two days to  .......

" ..... our very own "Checkerboard Aussie" gal, Lexus, as it was her Birthday yesterday and she turned 2 years old.  "Happy Birthday" to our pretty girl !"

"Who else would have a birthday so close to one of her most favorite "Checkerboard Aussies", but none other then our most favorite HW Friend, Elsie Paynter !  Elsie's birthday is today !  "Happy Birthday" Elsie !!!  (she wasn't giving up her age to us, so we will just have to keep guessing, lol)."

In honor of both Birthdays, I would like to present the girls with a "wonderful" video done by We Are Pet Nation, which I know will be immensely enjoyed by both Lexus and Elsie !  Happy Birthday girls !!!

We Are Pet Nation has a "wonderful" website dedicated exclusively to ALL us Pet Lovers, so please take time out to "check" them out at their website at , and/or follow them by choosing "like" on their Facebook page.

That was fun, but now it is time to get back to the reality of my yesterday ..... with the Winter months peaking just around the corner at us, it was time to get a "shake in the leg" happening and start bringing some more wood inside !

 " .... and bring in more wood, Rob did !  One row to get us us started and a second piled in front later to keep us going for a week or so with this wet damp weather we have been having."

"Some rearranging out in the wood shed had to be done as well, so Lexus & I were out there helping Rob with it ..... Cin, will you "quit" taking more pictures of me??? LOL, my poor dear Rob, what he has to put up with some days from us gals ..... "

"Oh here is the other "gal" out from under Rob's feet at the moment."

  "Did anyone see where I dropped that piece of wood I was helping with???? " 

 LOL.  Lexus really is wonderful and fun company to have around !"

Lexus and I had to do some "garden cleaning" too.  We pulled and piled some Dill that is past, with it's stalks now ready to go into the burn barrel, as well as picking the last of the Leeks.

"It sure looked like there was quite a bit, however once they were cleaned and in the kitchen sink, I was thinking I might just have enough to put together our favorite Potato & Leek soup recipe."

That was pretty much our yesterday, as by the time we came in to have our Dinner of leftover Roast Beef, gravy and some fresh boiled beets, it wasn't long after Rob had to return to being his "Crabby Cabbie" self and leave for work.

My gal pal Facebook friend, Cheryl, who lives in Florida, was having a "frustrating moment the other day with "fitted" sheets. I had told Cheryl I would teach her how to fold "fitted" sheets, so she may then have her frustration eliminated and make her Linen Closet look much more pleasing to her eye.  This is for you gal pal !

"First begin by putting the fitted corners all together.  Continue by folding the fitted part into the middle as shown in the picture below."

"Carry on by folding the outside "even" edge into and over top of the "fitted" fold.  Bring in both ends, again as pictured below."

"Viola !  Top and side views of how they will look once placed in your now organized Linen Closet !"

Cheryl, if you still have a problem with folding your "fitted" sheets, please let me know and I will email my mailing address to you, so you in turn will be able to mail me a "first class" plane ticket.  I would be more then happy to personally come down there and show you how it is done !  LOL !!!  Seriously, I am sure you shouldn't have any problem with this at all, and I have been forever grateful to the person who showed me how to fold "fitted" sheets 32 years ago !

Onto my today as I check in on what the Wiarton Airport weatherman guy has to say about what the Bruce County weather is going to be looking like for the day ahead ....

There is most certainly NO sunshine in this forecast, so I am thinking I will be having to make my own "sunshine" today ......No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone else who isn't trying.

Today marks the day of my "250th blog post" !!!  Wowsers, where has those 250 days gone????  Since the day I starting "blogging" I have only missed 3 days.

I have found "blogging" to be so rewarding, not only by the personal level of reflection and the release I gain, but also by the wonderful friends and acquaintances I have made along the way ..... it has been a most enjoyable part in my life journey.

My dear friend, Jiba May, from Australia messaged me she was unable to "post a comment" on my blog the other day.  For anyone who would like to comment, please try posting by choosing "anonymously" and signing your name to the post, or by emailing me at, and/or joining the Facebook group I created under Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.   I really appreciate hearing from everyone, as I find it has and does encourage me to keep on "blogging" !   Thank you.

With a new day unfolding before me, I think I will embrace it, despite the nasty weather, and make it into another of my own adventures, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. LOL...okay so I got it...but I think I'm going to have issues with the first step...HOW on EARTH do you get those corners TOGETHER so NEATLY??? I may have to practice this one next time I do the sheets. Thanks for the visual too! That helped TREMENDOUSLY!!!! Maybe I'll even take pics!

  2. Thanks for the Birthday wishes and Video. Lexus and I both enjoyed it lol. Hugs from HW


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