Tuesday 8 November 2011

A Road Trip Away From Home & Out Of "Bruce County" !

"Early yesterday morning, as we are leaving our Home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" heading out of Bruce County."

"Here we are passing corn fields that have been combined, with some having been baled into silage."

"As we get closer to our destination the sights become more and more familiar."

"Beautiful skies just outside the limits of our destination, but really a change in them once we got closer to our destination."

"Finally we made it to where we were headed.  I was bored waiting for Rob, as I had already had Lexus & Mercedes out for a little walk.  Pretty bored when one starts taking pictures of one's self.   I just decided I would make the best of things & put on my "Happy Face" after all."

"At about our fourth stop, I ran into this guy who must have been bored too, as he looked liked he was making his own plea of "please get me out of here, I am drowning in boredom" ..... lol."
"When I came across this display; it certainly made me begin thinking  Christmas time is not too far away ...... "

"Um .... I had better keep a close eye on those three guys ahead of me.  Oh no, one of them "made me" !!!  Imagine that my our very own bestest friends, "Bob & Tim", and my one and only "Rob" !  LOL."

"Wow there goes the Foodland store I used to work at many years ago ..... it seems like a "lifetime" ago now.  I am sure I could have walked right in there knowing a few who are still working there."

That was most certainly a "full" Road Trip day for Lexus, Mercedes, Rob and I.  I could have posted numerous pictures of places and people, however that would have been no fun, as then everyone would have known where we had gone "right off the bat".  

We went down through Elmira, into Kitchener for Rob's appointment, onto Rob's sister, Delores', to wish her a "Happy Birthday", to my sister, Donna's, to drop her off a plant, took Mercedes into Pet Smart for a little socialization, onto the Mandarin Restaurant for lunch with Bob & Tim who we met there, into the Costco Store, not too far way from the Mandarin, for a bit of shopping, back out through Elmira where we stopped in at the Farm Store to see Rob's brother, Wayne ...... then headed on home, back to good ole' Bruce County and "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkboard" !!!  

I enjoy going down to the City, once in a while, to visit family and friends, and occasionally shop, however I certainly don't miss all the traffic and hubbub of City living anymore ........

It was a pretty good weather day to travel yesterday, so I will see what today will bring for a "staying at home" kind of day.

Yes, it does look like a not only stay at home kind of day, but a "stay in the house" kind of day too !!!

I will just have to be happy with ALL the inside things needing done today and make myself a new inside adventure, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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