Friday 13 May 2011

"Happy Friday the 13th" to Everyone !!!! My "Three Boys" Are Arriving Today !!!!

I arose at 5:00 am, wide awake, thinking, ``oh I will get my daily "blog" post done``, while waiting for everyone else to get up so the day could get started.

Ha,ha,ha....."Happy the 13th", as it didn't go that way at all, as when I logged in to the Blogger Site it was down for maintenance.  However, here I am and it has probably all worked out this way for a "reason", as it usually I needed to sit, have a 'break' and catch my breath anyway......

With Lexus, Bandit, puppies attended to, I got Mom packed up and ready to go to the Southampton Care Center, giving Rob & I a weekend of "respite".  For those unfamiliar with the term respite, as I, myself was not too long ago, it means:

Respite care is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home.

Not only does it provide Rob & I some time alone with each other in our home, I am sure it is good (even though Mother doesn't always agree) for my Mom to have a "change" of scenery from us as well.

After dropping Mother off, we had to run into the Port Elgin's Walmart store, as these puppies are seemingly eating us out of house & home......LOL.  The bigger they get, the more they require.....just like "bad" weeds.

We also had to pickup a few "choice" items as Paul, Aiden & Connor are arriving later today for a "whole" weekend visit.  For those of us who are grandparents, you do know what types of "choice" items I would be speaking of......fresh grapes, bagels, cracker jacks, juice boxes, etc....things we "know" they love and will eat.  LOL.....sometimes it is a good thing they live as far away as they do, otherwise we would be ate out of house & home by now...!!!! 

I am pleased to say, yesterday was the first Vet's visit for the "Magnificent Seven", and they were all totally "awesome" once we got there.  Since it was their first long ride in a vehicle, it was a very "loud" ride on the way there....the whole hour or so of the trip, .lol.  Ear plugs would have been in order for Ashley and myself.  Ashley is a friend of ours, who so most graciously accepted to help me take the "Seven" to the Vet's.  Thank goodness & thank you, Ashley, as I couldn't have done it without you!

Just to prove how "well" they all were once we arrived:

"Hey guys where do you think we are?"

"What's happening with you guys back there, any ideas as to where we are?"

"Glad Ashley was strong enough to handle these two "lunkers".

"Okay, you guys, don't be taking off anywhere"

"Bums Up".

"Hey Doc, what do you think you are doing, I can see just fine!"

I am pleased to report "Dr. Dave" gave all "Seven" an "excellent Bill of Health".  Hooray !!!!

On the drive there and back, we came across a few brand new "Spring" families:

 "Babies" are so cute and irresistible, are they not?

By the time we all got home and unloaded I was "exhausted".  Thank goodness for "batch" cooking, as I took out a frozen container of homemade spaghetti sauce to make a "Quick & Easy" supper for last night.

I am a little bit disappointed today, as I was planning on attending the "Stoke's Bay Friday the 13th" Event at the Stoke's Bay General Store.  However Rob is "on call" with work, I need to do some more preparation for the arrival of the ``boys``, and not to mention the `threat` of rain.  Neither Rob or I, certainly don`t need to be ``caught in the rain`` while driving along on our motorcycle, as that much of ``diehards` we are not.  Since rain, wet and dampness have no advantages to sufferers of arthritis, best not to leave it to chance, and stay high and dry at home.

I suppose I should check in with the Wiarton Airport to see what they have to say about the rest of the day ahead:


Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Risk of a thunderstorm this afternoon. High 22. UV index 5 or moderate.

Cloudy. 60 percent chance of showers this evening and after midnight with risk of a thunderstorm. Low 15.

By the look of this forecast, as well as the sky outside the windows, I would think we are making a `good`call by staying off the motorcyle and remaining at home.

Let`s see I have the ``Slow Cooker Pantry Chicken Stew` cooking itself in the slow cooker, the asparagus mm I suppose I should peel the potatoes, so they will be already for later.  When we had been to Port Elgin, we also stopped by my Aunt & Uncles, and my Auntie had given us some Rhubarb (already cleaned, cutup and packaged; how ``spoiled`am I)., so maybe I will make some Rhubarb stew for the `boys```too.....yummy.

Okay, I am all `blogged`out for one day, so I think I will go get those `taters` & Rhubarb stew happening, ``Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard``.

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