Monday 16 May 2011

Early To Bed and Early To Rise....Worms? I Don't Think So, Yech !

The early to bed and early to rise was right on the money with me today.  I was so tired after the weekend I really don't think I barely new my name by suppertime last night.  I am sure I was sleeping before 9:00 PM, waking up a few times through the night, but staying right in the "old" sack until puppy demands before 6:00 AM.

As far as the worms go, since I like fishing I certainly have never minded worms, lol.

The wind was crazy yesterday....our screen door wasn't completely shut tight and the wind caught it, almost taking it right off.  I was sure glad the glass didn't break.  When my cousins called to say they were running late to pickup Erin's puppy, Paula told me it was because Brad was still fixing their screen door on their rental cottage, as the same thing had happened there.  Not making sure the door's catch has "caught", with winds like we had..."whoosh" there goes the door.

I really wanted to get some bulbs planted, annual baskets done up and maybe a little bit more weeding done after the boys had left, however the wind was too strong making it even colder then it already was.  The weather forecast ahead is calling for rain the whole week through, so there doesn't even appear to be the smallest window of time to be doing outside work.

Even when Bandit, Lexus and I were out earlier this morning the North/East winds are still blowing....brrrrr, I will be getting the woodstove "fired" up again today to keep the chill out, as I am sure by the look of the sky we will be getting more "rain".


Cloudy. Wind northeast 30 km/h. High 10. UV index 4 or moderate.


Cloudy. Wind becoming northeast 20 km/h before morning. Low plus 5.

It doesn't say "rain", but I wouldn't be surprised should we get it....I just spoke to Paul and it is pouring rain in Kitchener/Waterloo.  We will see.

Goodbyes were said and kisses were given as the "boys" took there leave from Grandma & Poppa's yesterday:

"Kisses" between best buddies....

"Goodbyes" between new buddies....

Oh's and aw's between "let's be buddies"....

...and it's "okay buddy, I will be back".

Sweet touching at times are they not? 

After the boys left, I went into "tidy up" mode for a little bit.  Actually I was quite happy that they did cleanup after themselves better then

While waiting for Erin to arrive for her "new" puppy, "Boston", I took him and Bandit for a big walk in our field to hopefully wear him out for his first ride to his new home.  I must have done a good job, as Erin emailed me last night that "Boston" was "great" on the car ride home.  Good team work Bandit !!!

There is now only "three" of the "Magnificent Seven" left, and they only turned eight weeks old today.  One being picked up Tuesday morning, one being picked up Saturday morning, and one still available for sale.

...and he is so cute.

I am confident this little guy will find himself a "great" home as well.

Thank goodness last night's supper was made easy by heating up leftovers.  I really don't mind leftovers at the best of times.  I don't understand people who "won't" eat leftovers, and trust me I personally know a few that won't.

Since the leftovers have been all eaten up, I am thinking I would like to try out another new recipe that I came across in the What's Cooking Magazine, Fall 2007 Edition.  It is a Layered Enchilada Bake, which sound not only good, but easy to make.  New motto "Good & Easy"

This recipe is listed in the 2007 Kraft's What's Cooking Magazine as a "Kraft Pick", as it can be made ahead and frozen to be taken out for a later time.  I am certainly a "fan" of that idea !

Rob and I are at the end of our Respite Weekend, and I am off to pick up Mother today from the Southampton Care Center today.  I hope she is beginning to make some "new" friends there, as that would make her occasion stays there much more enjoyable.  I know they do have entertainment on Fridays and exercise programs.  Much less boring then sitting around here at times I would think....but as being individuals what I think and someone else thinks can be totally different from each

I suppose I should "think" about getting myself dressed and get on with my day here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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