Tuesday 17 May 2011

What's This "Pocket" Pie Craze That Is Going On ????

I had the "biggest" chuckle this morning.  I first went downstairs, letting the puppies out into their pen, and then outside with Bandit and Lexus for them to have their morning romp.  Just in between the gate and the house, where the outside puppy pen is, there is a little crack.  When the three of us were coming to go back into the house, here out of that crack, comes out a little paw, waving into the air, then a little nose sticking through the crack....LOL, what a way to start off my "day" !!!  It was such a "cute" sight to see, I am still chuckling about it.  "Come & get me, come & get me; I am in here"......or so it appeared that little puppy was trying to relate to us.

If we could all have such mirth to begin our days with, and hold it with us throughout the day, would that not be "wonderful"?  I am of the opinion it would be.

Apparently there is a "new" craze going on in the Food industry, or so I have read in the "the star.com".  Year of the pocket pie?  Here is an excerpt from the article:

"It’s pie-making for dummies — or for singles/couples that can’t face an entire eight-slice pie."

LOL, well I am no dummy (quiet you people who know me), and I certainly couldn't be bothered to make a "pocket" of pie, when it probably would take the same amount of time to make the whole pie.  Haven't these dummies, singles/couples heard of sharing?  If you can't face an "entire eight-slice pie" then share it!!!!

Here is the link to the entire article, which also contains a couple recipes:


I wonder if this new "trend" will outdo the "cupcake trend"?  I do admit though, they would be something "unique" serve after a dinner party, but then again it is so much easier to make a "whole" pie, is it not?

I did try out the "new" recipe, link posted in yesterday "blog", for Kraft's Layered Enchiladas for last night's supper:

The first layer completed; a very easy recipe to put together:

Wrapped and ready to be put in the 400 degree F oven:

Right out of the oven.....

.....onto my dinner plate:

My tummy used to love "the hotter the better", but now that it is a little older, it prefers "mild please".  I used a "medium salsa", however think I will try the mild next time.  I found this dish was a little bit pricey to make with the price of cheese, however it was cheaper to buy the store's "Name Brand" Tex Mex cheese in a 340 gr bag, then in bulk from from the deli (I had the store Deli do a weight/price comparison for me).

Rob had three servings!!!  After supper, when he was bringing his plate out to the kitchen, his statement was, "Wicked meal" !!!  After three servings I kind of suspected he liked it a "little" bit......LOL.  Rob gave this meal a 12 Star !  Yahooooooooo  !!!!

This recipe will be filed under my "Quick & Easy" favorites.

Despite the cold weather yesterday, I did get one room restored after the boy's had been here for the weekend.....here is the proof of that:

As a parent, or a grandparent, you can well imagine how much "stuff" was found under the bed.....lol.  I have no problem spending an hour restoring one room back to order, if I can have every visit with my three "boys" be as enjoyable as the one we just had together this past weekend.

I have been getting a "little" down with this weather, thinking I will never get the flower beds finished if the cold and rain doesn't eventually come to a stop.  Everything will be sprouting right alongside the "flourishing" weeds. 

First real "showy show" in the garden:

I just love the "blanket" effect this has as it cascades over the rocks, down to the ground.  Speaking of ground....omg our lawns are going to be turning into hay fields should we not be getting some dry weather soon.  Good thing we have three horses, as it is getting so bad we might just have to turn them out to get it down for us.....after the lawn being cut once, and with all the rain, it has been growing as fast as the "weeds" in my flower beds.

Even should the rain stop, we will still need a "few" days of dryness before we can even make an attempt at working in the flower beds or garden.  Maybe if the rain holds off for a little bit today, I will be able to get some more pruning done?


Cloudy with sunny periods. Periods of rain beginning late this afternoon. High 15. UV index 6 or high.


Periods of rain ending before morning then cloudy. Wind becoming east 20 km/h late this evening. Low 10.

Maybe, just maybe there will be a small window of chance somewhere in my day to get some done.

Another puppy will be leaving today for her "new forever home".  Then there will be two; one going Saturday, and one still in need a a "new forever" home.

I just heard, this morning, about my most favorite "littlest" red tricolour female, who left last Thursday; where she is staying now, until her new owners pick her up on Wednesday, are off the opinion that she is the "sweetest natured" little thing ever.  This is the one pup that tugged at my heart strings more then any of the seven....I so hope she is going to a "fantastic" home.

I suppose I should be getting myself ready for the day ahead, as these people were planning to arrive here by 9:30 or 10:00.  I am, once again, off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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