Saturday 21 May 2011

Is It "Really" Judgement Day Today? Did I Miss A News Breaking World Event?

I keep hearing all this "chatter" and have been reading dribs and drabs of "stuff" stating that today is the last day of the World....what's up with that?  Did I miss something?  I really didn't think I was that out of tune with World events, or maybe I have been....oh well, I think I will carry on "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" in my usual daily fashion.  I have much more important things happening in my life then to worry about such "gibberish".  When the Lord tells me it is "Judgement Day", I will be sure to be listening for His Voice.

This is what "Judgement Day" looks like at 5:34 this morning with my panel of judges proceeding over the beginning of my day "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard":

My "Peanut Gallery" was very quick to be broken up once Bandit decided to "get them out of here" and over into their "corner" of the field:

Pretty erie looking with all the fog out and about.  My "Crabby Cabbie" didn't arrive home until 2 hours ago, at 4:00 am, and I am sure he must have been driving "party" people home in this soupy looking weather before then.  I think I will let him sleep until at least the noon hour, as I certainly don't want him to be "crabby" on the only nice "weather" day of the weekend !


Sunny. Increasing cloudiness this afternoon. Fog patches dissipating this morning. High 21 except 16 near Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. UV index 8 or very high


Overcast. Low 11.

Looking good for good ole' Bruce County !  Thank you Wiarton Airport Weather Man.....we need one nice day so we can go out & play today on our motorcycle with our "friends".

Our friends, Doug & Vicki, are coming up today to go camping up at Stoke's Bay with some other friends of theirs.  The four of us have made plans to get together today to go for a little "tour" together on our Motorcycles, providing the weather cooperates, which at the moment seems like it will be. 

Our Motorcycle is still in our basement with the cover over it.  I hope Rob has a very very "good" sleep so he will have the energy to take it out of its Winter shroud and shine it up for our little "tour" today.  Wow, May 24 Weekend & we will be going out for a "bike" ride !!!!  Whoopee, I am excited !

There was lots and lots of traffic going by our house yesterday, and even the night before.  Motorhomes, trucks pulling campers, trailers, golf carts, boats.....all heading North up to their cottage or camp site for the holiday weekend.  It was travelling at a pretty steady pace.

Usually the backup of traffic doesn't occur until the drive back home on Monday, when I will see the traffic backed up from downtown Wiarton, 4 km away, right back to the driveway of our house.

Ha,ha,ha, I think the "Peanut Gallery" enjoys this part of the weekend, as the three of them are usually right up at the North fence watching the traffic go by, and occasionally putting on a little "bucking" show for everyone to be entertained.  LOL

The first puppy out of the "Magnificent Seven" will be going to her new home this morning.

Sadly there will be only "one" little guy left on his own.....but they did have one final round of  "fun" together, last night, trying to outrun their Daddy:

Bandit is a "wonderful" father, also being proven to be a very "good" babysitter when I have needed some help with his offspring.

I had a very busy day yesterday from the time I left to go North of the Checkerboard to Dr. Loney's, where our 9:00 am appt. got put back to after 10:00, as he had an important telephone call that required his attention, to arriving home to deal with another "Bell Canada" telephone call.  I certainly hope this matter with my phone/Internet/cell phone provider has been dealt with finally, with all of their departments finally on the same page, as dealing with them certainly takes a very "large" chunk out of one's day.  This all took me right up to lunch time...the morning gone "just like that".

I did mange to get two loads of laundry washed and hung out on the clothes line, as well as downtown to pickup Mother's prescription, where it came about I happened upon "three new treasures" to be added to my "collection".  I was so excited when we turned the corner at the Post Office and there and behold was a "Garage Sale" !!!  No gardening treasures to be found, but I was happy with my $1.50 purchase:

I was so impressed with myself.  I can hardly wait until I get Mom's bedding washed and out on the line, the puppy placed in her new owner's hands, and a few other minimal chores needing my attention this morning, so I can sit out on the Deck with a hot cup of coffee & divulge myself in my new purchases in relaxation.

Awww, a little bit of self indulgence never hurt anybody, now did it?  LOL.

Supper was made simple by heating up some spaghetti sauce, I had made the day before, putting on a pot of water to cook the pasta....."quick & easy", doesn't get any better.  With the weather being projected as fair weather day, I must put my head in gear to what I shall take out of the freezer, for I suspect it is going to be a "Barbecue" night for supper !!!!  Yeah......less pots, pans and cleanup!

Oh I almost forgot that my wonderful "husband" got the garden ploughed over with the tractor yesterday !!!


This morning:

I surely hope we soon get a run of dry weather days for the garden to be tilled and planted, or we aren't going to be getting it in until "who knows when" at this rate with all this rainy weather we have been having.

Oh well, it will all come to gether in good time I am sure, as it usually does some way or another.....and not only "just" when we want it to happen.

Ha,ha, "Honey" Rob thinks I say "nice" things about him in my "blog" in hopes that when he reads it, it will encourage him to do more for me !  Oh Honey, don't you worry I have your number and know I will only be getting done out of you what eventually I pay with in my own sweat and tears.....LOL.   He thinks he is "just" way too funny for his own britches somedays.

I have "downed" my second cup of coffee, and almost had a "heart attack" as my foot hit a wire, in turn shutting down my computer, with me thinking I had lost all I had typed.  Phew...I just had to retype from the garden pictures down....ha,ha,ha, I suppose I wasn't meant " to retype everything?  Scary???????  LOL.

Okay since I am fully recovered from my almost "heart attack", I think I will not push my luck any further and get on with my chores at hand, and the day ahead of me,  "Just North of the Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. I like what you said about the end of the w orld and hearing HIS VOICE. It's true. There will be no doubt when the real thing occurs! There is a man in New York City who spent most of his life savings advertising the end of the world. Definitley not a Bible based notion for sure since God assures us that we will not be expecting Him.
    I like your horse/fog pics


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