Wednesday 11 May 2011

Liar Liar Set Your Pants On Fire !!!!

I couldn't believe I started a fire in the "woodstove" yesterday, it was that cool in here !  "Liar liar, set your pants on fire" goes out to the Wiarton Airport for their weather forecast of yesterday.  There are days I really feel like I have a very "bad marriage" with them, and yesterday was one those days.  I was so "disappointed" with no sunshine, a very cool East wind, spitting rain, and there was definitely "NO" temperature of 19 C in the equation either!

I am almost leery on seeing what their report says for today, but here goes nothing:


Sunny. High 22. UV index 7 or high.


Clear. Low 10.

Here we go with "sunny" & high "22".  Well for their sake, I hope they are "right on the money" with today's forecast, as they must certainly make enough of that for their 'wrong' predictions.......LOL, I should have been the "Weather Woman, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard", by maybe getting more accurate weather forecasts in sticking my nose out our patio door.

I suppose that is where the old saying, "as unpredictable as the weather" came from days like yesterday.

All was not lost, as other then not doing any "mucking" around in my flower beds, I made the best of my day by getting some dusting, vacuuming and floors washed.  I don't know why, but it seems so much easier to get things done when I am the only "human" presence in the house.  What's up with that?  I suppose just someone else being present throws one's train of thought right off?

I did get to do two things I had really, really wanted to do, and that was to barbecue and make the new recipe for "Chicken Bacon Brochettes" I found through the Canadian Living website (recipe link posted yesterday).

From start to finish:

Two BBQ Buddies were sprayed with Pam and used to cook the Brochettes on the Barbecue:

Marinaded, put together & all ready for the Barbecue:

Table set with side dishes of sliced tomato/green onions & a Creamy cucumber salad prepared to go along with the "main" dish:

Right off the Barbecue.....

....and onto my plate.

These "Chicken Bacon Brochettes" were amazing !  Not only "quick & easy", but oh so good......Rob rated them a 10 Star out of 10, and I went right overboard by giving them a 12 Star, need I say more !!!!  Another recipe tucked in with my "Favorite Recipes". 

I changed my blog's "profile" picture the other day.  What fun did Rob have with that, with him being the picutre taker and me not caring for my picture being taken at the best of times......some of my choices, other then the one I did pick:

A "little" too much attitude for not wanting my picture updated:

Rob having "control" over the situation, just had to "snap" this one:

Would you please get "serious" now Rob?

There were others, but I think everyone gets the "picture".......LOL.

The "Maginifient Seven" will almost be ready for their very first appointment with the Veternarin to be dewormed again (once done by me), have their first shots and weights recorded.  Then two of them  will be going from there to their "new forever homes".  Rob will be going with me, as well as Ashley, who is a daughter of our friends.  All the hands will be needed to deal with seven, not so small, squiggly Australian Shepherd puppies.  I must be sure to remember my camera !!!

Here is is the "middle" of the week, once again.....time flys on by when one has so much going on in their life, or so it certainly feels like it to me.  I am off and running into a "hopefully sunshiny day", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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