Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Finally...Out With the "OLD" & In With the "NEW" !!!!!

I am so totally happy this morning cause my "Main Man", aka "Crabbie Cabbie", aka "Honey", aka "A Few Other Choice Names" at times, and my very own "Rob" bought us a spanking brand "NEW" Barbecue, and actually put it all together yesterday !!!  Whooohoooooo.....bring on the shisk-a-bobs now baby!

So it really is out with the "OLD" ....

....and in with the "NEW".

It is so shiny and nice to look at.  It even has a side burner !!!  I am so excited about the side burner, as it will be well used come "pickling" season.

My whole day ahead is just as exciting since I am going to try out a new recipe out on the new barbecue, which I had found over a week ago on the Canadian Living website.  It is for Chicken Bacon Brochettes:


This recipe is listed under one of my most favorite motto's, "Quick & Easy", so I am really looking forward to trying this one out.

It even gets more exciting, as I already had a "peak" on what the Wiarton Airport had to say about today's weather.....and let me  tell you, how much better could it be for trying out the "new" barbecue and a "new" recipe:


A mix of sun and cloud. High 19. UV index 7 or high.


Cloudy periods. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h late this evening. Low 7.

Can you believe it....a High of 19 C????

I am so excited as it even gets better, as I look ahead a couple of hours to see Rob going to work today and Mother going to her Day Away program.  OMG, I think I hit the "Jackpot" today, let me tell the World !!! 

"Let me tell the World", isn't that a cool saying?  I laugh every time I hear my Auntie Gladys say it, and after trying it out myself, I have decided I "love" it......lol.

Ha,ha,ha....I actually have "butterflies" in my tummy from being so excited.  Just imagine..... a day for me to get things done with only the presence of Aunt Lizzie, Bandit, Lexus & the "Magnificent Seven", with not one of them getting in my way whatsoever, or requiring much other then me making sure they all have a full tummy and a fresh bowl of water.  Oh there might be the odd time in the day where I have to take a couple of them out to relief themselves, but what the "heck" I enjoy the fresh air myself......LOL.

Since I had a "Hummingbird" come right up to my head on Saturday, I was pleased to get a couple more things "spruced" up around and about outside yesterday in celebration of their return:

Once the plants grow and fill in, there will be lots for the hummingbirds, song birds and bees to flit in and out around.  I was also happy also to see the yellow finches back at their Niger seed filled feeder...it is so nice to look out our diningroom window to see all that colour, or to sit on the deck to have them so close by.

I "had" to wash my bedding yesterday, as when I was making our bed, I realized there was a very large brown spot on the top sheet, and the blanket......ummmm, I wonder if these spots got there from when I was watching American Idol last week, while eating a Chocolate Yogurt cone in bed, and maybe, just maybe, a dribble fell off my cone into the bedding, which I couldn't find until  just yesterday....... I have been "found out" and "caught" !!!!  LOL, oh to have such fun !  I can honestly report that "Chapman's Chocolate Yogurt" does wash out of bedding after almost a week of not being noticed......LOL.

Rob has just left the building (giggle, giggle), and it is only another 1 1/2 hours until Mother leaves too!  I had better go get my bed made, dress myself,  to ready myself  to take on "MY DAY AHEAD", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard``.

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  1. you sound like a young kid ready to get into all sorts of mischief!!

    I haven't seen any hummingbirds so far, but will hunt out my feeder and make some syrup for them to put out later on if you have seen them.



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