Saturday 5 November 2011

That Was Some Scary Start To My Morning !!!

I should not have been one to had watched scary horror movies when I was younger, as my imagination has imprinted the sounds and drama of them on my brain.  Should anyone else had been up yesterday morning in the "wee" hours of the morning, they would know how frozen the whole of the outdoors had been, this being the time Mercedes and I were out and about in our front yard.

Well let me tell you, even little Mercedes became a little unnerved with all those rustling and crackling sounds going on around us in the darkness.  It didn't take us long to "high-tail" it back into the house, as I was having playbacks of "Children in the Corn" going through my mind .... lol.

We did have to venture out again an hour later, to realize all the crackling and rustling going on was caused by the frozen plant life in the gardens, as well as it being the leaves falling heavily from the trees.  Being so quiet in the early hours of the morn these sounds were amplified, in turn playing on my poor fearful imagination which had run "wild" on me !  LOL .....

"So began my yesterday, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" ....... "

"The sun rose from out of the East easing my fear as it unfolded and melted all that had earlier caused my imagination to set my fears into motion.  I do love the Sun so, and the light of day !"

The sun out, along with it  my fears gone, I got myself ready to head up North of the Checkerboard, for not only my weekly shot in the arm, but another shot in the other arm as my Flu shot had been due as well.  I am sure with the bruising on my arms caused by the needles, I must look like someone has taken a firm hold on me by leaving their mark.

"It never ceases to amaze me how low the cloud cover is as I drive further North of the Checkerboard into North Bruce Peninsula and closer to my destination of Lion's Head."

After putting the appointment with my Doctor behind me, off I headed to surprise my Mother by dropping into the Golden Dawn Nursing Home in Lion's Head. 

Surprised she was !  Since it was becoming such a lovely day, we took ourselves out across the way to have our visit and a cup of coffee at Rachel's Bakery & Cafe, where it is a lovely bright atmosphere with very good coffee and homemade goodies.  We only had coffee, although it was nice to "look" at all the goodies Rachel had showcased in her display case.

"My Mother LOVES having her picture taken, so it didn't take any convincing at all to ask her to put this big smile on her face."

Mom & I had a great visit together.  It makes my heart sing when her face displays such a look of "happiness" when she sees me coming into her room.  

I had told her Ralph & Friends would be up there entertaining the residents of Golden Dawn next Thursday, so to be on the lookout for Ralph, as Ralph is from and still lives in our Hometown of Southampton.  It is always nice to see a familiar face in a crowd, is it not?

I had a very interesting piece of Canadian Newfoundland History recently directed my way the other day.  What made it even more interesting is that the History is right around the area where my friend, Elsie, who sent me this info,is from, and where my sister, Jeanne and her husband, Cecil, live and have been retired to over the past 25 years.

 Boyd's Cove(between Stoneville and Lewisporte)...Newfoundland History

"Shanadihit ~ The last Beothuk Indian, Died of TB"

This was certainly something I didn't know, however I did find it to be most interesting, as it is part of our Canadian Heritage.  Thanks for the share Elsie Paynter !

Another thing I learned this week is not only is November "Diabetes Awareness Month", it is also known as Movember !!!  

Movember Canada happens each November.  Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men's faces, in Canada, and around the World.  With their "Mo's", these men raise vital funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostrate cancer.  

Since I was able to attain this information from the Movember Canada's website, more information on the growing a "Mo" can be found here:

Mercedes wasn't too well yesterday, so I had to contact our Vet to make an appointment for her today.  We had been up most of last night together, with us both finally getting to sleep after my "Crabby Cabbie" had returned home after 4:00 a.m..  Needless to say, she is now laying at my feet sleeping, and I wishing I was there sleeping alongside her.  I sure hope she doesn't get her days and nights turned around !!!  

I heard the weather is suppose to be wonderful today, so off course I had all these "wonderful" plans for today, but I think my time will be otherwise occupied by hopefully getting little Mercedes back to herself sometime later today. 

In the meantime I have put a load of clothes in the washer, so I best be making sure the sun will be shining so they can be dried outside on the line.

Yes, yes, yes, there is the promised sunshine ...... it is going to be a "beautiful" day ahead !!!  Hooray !!!

I need to be peeling myself from this chair, heading myself towards the kitchen for a second cup of Java and hopefully towards a new exciting adventure in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. WOW!!!! Your bestest HW friend got honourable mention in the blog today. Glad you enjoyed the history lesson, I must say I found it interesting too. I have had a sucessful week, hope I can keep it up.


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