Friday 11 November 2011

Lest We Forget ToDay We Remember 11~11~11


He comes here often, not just once a year,

to honour those whose names are,

and those whose names are yet to be written

on the stone erected there.

And as he stands with head bowed low, 

he seems to hear a bugle start to blow,

its notes ringing clear upon the air, 

and when he looks, there's no one there.

                                                            Then he bows his head in silent prayer

                                                                and perhaps he sheds a silent tear,

                                                            He remembers them.

                                                        ~  Written By:  Basil Eby  ~

This is my Uncle Basil Eby, who resides in Port Elgin, who proudly belongs to and serves the #340 Legion in Port Elgin.  In remembrance of all those who served and gave our Country freedom, Basil Eby composed this poem in their honour.  Many thanks to my Uncle Basil for composing and sharing this poem with so many and with so much respect for those who have served Our Country.

 "Blessed be those who served to set us free & for those who are still among us"
~ Cindy Masterson-Roth ~

At the eleventh hour, please remember these people by bowing your heads in prayer giving them the respect they all so well deserve, along with the many services given today at Legions  across Canada.

On into my yesterday I go, as it was such a "fun" time ......

"One of my bestest friends, Reenie & I, went up to Golden Dawn in Lion's Head to spend an afternoon with my Mother."

"Can you believe it? it just so happened our very own "Ralph & Friends" were there to entertain us !!! "

"Here is Bob Corp, un-plugged, on mandolin.  Along with Pat Love & our very own Ralphy Shular below on acoustics and vocals."

"Don Sutherland on fiddle, and what would Ralphy do without his gal pal, Brenda Sparks, on piano and vocals.  I am sure it would be a sad day without her.... lol."

As an added feature this week, Ralph & Friends had a Guest singer, none other then .....

"Who other then my very own Mother, Mrs. Stella Masterson !  Mom sang us "Geisha Girl", by Hank Snow.  How appropriate?"

" Mom not only entertained us with her singing, she also danced up a "storm" for us !  Way to go, Mom.!"

"Here is Mr. Don Sutherland giving us all a "wow factor" by putting the fiddle down & playing along on the "hand saw" !"

"All good things come to an end, but not without a couple of other friends being pictured along with "Ralph & Friends"."  There is Lyle tucked in there between Ralph and Bob, and who other then "little ole me"beside Brenda .... lol."

It was an amazing visit with my Mother, enjoyed with good friends and lots of fun.  I look forward to many more of these times spent with my Mother and our friends.

That was pretty much my yesterday, and a fantastic one it was .....

Since there was snow covering the ground when I had Mercedes out first thing this morning, I think I will have a "look see" what the rest of the day will be in Bruce County.

It is looking like it will be another "fire up the woodstove" to keep the cold and dampness out of the house kind of day.

I suppose I should be off and running, once again, hopefully towards a new adventure (and a second cup of Java), "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Wonderful Blog today Cindy. Such a tribute to our seniors. So nice to see your Mom singing and dancing and enjoying herself. I am sure it did your heart good too.
    xoxo HW


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