Friday 25 November 2011

I Am Officially Stamped, Certified & Ready To Compress You !

Those who are heavy-set with material desires will have a lot of trouble when their things are taken away from them or lost. Possessions do end up owning you, not the other way around. Become a person of minimal needs and you will be much more content.
I am tired and have been sitting here now for I don't know how many minutes wondering where to begin with my yesterday, but I am having a difficult time getting it squeezed out  to the point where it should start it flowing .....Okay the "pack" were all in, out and fed first thing.  I did the dishes.  Mercedes and I were as quiet as we could be to allow our "Crabby Cabbie" his de-crabby himself in the way of sleep.  I checked my emails.  Oh that is it !  Ding, ding, ding .... brain on and hopefully going forward now, with cobwebs still hanging off, but to  the sidelines now.When "Wednesday" was missing from this week's weather forecast, I took it upon myself to go looking for it.  We all know we can not afford to have a day go missing from our lives, now don't we?  Especially with Christmas just around the corner !  I sent off an email to Environment Canada, extremely delighted to receive a reply back from them yesterday morning.  Here is an explanation as to where the missing Wednesday was:Hello Cindy, Thank you for sending your message to Environment Canada. The situation of a day missing in the forecast happens early in the morning when the long range forecast is issued before the regular forecast. Here's what is happening: the new long range for days 3-4-5-6-7 is displayed but since the new forecast for days 1 and 2 (today and tomorrow) has not been issued yet, what is displayed is a forecast for last night and today (day 1) then days 3-4-5-6-7. There is one day missing: tomorrow (day 2). This situation of a missing day in the forecast gets resolved as soon as the regular forecast is issued.Yours truly, Luc Lamontagne
The message I am getting from Luc Lamontagne's response is that I was up too early at 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. trying to get the Weather forecast for that same day !  Well, I was just relieved to find out we didn't have a day taken from our already busy lives, especially right before Christmas, as who could afford that !Regardless, if anyone knows me, I did have to respond by sending Luc a "Thank You" for his response and explanation:Thank you for your kind response in this matter.  I do a daily blog, at the end using Environment Canada's weather forecast for Wiarton Ontario.  Indeed the missing day added some humor to my ending this day, as I really thought I might have been "shorted" a day before Christmas, and we know how well that would NOT go over with the general female population, now don't we?  LOL

The most kindest regards, Luc.  I will be sure to "blog" your most wonderful explanation of the missing "Wednesday" !

This was how my yesterday began.  It is ALL starting to come back to me ...... LOL.

I also had a phone call returned to me by Dr. Kevin White, of London, Ontario, regarding his book "Breaking Thru the Fog" on Fibromyalgia.  I was extremely happy Dr. White took the time out of his day to have a "chat" with me.  A pleasant and further informative "chat" it was.

I had emailed Dr. White the links to the days I had blogged Fibromyalgia, which he read and responded back by email:

Thank you, Cindy, for mentioning me on your blog.  I need others like you to help me spread the word.


Here is Dr. White putting it out there  as well, the fact we need more "Voices" concerning Fibromyalgia with regards tothe impact is has had and still is having on people, like myself and others.  As my Cousin Vi has stated to me, "It (fibromyalgia) is being recognized more now then twenty years ago when they thought us to be lazy and the pain to be "just in our heads".  Hear hear progress has been and is being made !

That was pretty much my yesterday morning, then I went on to an afternoon of not only learning, but one of "fun" to !  It all began with leaving home with the decision of taking the "back" way from Wiarton into Owen Sound ....

"Half way to Owen Sound, at least I was able to tell which way the "wind" was blowing ..... maybe?"

LOL.  There certainly some "weird" stuff we see from time to time out and about Grey-Bruce Counties, so much so there even is a group who has a Facebook page,  "Weird Sh*T You See In Grey & Bruce" , that I belong to.  I posted this photo there this morning as well ..... lol.I made it to the Owen Sound Salvation Army Building to where I was attending to take a CPR Course, which is required as part of the VON SMART Course I am taking.  There was a great group of gals there, and our instructor from Heart & Stroke, Elaine Lang, was absolutely the "best".  Elaine is not only a great CPR instructor, she also made the learning more then informative and fun for those of us there.*Phew*  see between all the fun I had I did learn it all !  & if you just happen to "choke", I have got your back covered there too !
"I am not the only one who could have your back.  There is a "whole" bunch of us from the "VON SMART CPR Graduating Class of 24-11-11", who I am sure could "pull" at your heart strings & take a "choke" from your throat anytime, as we are all a great bunch of gals !"
I had an absolutely "fun" afternoon spent with these gals, and our instructor, Elaine Lang.  See "learning" and "fun" do go together if the mix is just right, and yesterday the "mix" was perfect.Should there be anybody out there in need of a CPR/First Aid Course, you may contact the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario to do so at their website as follows: was pretty much my yesterday all "flowed" out as it should be.Oh yes, just a little something else that could be pretty important this time of year, which would be "Santa Claus Parades" !  I suppose other people call them "Christmas Parades" too.  Bruce County's "Explore The Bruce" so thoughtfully has put together a Parade schedule of such  for us, so if you are looking for a parade happening in your area, then here is where to "click" for locations and times: am hoping to be able to attend the Wiarton's Santa Claus Parade, and I do know it will be on the 4th of December.Okay with yesterday having finally flowed out, and Santa taken care of, it is time to check in with my Wiarton Airport Weatherman guy.

Love him, love him, love him ..... who wouldn't love him with all that YELLOW going on in the picture for today !  You can "Lay a Little Sunshine" on me anytime .....

I think I will take whatever sunshine I can fit in my pocket for myself today, and head out into a new adventure, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. I will have to head up your way one day on a road trip. However we are going on another road trip up Hwy 11 today (Saturday) and I will post about it on Sunday.....



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