Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bazaars & More Bazaars, Along With Some Christmas Spirit !!!

With my usual four or five hours sleep under my belt, so to speak, I am really not feeling too much in the "blogging" mood this morning.  My first cup of Java into me has not given me the desired effect I was hoping for in the way of a much needed "kickstart" ..... "Okay Self, there are things to do and people to see, so knock it off and get on with your Yesterday at Present, so you can get going with your Future day".  

I hope that little "pep" talked worked with Self, as here I go with having a "jab" at my yesterday ......

I started right into my yesterday by cooking one of our very own chickens we had raised this past Summer.  Into the oven it went at 5:30 a.m., as I needed it cooked and out on my counter top before I headed out to the Church Bazaars I had planned on attending this day.

"This 7 lb. Chicky was looking pretty good when I went to check it's doneness before pulling it out of the oven to have it cool and rest on my countertop under the ever so watchful eyes of IKE & ICE, my two Kitchen Kats."

"Every time I cook one of our Chickens, I will always be wondering ......... "

I can't remember who's Facebook page "Pete" came from, however I have had lots of fun with him ever since finding him...... LOL.

With "Pete" cooling, the "pack" taken care of and my "Crabby Cabbie" getting some much needed sleep to "de-crabby" him, I took my leave to pick up my friend, Sharon, to make our way to the Wiarton Salvation Army to where a few of the local Churches had grouped together to hold their Christmas Bazaar.

"There were many tempting "Hand Crafted" gifts on the very first table we came upon."

"Many very uniquely made gifts with very reasonable prices on each one."

 "There were even some Church Members who were in the "Spirit of Fun" this day, by wearing their "bestest" Cat in the Hat hat."

"This Advent Calender was hand-quilted by one of the ladies.  Anyone could buy a $2.00 Draw ticket on it.  Wouldn't that be a nice gift to win and give?"
"The print I am sure is too small in this picture, however it does state these hand-crafted spurtles are "NOT TO BE USED FOR CORPORAL PUNISHMENT" ..... LOL.  A "spurtle" is a Scot Kitchen tool from at least the 15th Century."
"Let me tell you, if it isn't Ralphy Shular I am running into when I am out and about, it is one of his friends.  There is Lyle !  Man oh man those guys certainly get themselves out and about Bruce County ! "

He,he,he .... Lyle didn't see me right away, but when he did, he knew his picture had been taken.  Ralphy & his friends surely know when they see me they will also be seeing my camera !  "Great Sports" they all are, those Bruce County guys, at least for the most part as I don't want to blow their heads up too much.  LOL.

Once Sharon treated me to a coffee and muffin at the "Tea Tables", we headed home to get a little bit of rest in before we headed off to our next Bazaar Adventure.

After my "Crabby Cabbie" got up, with me hoping he had a much rested sleep, I left to pickup up Sharon again, to make our way down to Southampton to where Rob was to meet us before we headed over to the Bazaar in Port Elgin.

 "Here we are at my Auntie's Church, the Presbyterian Church in Port Elgin.  Since we had gotten there not until around the Noon hour, a lot of stuff had been "snapped" up already."

"We certainly couldn't have gone much earlier, as my "Crabby Cabbie" had wanted to join us so he could have one of those "good Church lunches"."
"There sits my dear Rob, along with my friend, Sharon and Auntie."

"Here is my Auntie Gladys listening to Sharon with her very best, "I understand totally" look on her face.  Too Sweet, Auntie."
"I couldn't take my leave until I had a picture of Pastor Chuck alongside Auntie Gladys.  Pastor Chuck has been residing minister at the Port Elgin Presbyterian Church for 5 years now.  He is such a very "nice" person, as I have personally been able to meet him a couple of times now over the past few years."

That was quite the "Bazaar Adventure" I am certain of that !  What did I buy?  A ticket on a raffle.  What did my Dear Rob buy?  What else of course then a Carrot Cake.  I suppose since the Auntie hadn't made him one, he thought it might be awhile before she does so, hence his decision to buy one ..... what a "guy" !  

Oh yes, he also had to buy himself a jar of homemade Grape Jelly, as you know it has been years since I had made any .......

Later in my yesterday, one of my Facebook Gal Pals, had posted something to her status I think is worthy of sharing, as I will be doing myself once I sit down this week to make out my Christmas Cards.  This is what it said:

When filling out your holiday cards this year, take one card and send it to this address:

Any Canadian Forces Member
Op Attention
PO Box 5140 Stn Forces
Belleville ON K8N 5W6

I will be addressing one of my Christmas Cards and forwarding it to this address, Carol, thanks for sharing this message.

I had also received an email from my Cousin Paula, with a Video embedded in it, I am also going to share.  

This should put us in a "Christmas" mood, with reminding us all what Christmas stands for.  Please take the time out to enjoy as much as I had.

This put a "smile" on my face, I hope it does the same for others.  Thank you for sharing this with me, Paula, and Special Thanks going out to The American Christian Life United (ACLU) Choir.

That "pep" talk I had with Self, along with a second cup of Java into me, as well as being in and out in the early morning light with Mercedes already, must have did the trick, as I think I just "jabbed" my yesterday out pretty good there.

It had been raining last night the various times I was outside with Bandit, Lexus and little Mercedes (won't be long before I am NOT calling her little).  It was pretty windy, but strangely mild when I was out there this morning, so I think I had better check in with my Wiarton Airport Weatherman guy to see what he has to say about the day ahead.

I am thinking there are going to be some more "raindrops" falling on my head before the day is out by the look of this forecast.  Don't forget to "click" on the highlighted word "raindrops", as it is another "Blast from my Past" from the 70's.

It was also most difficult for me to not have a "happy" feeling in the tummy when looking ahead into the forecast to seeing all that YELLOW !  Wowsers !  Bring on the YELLOW Wiarton Weatherman guy !

I must be off and running, once again, as I am sure there will be another adventure for me in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh that chicken sure looks good!!! Love the song will have to post it to some friends.

  2. I have finally gotten around to catching up with your blog. I haven't been to a Christmas Bazzar this year yet.

    That chicken did look good.



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