Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bring On the Sunshine, "It Is Saturday, You Know?" !

It is funny how I can go through a day with all these wonderful thoughts that absolutely just flow out of my little "trains of thoughts" on ideas and ways to word things.....and then when the time comes, here I sit, and "poof" they are all gone !!!

How does that happen?  Oh well, here I go anyhow, and I should have learned by now to write them down as soon as I have a "brain" explosion so it doesn't sit there clogging up the rest of my "brain" only hope it will emerge for for later use.  LOL

I was doing my weekly dusting of our bedroom Wednesday (Wednesdays are bedroom days at my house), when I was wondering what other people have on their night tables beside their beds.  At one time I used to have a really good "novel" there I was reading, however the last couple of years a "novel" has changed to "recipe" books.....

I really wonder what brings these changes to ones self (other then the women's "change").....I don't know how I went from "novels" to "cookbooks", other then thinking it had always an earlier "passion" in my life to be able to cook and/or bake.

Actually when I look back to think about how many Sundays I spent poring over cook books, or how many times I had been waiting in a Doctor's office writing out a recipe from a magazine on any slip of paper found at the bottom of my purse.  Oh by the way I absolutely "hate" when a recipe has been torn from a magazine;  not being left for the next person's pleasure of reading it !!!!  Write it out, I do......boy oh boy oh boy !

I know I have more opportunity now then I have ever had to try out new recipes or experiment myself then I ever have had in my lifetime thus far.  I must admit there are times I really enjoy it, and then there are times I am thinking I don't want to "think" what's for supper every again !!!!!  I am sure this happens to the "best" of us women !!!!

Onto what I served at my house for supper last night.  I took an old Milk Calender's recipe, for "Honey Garlic Roasted Chicken", and made it in my slow cooker.  This is the recipe I used:

I used chicken thighs, which I had removed the skin from myself, and omitted the green onions since I had none at hand.  I followed the method of preparing until the point where I placed the chicken in my slow cooker, then covering it with the mixed sauce and cooking it on HIGH heat for approximately 3 hours or until the chicken is thoroughly cooked and the sauce had thickened.

.....and served it along with corn mixed in with white rice and a spinach salad.

A very good supper, which Rob and I enjoyed, however poor "mother" doesn't like salad or rice so it wasn't the real deal for her at last night's evening meal.  Not a difficult meal to throw together and window of time is only 30-35 minutes in an oven, or 3 hours in the slow cooker.

Our friend, Dave, came to pickup his "old" car he Winter stores in our barn, only to get a ways down the road only to run out of "gas".  Rob thinks maybe some "gunk" was sucked up into the carburetor, plugging it up.  So here it sits in our driveway waiting for Rob & our "top" mechanic Bandit to find the time to have a look at it.

I took a picture of it with "great" intentions of having it as a topic of it going down the road and and not returning until next fall....but I am confident it will be going down the road  at a sooner date then later, as between my expertise mechanics I can't imagine it won't be taking them too long to figure out the problem !

I got a phone call last night letting me know that maybe my sweetest little Red Tricoloured Merle female puppy purchaser was maybe having "second" thoughts, and would I email some more pictures.  How could anyone refuse this sweet little girl:

She is not only "cute", she is a very placid and cuddly little girl.  Oh well, such is life, we are all "subject" to changing our minds, whether we are woman or man.  I am confident she will be placed a "good" home eventually.

My "Crabby Cabbie" is still sleeping as he didn't get home until the "wee" hours of the morning, so I have some very impatient "best friends" that need my attention so onward to see what the Wiarton Airport is saying about my day ahead "weatherwise":


Cloudy. Becoming sunny with cloudy periods this morning. High 13. UV index 7 or high.


Clear. Low zero except plus 4 near Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. Patchy frost.

I best be bringing in those "hanging flower" baskets I purchased yesterday, as I don't want any patchy frost getting on them.

I am being summoned at this very moment, so here I go off and running, once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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