Saturday 19 November 2011

The Smallest Things Seem Too Much Some Days

"This is how the day looked when I walked out my door after the sun had begun to rise yesterday."

"Some days even the smallest things seem too much to do.  This is how my yesterday began; bone-tired, along with the feeling of non-existent energy, as it felt I was dragging my body along with my mind into the day ahead."

I managed to get the Styrofoam-like snow pellets off my vehicle and head on up "North of the Checkerboard" for my weekly shot in the arm at my Doctor's Office in Lion's Head.  It could have been worse, as I have dragged myself out of the house many times before to almost not being able to see my vehicle as it has been covered in snow.  I suppose I best be remembering those times when I am having "drag my butt" times.

Even though we all seem to have those "smallest things seem too much" kind of days, there hopefully is something pulling us forward to get moving out and towards the day.... mine is our "pack".  Bandit, Lexus and Mercedes adding purpose to my day, calling my son is another reason to get myself up and moving.

There are numerous reasons to "get past those small things by remembering and embracing those important things" and keep on moving forward to enjoy the day and celebrate life.

I find sometimes should I find myself having a bone-tired and not having one ounce of energy days, if I force myself to get out and go have a walk in the fresh air, it does seem to revitalize me somehow by clearing my mind and infusing me with more energy then what I started out with.  Fresh air and exercise tend to do that for me.  At times, I just have to kick myself in the "butt" and do it !

In honor of my friend, Bob's Mother, Dorothy Schier, I would like to recognize yesterday as a Celebration of her 95th Birthday.

95th Birthday - Schier

Dorothy served in the Second World War as a Lieutenant in the Nursing Corps. Dorothy still enjoys residing in her own home, baking and has been known to take in the occasional game of Golf.  The love of her life was Vern Schier, her husband now deceased, who owned and operated Schier's Pharmacy on Belmont Ave., Kitchener for over 50 years. She has two adoring sons, Ronald and Robert Schier. 

I can  remember the very first day I met Dot, as she is so fondly referred to.  It was a summer day when Bob took me out to the 50 acres in Gadhill, ON, where Dot still resides.  Here was Dot at the end of the long driveway, having just finished changing the oil in the tractor.  That was 22 years ago.  Dot was brought up in the Renfrew, ON area on a farm, so farm life was nothing new and quite a common "hat" she had been used to wearing in her earlier years.  Then to be asked in to enjoy whatever she had baked that day ..... her baking was always something to look forward on my visits to her home.

Rob and I have fond memories of taking Dot and Vern down into the Port Dover area where we spent time together between the bushes picking blueberries, chatting away as we filled our buckets.  Afterwards taking a drive into Port Dover to have a lunch of Fish & Chips, with Vern enjoying a "pint of beer" along with his meal.

I would have to say, over the years I have looked up Dot as being a Pillar of Strength in all areas of her life, and I have, and still do, admire her so.  Dot, I hope you enjoyed your 95th Birthday yesterday as you have always enjoyed "life".

After I had been to my Doctor's, I had to grab a couple of grocery items, so I did so at Hellyer's Foodland in Lion's Head.  Just around the corner from the store, there is just the "funkiest" looking tree.

"I could just imagine how this tree could be decorated for Halloween; it could be made to appear pretty scary looking I am sure ..... "

Once I arrived back home safe and sound "South of the Checkerboard", I got lunch made, my "Crabby Cabbie" out the door to work, and took myself and Mercedes downtown to meet a friend for a walk in and around Wiarton for that much needed fresh air and exercise.

The walk did revitalize me ..... so much so I was able to come back home to bring the total of "Cindy's Recipe Exchange", on Facebook, members up to a 100 count.  This was all possible, by way of the wonderful support and referrals from some of  the Exchange Members !!!!  With this many members, we should be "rocking" out those "Tried, Tested, True and Simply Quick and Easy Recipes" in no time at all ..... lol.  I can't wait until everyone starts sharing all their Christmas Baking fun with each other.  Shh .... I think there might be some Secret Christmas Baking Recipes being exchanged too !

"Having just getting the 2012 Milk Calendar from the local newspaper & picking up the December 2012 Issue of the Canadian Living Magazine this day, I stoked the woodstove up & made my way to the coziness of my bed with  it's pillows propped up and waiting.  I called it a "day"."

Another "good" day it was, which again I was thankful for with even those "smallest things not being too much" after all.

Before I forget, I came across a Canadian Living Online article on "How to Knit Cable Socks".

Speaking of warm and cosy socks, I best be checking how warm I am going to have to be dressed when I go out into the day.

Mix of Sun?  Anytime there is Sun I am going to take it !  Bring on the Mix Baby !!!  I think I will "mix it up" myself with a little Bob Marley .....

I am going to get myself a little bit of energy by way of a second cup of Java then head on into the day ahead and towards a new adventure, I am sure it will bring along with it, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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